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May 25, 2014


Battle for Aleppo could prove final reckoning in Syria's war

Battle for Aleppo could prove final reckoning in Syria's war

"Pro-Assad forces are poised to cut off rebel supply lines and end nearly two years of insurrection in the ruined cityHigh spring in Syria's largest city and the final battle has arrived. From his vantage point on a frontline in Aleppo's northeast, Abu Bilal, a rebel commander, had spent the..."


A cardinal error? Maronite Patriarch of Antioch to meet the Pope in Israel

"An odd chap, Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai. The Lebanese Patriarch of the Maronite Catholic church infuriated opponents of the Syrian regime by supporting Hezbollah's right to bear arms in Lebanon, and warning of an Islamist takeover of Syria if Bashar al-Assad is overthrown. As a result, on..."


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yahoo news

new: Pope takes pilgrimage to Bethlehem

Pope takes pilgrimage to Bethlehem

"Bethlehem (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - Pope Francis arrived in Bethlehem Sunday to begin the most sensitive part of his three-day Middle East tour aimed at easing an ancient rift with Orthodox Christians and forging regional peace. Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas received him at his..."

Pope blasts arms dealers at start of Mideast trip

Pope launches Holy Land visit with Syria peace appeal

Pope opens Mideast trip lamenting Syrian conflict

Presidential vacuum in Lebanon as MPs divided

google news

new: Pope Francis denounces Syria war on 1st stop of Middle East visit -

"Philly.comPope Francis denounces Syria war on 1st stop of Middle East visitCBC.caPope Francis called on Saturday for an "urgent" end to the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis it has spawned as he opened a three-day trip to the Middle East. Francis deviated from his prepared remarks..."

Infighting kills scores of militants in Syria - Press TV

The Frontline of DIY Weaponry Is in Syria - Motherboard

Battle for Aleppo could prove final reckoning in Syria's war - The Guardian

ISIS fighters captured in Syria's Deir al-Zour - Al-Arabiya

Pope Francis opens Middle East trip lamenting Syria war -

زمان الوصل

جديد: نمس باب الحارة يوقف تصوير الجزء السادس لطارىء صحي !

"أصر "نمس باب الحارة" على اصطناع جراح كاذبة أثناء تصويره لأحد المشاهد فأصيب بالتهاب حاد في عينه، وفي التفاصيل فإن الفنان "مصطفى الخاني" وأثناء تصوير مشاهده في مسلسلي (باب الحارة) – بجزئه السادس و(بواب الريح)، أصيب بالتهاب حاد في العين إثر لجوئه لاستخدام عدسات لاصقة أثناء تجسيده لدوره الجديد "الواوي" ودخلت المادة و-هي مادة سائلة..."

جديد: النصرة تطلق بأس رسميا، وتدعو كل خبير بالسلاح للتواصل معها

جديد: أغنى ممثل في العالم من أم سورية

جديد: نماء سوريا تُعيد البسمة لعدد من أطفال الداخل

جديد: مركز الدوحة يقيم دورة تدريبية حول السلامة المهنية وأمن المعلومات للصحفيين السوريين