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July 7, 2014

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi emerges from shadows to rally Islamist followers

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi emerges from shadows to rally Islamist followers

"Most wanted man in Middle East lays down challenge not only to Baghdad and the west but also jilted mothership al-QaidaFor a man so mysterious that there are only two known photographs of him, it was a brazen public debut. The most wanted man in the Middle East, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is also..."


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new: Egypt's Sisi warns Iraqi Kurd secession would splinter Mideast

Egypt's Sisi warns Iraqi Kurd secession would splinter Mideast

"Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi warned the independence of Iraq's Kurdish region would be "catastrophic" and cause the Middle East to splinter along ethnic and religious lines, newspapers reported Monday. A Sunni militant offensive that drove soldiers out of northern..."

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new: NGO: ISIS expels thousands in east Syria - Al-Arabiya

"Al-ArabiyaNGO: ISIS expels thousands in east SyriaAl-ArabiyaThe jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria group has expelled more than 30,000 people from their homes in the eastern Syrian town of Shuheil, a monitoring group said on Sunday. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said ISIS had..."

Twin British girls fly to Syria to 'join ISIS fight' - Al-Arabiya

ISIL displaces 30000 people in eastern Syria: activists - CCTV

UK Muslims flock to Syria, vow to return only to 'raise black flag' over ... - The Daily Star

How webcams in Syria's bombarded hospitals offer a lifeline for war victims - Christian Science Monitor

British teenager who left Cardiff to join Isis in Syria takes to social ... - Daily Mail

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The Six Words You Need to Know to Be a Successful Jihadi and Establish Your Own Caliphate

"by Mohammad D for Syria Comment   Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the newly minted caliph of the “Islamic State,” chose the first Friday of Ramadan to make his first public appearance—ever. Until now he has worked outside the limelight, and the almost complete absence of his image in public..."

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جديد: صورة بأسعار البيض تشرح ما لايمكن شرحه عن مأساة الغوطانيين بين ناري الحصار والجشع

"تكفلت صورة واحدة قال ناشط "دوماني" إنه التقطها من إحدى المحلات بالغوطة.. تكلفت بشرح كثير من فصول المعاناة التي يعيشها الغوطانيون بين أكثر من نار، وأشدها سعيرا نار حصار النظام ونار جشع التجار.ففوق عبارة رمضان كريم، وضع تاجر مواد غذائية تسعيرة لصحن البيض المؤلف من 30 بيضة محددا إياها بـ2900 ليرة، أي بما يقارب 96.5 ليرة للبيضة الواحدة،..."

جديد: كمين للشبيحة يودي بحياة 9 ثّوار

جديد: تشديد بنود قانون اللجوء السياسي إلى ألمانيا، قد ينعكس لصالح السوريين