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September 23, 2014

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new: Labour conference: Ed Miliband's speech, with reaction and analysis - Politics live blog

"Miliband to set out 6-pt plan for 2025 - full detailsCooper says Labour would scrap Conservatives migration targetUmunna suggests Labour could back air strikes against IsisTSSA leader calls for wholesale nationalisation of rail, energy and waterLunchtime summary 2.30pm BST Ed Miliband is not..."

new: US air strikes against Isis and Khorasan in Syria live updates

new: US confirms 14 air strikes against Isis in Syria

The audacity of air strikes and secret deals: just making Isis grow stronger?

David Cameron to meet Iran leader over Isis campaign

washington post

new: Israel shoots down Syrian warplane over Golan Heights

"JERUSALEM — Israel’s military said it shot down a Syrian warplane Tuesday after the aircraft strayed more than half-mile into airspace that Israel controls over the Golan Heights. Military experts in Israel said it was the first time in nearly 40 years that Israel has downed a Syrian jet,..."

new: Israel shoots down Syrian warplane over Golan Heights

new: Arab backing for U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria widens front against Islamic State

Turkey breaks up crowds at Syrian frontier protesting Islamic State, border closings

voice of america

new: Israel Downs Syria Fighter Jet

Israel Downs Syria Fighter Jet

"Israel shot down a Syrian warplane on Tuesday, saying the aircraft crossed the battle lines of Syria's civil war and flew over the Israeli-held Golan Heights, perhaps by accident. The incident coincided with but did not appear to be directly related to air strikes the United States and Gulf..."

new: As US Strikes Syria, China Sees Parallels at Home

new: UNHCR Bracing for Possible Exodus from Syrian Town Into Turkey

US, Arab Allies Hit Islamic State Targets in Syria


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US warplanes hit Islamic State targets in Syria

US warplanes hit Islamic State targets in Syria

"The US says its warplanes have launched attacks inside Syria, striking Islamic State targets and a safe haven where "seasoned Al Qaeda veterans" were thought to be plotting an "imminent attack" on the West.The Pentagon said the strikes were being carried out by the US and "partner nations"..."

yahoo news

new: US, Arab allies hit IS strongholds in Syria, Iraq

US, Arab allies hit IS strongholds in Syria, Iraq

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Combined U.S.-Arab airstrikes hit Islamic State group military strongholds in Syria and Iraq as a simultaneous U.S. strike attacked an al-Qaida cell of hardened veterans with "significant explosives skills" said to be plotting attacks on the U.S. and Western interests,..."

new: U.S. and Arabs allies launch first strikes on fighters in Syria

new: Obama to address airstrikes against Islamic State: White House official

new: UNHCR preparing for 400,000 exodus from Syrian town into Turkey

new: Joint Chiefs chair: 'No safe haven' for militants

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new: US strikes in Syria kill up to 120 militants - RTE.ie

"Wall Street JournalUS strikes in Syria kill up to 120 militantsRTE.ieReports say that up to 120 Islamic militants have been killed in United States-led airstrikes in Syria. The dead included more than 70 members of the Islamic State (IS) group in the north and east of Syria, as well as 50 al-Qaeda..."

new: 200000 flee in biggest displacement of Syrian conflict, monitor says - CNN

new: Israel shoots down Syrian jet - The Guardian

US airstrikes expand to Syrian city of Aleppo - Los Angeles Times

US, Arab allies launch first wave of strikes in Syria - Fox News

Mohamed Yehia, Head of Output for BBC Arabic - BBC News

Ottawa blocks Canadian from getting Syrian husband out of danger - CBC.ca

The US is bombing Syria to destroy ISIS. Here's why that won't work. - Vox


جديد: الجيش الإسرائيلي يسقط طائرة تابعة لنظام الأسد فوق الجولان - الرياض

"الرياضالجيش الإسرائيلي يسقط طائرة تابعة لنظام الأسد فوق الجولانالرياضأعلن الجيش الإسرائيلي صباح الثلاثاء انه اسقط طائرة سورية دخلت المجال الجوي في المنطقة التي تحتلها في الجولان. وأعلن المتحدث باسم الجيش على حسابه في تويتر أن "طائرة سورية دخلت المجال الجوي فوق هضبة الجولان أسقطتها بطارية صواريخ ارض-جو من طراز باتريوت"..."

جديد: أمريكا ودول عربية تشن غارات جوية على الدولة الإسلامية في سوريا - رويترز العربية

زمان الوصل

جديد: تل أبيب تعلن إسقاط طائرة حربية للنظام فوق الجولان

جديد: البعث الإيراني في سوريا

"حالف "العروبيين"، شيعة وسنة وأقليات أخرى، مع الفارسيين الشيعة، ضد الغالبية السنية في سورية، والأقلية السنية، بالعدة وليس بالعديد، في المنطقة، تحت شعار "الممانعة" و"المقاومة"، بات عنواناً واضحاً، لا يغيب على ذهنية مطلع، أو وعي مراقب للأحداث الجارية في شام الأمويين.رفعت رايات سوداء على مسجد القصير الكبير في إبريل/ نيسان 2013، بعد..."

جديد: خارجية النظام.. واشنطن أبلغتنا بموعد الغارات على الدولة قبل ساعات من شنها

جديد: الدولة يقتل عشرات من عناصر PYD والبيشمركة بمفخختين في رأس العين

جديد: غارات التحالف تستهدف مقار للنصرة والدولة في الرقة وإدلب ومصرع 11 مدنيا