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June 26, 2014

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new: Assad and Maliki unite against common enemy Isis

Assad and Maliki unite against common enemy Isis

"Air strikes may spell end of what has often looked like a mutually beneficial relationship between Syrian regime and jihadistsBashar al-Assad's enemies often accuse him of being in cahoots with jihadis, but that is not the message of the latest Syrian air force raids on Isis targets welcomed..."

A bitter pill: Syrian refugee doctors share their stories

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Jordan and Iraq: Shuddering

"King Abdullah stands firm, for the moment THE advance of ISIS towards Jordan has made its royal rulers shudder. The jihadists’ definition of Syria spans all of the Levant, including Jordan, which is draped in the black flag of jihad on ISIS maps. On June 22nd ISIS fighters took over the Turabil..."

Nigeria’s displaced: A rising tide of misery

Iraq: Will the jihadist tide be stemmed?


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Despite jihadist drive, Mideast colonial borders seen intact

Despite jihadist drive, Mideast colonial borders seen intact

"A blistering jihadist offensive has sparked debate on the Middle East's colonial-era borders being redrawn, but experts say this is unlikely as Arabs have grown accustomed to their nation states. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant posted pictures online this month of militants bulldozing..."

Kerry issues warning after Syria bombs Iraq

Southeast Asia fears militant fallout as Mideast conflict widens

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new: ISIS Rebels Kidnap Boys in Syria to Use for Future Jihad Missions - TheBlaze.com

"TheBlaze.comISIS Rebels Kidnap Boys in Syria to Use for Future Jihad MissionsTheBlaze.comMilitants with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria kidnapped 140 teenage boys to use for terrorist operations including suicide bombings, according to a Syrian monitoring group. CNN spoke to one of five..."

Why would Syria bomb Iraq? Your questions answered - CNN

Iraq latest: Syria airstrikes on Isis 'threat to region' as Christians flee ... - Telegraph.co.uk

Iraq crisis: Maliki welcomes Syrian air strikes - live updates - The Guardian

Video of Malaysian in Syria surfaces - The Star Online

US Officials: Syria Launched Airstrikes in Iraq - ABC News

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جديد: نداء استغاثة من المجلس المحلي للمدينة: 980 رضيعاً في الرستن محرومون من الحليب

"وجّه المجلس المحلي في مدينة الرستن يوم أمس الأربعاء نداء استغاثة لكافة الجهات الإغاثية والإنسانية بسبب الحصار المفروض من قبل النظام وقيام مجلس محافظة حمص بقطع كافة أشكال الدعم عن مدينة الرستن منذ ثلاثة أشهر، الأمر الذي بات يهدد بكارثة إنسانية محتملة، ومازاد الأمر سوءاً -بحسب نداء الاستغاثة- هو انقطاع حليب الأطفال منذ ما يقارب..."

جديد: سوار الشام على صفيح ملتهب.. أخذ ورد بين القضاء الموحد والدولة، وعلوش يعقد مؤتمرا مطولا في الغوطة

جديد: وصفي قرنفلي.. الشاعر الذي انطفأ في عيني نزار قباني كشمس شتائية

جديد: النظام يحتج على اتفاق PYD والبشمركة بقصف رتل صهاريج يحمل النفط

جديد: وثيقة مسربة تُفصل أسماء قناصين وأماكن تواجدهم في اللاذقية وريفها