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June 8, 2014

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The life-and-death struggle to help Syria's sick

The life-and-death struggle to help Syria's sick

"Medical staff are tortured, raped and even murdered as they battle to smuggle supplies to cities under siegeIt is impossible to transport a single aspirin tablet into eastern Ghouta, an agricultural belt just outside Damascus and the area devastated by chemical attacks last August. Instead,..."


In the war on terrorism, only al-Qa'ida thrives

"It has been a good week for those who like their hypocrisy neat and straight from the bottle. There was US Secretary of State John Kerry condemning the Syrian presidential election in which Bashar al-Assad was re-elected for a third time against nominal opposition as "a great big zero". But..."


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AP Interview: Druse head scorns Hezbollah on Syria

AP Interview: Druse head scorns Hezbollah on Syria

The Dutch 'Iron Lady' destroying Syria's chemicals

"United Nations (United States) (AFP) - The diplomat ridding the world of Syria's chemical weapons is Sigrid Kaag, a statuesque and impeccably dressed mother of four who speaks six languages and is fearless in a war zone. For nine months she has led the international mission to destroy..."

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AP Interview: Druse Head Scorns Hezbollah on Syria - ABC News

"The Daily StarAP Interview: Druse Head Scorns Hezbollah on SyriaABC NewsThe decision by Lebanon's militant Hezbollah group to join the civil war in neighboring Syria and fight along President Bashar Assad's forces was a historic and moral "mistake" toward the Syrian people,..."

Identity of Kiwi killed in Syria kept secret - TVNZ

Opinion: Syria's Looming Water Catastrophe - Algemeiner

Like 'Doctor Who,' Syrian Activists Hang In Limbo Post-Election - NPR (blog)

زمان الوصل

جديد: أنباء عن تشكيل الحر لواءً مدعوما بأسلحة ثقيلة في حلب

"تتجه هيئة الأركان في الجيش السوري الحر نحو إيجاد فصائل فاعلة لها على الأرض من أجل المشاركة في العمليات ضد قوات الأسد على الجبهات في حلب.ووفقاً لمعلومات خاصة بـ"زمان الوصل" فإن هيئة الأركان تعكف بشكل جدي على تشكيل لواء مقاتل في الشّمال يكون مدعوماً بكافة أنواع الأسلحة الثقيلة.ووفقاً لمصادر مقرّبة من الهيئة فإن النية تتجه لتشكيل..."

جديد: شرائح عملاء الأسد تسهل مهمة طائراته الحربية

جديد: رئاسة الائتلاف..الملهاة المهزلة

جديد: زمان الوصل تحصل على مئات وثائق صرف أمول وحدة الدعم وتضع خطوطاً حمراء على تصرفات قادتها

جديد: معارض علوي يتساءل: هل ستتحدث حمص بالفارسية قريباً؟!