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September 23, 2015

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A kiss knows no borders: photographing a tender moment amid the refugee crisis

"A picture of a couple kissing surrounded by a sea of refugees in Budapest has been seen by millions and offers a moving counterpart to the scenes of despairIt was Sunday morning, 30 August. Hot. In Aszód, 40km from Budapest, Istvan Zsiros was up early. For days, weeks now, the Hungarian..."

How Iran's shadowy role in Syria fuels paranoia and wariness

How Iran's shadowy role in Syria fuels paranoia and wariness


Bloody aftermath of devastating Syria missile attack shown in video that reveals human impact of crisis

Isis in Syria: Kobani stood up to the jihadists and won - but it's still a city under siege

"Syrian Kurdish fighters won the greatest victory in Kurdish history in January when they defeated Isis – “Islamic State” – in the battle for the city of Kobani on the Syrian-Turkish border. One thousand YPG (People’s Protection Unit) militiamen and several times that number of Isis..."

voice of america

new: US: Russian Boost in Syrian Support Would Intensify Conflict

US: Russian Boost in Syrian Support Would Intensify Conflict

"The Pentagon said Tuesday that any additional Russian support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would be "fanning the flames" of the war in Syria. Moves to enhance the military capabilities of the Assad government would be "counterproductive" to diplomatic efforts to end the bloody civil..."

new: Kerry: Russian Planes in Syria for 'Force Protection'

new: Pakistani Migrants Hope for Better Future in Europe, Too

Pakistani Migrants Outnumber Syrians in One Turkish Town

Refugee Tensions Flare at Croatian Temporary Camp


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new: Erdoğan visits Moscow amid high Syria tensions

new: Russia: Real game changer in Syria

"It was mid-July this year when senior American officials described a deal between Ankara and Washington over the former’s full and active participation in the international coalition’s fight against ISIL, opening its most strategic bases to coalition countries as a “game changer” with..."

Netanyahu, Putin agree plan to avoid Syria clashes

Turkish PM rings the alarm, as Russia increases military presence in Syria

German, French nationals detained in Turkey for abetting refugees

yahoo news

Russian aircraft in Syria consistent with 'force protection': Kerry

"The U.S. military has assessed that the type of Russian aircraft in Syria is consistent with protecting their own forces, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday and called on Russia and Iran to be helpful in ending the four-year conflict. "For the moment it is the judgment..."

Ex-CIA chief Petraeus calls for more US action in Syria

Ex-CIA chief Petraeus calls for more US action in Syria

EU backs refugee-sharing plan, exposing east-west rift

Arithmetic of Despair: Numbers from Europe's migrant crisis

EU gropes for ways to help Turkey keep refugees at bay

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new: Let's welcome Syria's refugees, carefully - Toronto Sun

"Toronto SunLet's welcome Syria's refugees, carefullyToronto SunThe video showing a Hungarian camerawoman tripping a Syrian refugee as he ran across an open field on the Hungary-Serbia border sent a wave of revulsion across the world. Her television network fired her. On the other hand,..."

new: Obama's New Syria Strategy Is To Give More People More Guns - Daily Caller

Democratic Senator Urges White House to do More on Syria - ABC News

70 More 'New Syrian Force' Fighters Enter Syria - Voice of America

David Petraeus Urges Stronger US Military Effort in Syria - New York Times

France ready to bomb Syria 'in self-defense' – foreign minister - RT

Robert Fisk on Syrian crisis: 5 things you need to know -


جديد: مغربي يحاول التسلّل إلى اليونان وسط مجموعة من اللاجئين السوريين

وزير الخارجية البريطاني الأسبق يشرح لـCNN ماذا يعني وجود قاعدة روسية في سوريا: لا استبعد أن موسكو تعد لخروج بشار الأسد

"جيش الإسلام" يستهدف مواقع روسية في سوريا.. ومحلل لـCNN: حماية روسيا للأسد يوجب مقاتلة الإسلاميين والثوار و"الحر" إلى جانب داعش

بالفيديو.. عكاشة: سوريا ستدمر كالعراق للبحث عن "حلل الهيكل اليهودي".. وإيران ستصل جبل الأرز بلبنان برا.. والشام ستصبح إمارات صغيرة

على الخريطة.. المواقع الروسية على الأراضي السورية

زمان الوصل

الجبهة الشامية تعلن تحرير سيدة بريطانية وأطفالها الخمسة من الاختطاف

الجبهة الشامية تعلن تحرير سيدة بريطانية وأطفالها الخمسة من الاختطاف

"أعلنت الجبهة الإسلامية تمكنها من تحرير امرأة بريطانية واطفالها الخمسة كانوا مختطفين داخل الأراضي السورية..وقالت المؤسسة الأمنية في الجبهة الشامية في بيان لها إن المؤسسة الأمنية في الجبهة الشامية أنهت عملية "النسيم" بإطلاق سراح بريطانية وأطفالها الخمسة". وأضافت أنه "تم تسليم المختطفة وأطفالها إلى ذويهم وهم بصحة جيدة".ولم تقدم..."

البايرن ينعي نوف سطاح

لندن تنتقد التحرك الروسي وواشنطن تنفي إشراك الاسد في مباحثاتها مع موسكو

مناطق التنظيم في ريف الحسكة.. مدارس مغلقة ومعاناة معاشية تتفاقم

7 طائرات حربية برفقة طائرتي شحن روسية عبرت أجواء حمص خلال 3 أيام