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September 24, 2014

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new: German economy 'no longer running smoothly' as business confidence falls again - business live

"Ukraine crisis and the weak eurozone economy make German executives their most pessimistic in a yearIFO index shows German growth still weak <- details start hereBerenberg: IFO survey is worryingIHS: slowdown is worse than expectedAllianz: German savers sufferingIn other news:Global middle..."

new: Obama to address UN general assembly on fight against Isis live updates

new: The message of Obamas UN meeting is clear: he is nothing like his predecessor

The message of Obamas UN meeting is clear: he is nothing like his predecessor

Is Obama misleading the world to war? Depends how you define 'misleading'

Radical cleric urges Islamic State to release British hostage Alan Henning


F-22: America's $67 billion weapon of war spearheading fight against Isis

Climate Change Summit: World leaders reach fragile consensus on global warming

"World leaders arrived in New York today for a day dedicated to addressing arguably the gravest threat of all to peace and security – the sabotaging of the world’s fragile climate – while at the same time trying not be distracted by a burst of diplomatic static caused by strikes overnight..."

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new: Airstrikes hit Islamic State targets in Syria for second day

U.S. military leaders: Strikes in Syria are just the start of a prolonged campaign

Israel shoots down Syrian warplane over Golan Heights

"JERUSALEM — Israel’s military said it shot down a Syrian fighter jet Tuesday after the aircraft strayed less than a mile into airspace that Israel controls over the Golan Heights. The Syrian government made no official condemnation. The Syrian crew safely ejected. Israeli officials said..."

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new: US Launches 2nd Round of Syria Airstikes

US Launches 2nd Round of Syria Airstikes

"A U.S.-led coalition bombed Islamic State targets in Syria for a second day on Wednesday, targeting the militants' transportation capabilities. U.S. Central Command, which oversees American military operations in the Middle East, reports an airstrike in eastern Syria damaged eight vehicles..."

new: As Risks Multiply, NGOs Reassess Middle East Security

US, Allies Hit Islamic State, Al-Qaida Affiliate in Syria

Obama's UN Speech to Focus on IS Fight

US Military Concludes Massive Drill in Western Pacific


Looking for breaking news from Syria? Syria Policy finds the latest news from Syria published over the past 24 hours by major news agencies such as BBC and Reuters. SyriaPolicy.com is automatically generated and updated regularly throughout the day.



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new: This is the appalling human rights record of the US coalition bombing Syria

What the fall of Raqqa might mean for those threatened by IS rule

"SULAYMANIYAH, Iraq — The northern Syrian city of Raqqa has made headlines since the Islamic State, also known as ISIL or ISIS, seized control in January. It is now their capital — a place simultaneously shrouded in ghoulish mystery and the most successful example of a functioning,..."

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new: US strikes hit IS group staging area in Syria

Australia police kill 'terror suspect' after two officers stabbed

Australia police kill 'terror suspect' after two officers stabbed

"By Lincoln Feast SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian police shot dead a teenager after he stabbed two counter terrorism officers, days after sweeping raids involving hundreds of police thwarted what they said was an imminent plot to behead a member of the public. Australia, a staunch ally of the..."

Obama forges anti-ISIL coalition, but will it hang together?

US says airstrikes may have 'disrupted' plotting

Details of the mission against militants in Syria

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new: Airstrikes Target ISIS in Syria Near Turkish Border - New York Times

"TIMEAirstrikes Target ISIS in Syria Near Turkish BorderNew York TimesSURUC, Turkey — Airstrikes hit Islamic State military sites early Wednesday, targeting eight Kurdish villages that the militants had seized in recent days in northern Syria near the Turkish border, residents reported. It..."

new: US reportedly informed Iran in advance of Syria airstrikes - Fox News

Air war in Syria could last years - USA TODAY

Irish peacekeepers to continue in Golan Heights - RTE.ie

Ottawa blocks Canadian from getting Syrian husband out of danger - CBC.ca

US Invokes Iraq's Defense in Legal Justification of Syria Strikes - New York Times


جديد: جبهة النصرة تخلي مقراتها في شمال غرب سوريا - ايلاف

"دي برسجبهة النصرة تخلي مقراتها في شمال غرب سورياايلافبيروت: بدأت جبهة النصرة ذراع تنظيم القاعدة في سوريا، اخلاء مراكزها في محافظة ادلب في شمال غرب البلاد اليوم الاربعاء، غداة بدء تحالف دولي تقوده الولايات المتحدة شن ضربات ضد مواقع الجهاديين في سوريا، بحسب ما اعلنت الجبهة على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي. وأكد المرصد السوري لحقوق..."

جديد: تركيا تنفي المشاركة بضرب تنظيم الدولة بسوريا - الجزيرة

جديد: التحالف ضد الإرهاب يقضي على أبرز قناصي جبهة "النصرة" - دار الحياة

أمريكا تضرب خلية للقاعدة في سوريا وتعتبرها خطرا وشيكا - السعودية Investing.com

زمان الوصل

جديد: الكتائب الجهادية تخلي كل مقراتها في سلقين بريف إدلب

"أخلت كتائب محسوبة على التيار الجهادي مقراتها فيم دينة سلقين بريف إدلب، مطالبة المدنيين بعد الاقتراب منها.وقال ناشطون إن الإخلاء شمل عددا من الفصائل، أبرزها: جبهة النصرة، الجبهة الإسلامية (أحرار الشام، صقور الشام)، جند الأقصى، لواء الحق، فضلا عن جيش المجاهدين.وجاءت خطوة الإخلاء بعد قصف طيران التحالف الذي تقوده واشنطن لمواقع..."

جديد: الأمن اللبناني يسحب جواز أصالة نصري ويمنعها من السفر

جديد: الطفل محمود شهيد تويتر في ريف إدلب قتله صاروخ أمريكي قبل أن يغرد

جديد: الحريري.. مغرد سوري سبق واشنطن في إعلان انطلاق غاراتها على سوريا

جديد: قيادة أركان الثورة ترد على قرار حلها بمطالب حجب الثقة عن البحرة وإقالة البشير