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September 5, 2015

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new: The 20 photographs of the week

The 20 photographs of the week

Kos: the Greek island where refugees and tourists share the same beaches

"The death of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi focused attention on refugees travelling to the holiday island of Kos. This summer saw two worlds collideTourists and refugees on Kos – in picturesPeople swim. They lounge on the beach. They shower with their tops off. They paddle about in the sea...."

Lack of funds: World Food Programme drops aid to one-third of Syrian refugees

Cameron signals he would drop Syria airstrikes vote if Corbyn is Labour leader

Aylan Kurdi – and six other shots that shook the world

voice of america

new: Macedonia Overwhelmed by Large Influx of Refugees

Macedonia Overwhelmed by Large Influx of Refugees

"The U.N. children’s fund reports authorities in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are being overwhelmed by the heavy influx of refugees, mainly from Syria, transiting to European countries for asylum. UNICEF describes chaotic scenes on the Macedonian side of the border with Greece..."

Noted Blogger on Mideast Advises US: Intervene Less, Not More


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new: Germany to turn down 75,000 asylum requests as speeds procedures: magazine

"Germany is expected to reject up to 75,000 asylum requests this year by migrants mainly from southeastern Europe, as it speeds up asylum and extradition procedures for those from countries it deems safe to focus on refugees from war-torn Syria and Iraq. Der Spiegel magazine said on Saturday..."

Cameron bows to pressure to take more Syrian refugees

Cameron bows to pressure to take more Syrian refugees

Drowned Syrian boy Aylan buried as Europe wrangles over refugees

UK's Cameron bows to pressure to take more Syrian refugees

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Tony Abbott unmoved by Liberal calls for more Syria refugee help - Sydney Morning Herald

"Sydney Morning HeraldTony Abbott unmoved by Liberal calls for more Syria refugee helpSydney Morning HeraldTony Abbott appears to have shut the door on a further increase in Australia's intake of Syrian refugees even as his cabinet moves closer to approving air strikes on the war-torn nation...."

Russian Moves in Syria Pose Concerns for US - New York Times

Atrocities in Syria: The whole world is watching – and doing nothing - The Globe and Mail

Canadian cities, provinces make their pitch to help Syrian refugees -

Why people are fleeing Syria: a brief, simple explanation - Vox

Exodus of Syrians Highlights Political Failure of the West - New York Times

Province Continuing to Support Lifeline Syria - Government of Ontario News

The US must do more to help Syria. Step one: let more refugees resettle here - The Guardian


جديد: المرصد:مسلحون دروز يقتلون ستة من قوات الأمن في جنوب سوريا - رويترز العربية

"دار الحياةالمرصد:مسلحون دروز يقتلون ستة من قوات الأمن في جنوب سوريارويترز العربيةبيروت (رويترز) - قال المرصد السوري لحقوق الإنسان يوم السبت إن مسلحين من الدروز قتلوا ستة من أفراد قوات الأمن التابعة للحكومة السورية في جنوب البلاد بعد تفجير سيارتين ملغومتين ليل الجمعة مما أسفر عن مقتل العشرات وتنظيم احتجاجات غاضبة. وأضاف المرصد..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: النظام ارتكب 34 مجزرة في آب وريف دمشق في الصدارة

النظام ارتكب 34 مجزرة في آب وريف دمشق في الصدارة

"وثقت الشبكة السورية لحقوق الإنسان ارتكاب قوات نظام الأسد والميليشيات الشيعية التي تقاتل إلى جانبها 43 مجزرة خلال شهر آب/أغسطس الماضي.وقالت في تقرير لها أن 54 مجزرة شهدتها الأراضي السورية خلال الشهر المذكور بينها واحدة ارتكبها تنظيم "الدولة" ومثلها ارتكبت قوات الحماية الكردية، وكذلك قوات التحالف الدولي ارتكبت مجزرة، بينما ارتكبت..."

الدولة ينسف 7 مدافن أثرية في تدمر.. و16 غارة تستهدفه بمحيط القريتين

نديم قطيش وبشار أفندي والطفل عيلان

مقتل 18 شخصا من الكوادر الطبية خلال شهر

المجلس الإسلامي يتولى التفاوض بشأن الزبداني – الفوعة كفريا