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July 10, 2014

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new: Islam, Iraq and Syria: Caliphornia dreamin’

"The man who would be caliph A FEW details looked out of place: the watch on the speaker’s right wrist, a fan whirring behind him and machine guns propped against the walls. Otherwise, as a thickly bearded, black-robed preacher slowly mounted the pulpit of the Mosque of Noureddin Zangi in..."

Israelis and Palestinians: From two wrongs, ruin


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yahoo news

Militants in Lebanon seek to emulate Islamic State

"By Laila Bassam and Tom Perry BEIRUT (Reuters) - The success of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has emboldened like-minded militants in Lebanon who believe they can emulate it, the interior minister said, confirming the militant Sunni group had now appeared in Beirut for the first time...."

De Mistura to succeed Brahimi as Syria peace mediator

De Mistura to succeed Brahimi as Syria peace mediator

De Mistura succeeds Brahimi as U.N. Syria mediator: diplomats

Rockets and naval commandos boost Hamas arsenal

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How Syria's ancient treasures are being smashed - BBC News

"BBC NewsHow Syria's ancient treasures are being smashedBBC NewsSyria, graced with thousands of historic sites, is seeing its cultural heritage vandalised, looted and destroyed by war - but volunteers are doing what they can to document the damage and save the country's cultural identity..."

Jihadi Fighters on the Offensive in Northern Syria - ABC News

Where Does Hamas Get Rockets to Fire at Israel? - NBCNews.com

Diplomats: Staffan De Mistura Is New Syria Envoy - ABC News

France targets Syria recruits with new law - Aljazeera.com

Counter-terrorism chief: Manchester twins in Syria threat to themselves - The Guardian

زمان الوصل

جديد: في خطاب ناري، أردوغان للمعارضة: خذوا مرشحكم وانضموا إلى بشار الأسد

"أخذت مفاعيل ما يجري في سوريا وغزة تظهر بشكل جلي أكثر فأكثر على ملامح الحملات الانتخابية الخاصة بالرئاسة التركية، مع إلقاء المرشح لهذه الانتخابات رجب طيب أردوغان خطابا ناريا، انتقد فيه بشدة مرشح المعارضة "أكمل الدين إحسان أوغلو" لتصريحاته التي طالب فيها بإقفال الأبواب أمام اللاجئين السوريين، ودعوته لالتزام أنقرة الحياد في..."

جديد: ريما فليحان تفصّل لـ اقتصاد آلية عمل المجلس المحلي بالسويداء وأبرز مشكلاته

جديد: شركة تهدي النظام 5 منها... وثائق مسربة تُفصل صفقة كلاب الداخلية