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June 16, 2014

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new: The only silver lining over Iraq is rapprochement between the US and Iran

The only silver lining over Iraq is rapprochement between the US and Iran

"Perhaps America's need for help will usher in an era of greater respect for the integrity and sovereignty of foreign statesChaos creates strange bedfellows. Having induced shambles in Iraq and so far failed to induce shambles in Iran, America now needs Iran's help to clear up the shambles in..."

Boris Johnson denounces Tony Blair as 'unhinged' on Iraq

How an arrest in Iraq revealed Isis's $2bn jihadist network

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new: Spain Arrests Suspected Jihadi Recruiters

Spain Arrests Suspected Jihadi Recruiters

"Spain's Interior Ministry said police have detained eight people suspected of forming a group that recruited jihadist militants to fight in Iraq and Syria.   The ministry said the eight were arrested Monday in Madrid.   A ministry statement said the Islamic cell found and dispatched recruits..."


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ISIS insurgents publish photos of alleged mass execution in Iraq

ISIS insurgents publish photos of alleged mass execution in Iraq

"Pictures of what appears to be the execution of hundreds of prisoners have been posted online by the Sunni extremist group that has rampaged through Iraq.The incident appears to have taken place when the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) took over a military base in Tikrit after the garrison..."

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new: Spain arrests eight suspected of recruiting fighters for ISIL

"Spain arrested eight men suspected of recruiting militants for Islamist group ISIL which is waging war in Iraq, including a former fighter in Afghanistan previously detained in Guantanamo Bay, the Interior Ministry said. "The main leader of this (recruitment) cell lived in Spain after having..."

Blair: 2003 invasion not to blame for Iraq crisis

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new: Online project puts Syrian conflict in Canadian terms - CTV News

"Online project puts Syrian conflict in Canadian termsCTV NewsFor many Canadians, the war in Syria is a distant conflict raging away halfway around the world. For Syrians, what began as a peaceful protest against President Bashar al-Assad in the spring of 2011 has quickly spiralled into a brutal..."

new: 'Foreign Legion' in Iraq and Syria may bring jihad to West - CNN

On The Run From ISIS, Syrian Kurds Wonder If They've Left One War For Another - Huffington Post

US envoy visits Jordan, Turkey to seek end to conflict in Syria - Jerusalem Post

Blair: Iraq invasion not to blame for rising extremism – Syrian war is - RT

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The Future of ISIS and the Sectarian Response: ISIS has Picked a Fight it Cannot Win

"The Future of ISIS in Iraq and the Sectarian Response – by Joshua Landis A Washington policy analyst asked me what chances I gave to the possibility that Prime Minister Maliki will try to divide Sunnis and isolate ISIS by teaming up with moderate Sunnis. He raised the possibility of Maliki..."

Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Syria – by Fabrice Balanche


جديد: 48 قتيلًا في هجوم مسلحين إسلاميين في كينيا - ايلاف

"اليوم السابع48 قتيلًا في هجوم مسلحين إسلاميين في كينياايلافقتل 48 شخصا على الاقل في هجوم شنه مسلحون يشتبه بانتمائهم الى حركة الشباب الصومالية الاسلامية مساء الاحد على مركز للشرطة وفنادق ومكاتب حكومية في بلدة ساحلية كينية، على ما اكده مسؤولون الاثنين. واقتحم نحو 50 مسلحا مددجين بالسلاح بلدة امبيكيتوني الواقعة قرب جزيرة لامو السياحية..."

الجيش السوري يسيطر على مدينة كسب - الرياض

زمان الوصل

جديد: هل يمكن للسوريين تجاوز مأزق الدولة الفاشلة؟

"حرب ضارية متعددة الأشكال والأوجه تلك التي شنها النظام السوري على شعبه؛ حيث تسببت ألته العسكرية بتدمير على مستوى واسع بدا وكانه عمل ممنهج؛ كما أدت لاستشهاد وجرح مئات الألاف وتشريد وتهجير الملايين في مخيمات اللجوء ودول النزوح؛ في أزمة لم تشهدها البلاد عبر تاريخها الطويل.لا يمكن إخفاء مظاهر الكارثة ولا التستر عليها فهي واضحة..."

جديد: فرحان الزعبي اعتقل منذ 44 عاماً: متى يفرج النظام عن أقدم سجين سياسي في سوريا!

جديد: مسيحيو حمص.. قلبهم مع الثورة وعقلهم مع النظام..!

جديد: جيش الإسلام يتهم النظام والتنظيم بتفجير دوما، ومراقبون يرون أن العملية لها ما قبلها وما بعدها

جديد: تقدير موقف: داعش عبء على الديمقراطية في سورريا والعراق