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March 3, 2014


Spanish journalist freed by Syrian captors after six months

"Spanish journalist Marc Marginedas, who was kidnapped in Syria by an Islamic group linked to Al-Qaida in September, has been released in good health.Now in Turkey, Marginedas spoke yesterday by phone to his family and to Spain's prime minister Mariano Rajoy to tell them he was feeling fine..."

An airlift could save the starving in Syria | @guardianletters


Robert Fisk: Were it not for the French, Hezbollah would all be Syrians fighting on their own government’s side inside their own country

"Borders are becoming a bit odd in the Middle East. They always have been, of course. Ever since Mark Sykes and François Georges Picot – the latter a former French consul in Beirut, by the way, who cost a lot of brave Lebanese their lives by his carelessness in sealing their anti-Ottoman..."


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New violence shatters truce in Syria's Yarmuk

New violence shatters truce in Syria's Yarmuk

"Firefights and shelling on Sunday shattered a weeks-old truce at the Yarmuk Palestinian camp in Damascus, but a ceasefire allowed residents to return to another besieged area near Syria's capital. Syria's three-year conflict is estimated to have killed more than 140,000 people, forced..."

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'Hezbollah denies claims Israel attacked arms shipment from Syria' - Jerusalem Post

"The Daily Star'Hezbollah denies claims Israel attacked arms shipment from Syria'Jerusalem Post"Hezbollah has a few thousand officers in Syria, but Hezbollah won't hesitate to open up a hostile front against Israel despite its massive presence in Syria," he said. "The..."

Two LA gang members are apparently fighting for Syria's Assad - Washington Post (blog)

Ex al-Qaeda member warns UK over Syria threat - BBC News

The US makes crises in Ukraine and Syria worse by not planning for them - Washington Post

Ukraine, Syria, Iran -- America isn't leading from behind, it's being left behind - Fox News

Spanish journalist kidnapped in Syria released; airstrikes kill 13 - CTV News

An airlift could save the starving in Syria - The Guardian

US Ambassador Ford on what's gone wrong in Syria and where it's headed - Christian Science Monitor

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Week in Review: Ukraine Casts a Shadow that Highlights Syrian War Dynamics

"As the world watches and worries about an escalating crisis in Ukraine, Russia’s bold moves to protect its interests there are sparking comparisons with its role in Syria. “If Ukraine constitutes Russia’s eastern defensive wall against Europe, Syria…is part of Moscow’s southern flank,”..."

صبحي حديدي

من بيت جالا إلى حلب: القدامة السورية

" ضمن أنشطة الربيع الثقافي الفلسطيني، الذي احتضنته فرنسا سنة 1997 وكان نقلة نوعية وغير مسبوقة على الصعيد الأوروبي، سواء من حيث طبيعة الأنشطة، أم الأسماء المشاركة (فدوى طوقان، محمود درويش، عز الدين المناصرة، أحمد دحبور، سحر خليفة، أنطون شماس، ليانا بدر، غريب عسقلاني، زكي العيلة، رياض بيدس...)؛ تشرّفت بالمشاركة في تأليف كتاب..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: حماس.. مشعل لن يغادر الدوحة، ولم يعد لنا وجود في سوريا

"نفت حركة حماس، اعتزام رئيس مكتبها السياسي خالد مشعل نقل مقر إقامته من قطر الى لبنان.وجاء نفي حماس ردا على تسريبات إعلامية تحدثت عن اعتزام مشعل مغادرة الدوحة، مدعية إقدام السلطات القطرية على الحد من حريته بالحركة.وأكد الناطق باسم الحركة، حسام بدران في تصريح صحفي، نقلته "القدس العربي" بأن مشعل يقوم بأعماله بكل حرية في الدوحة،..."

جديد: وثائق تكشف كيف سلح البعث رجال أعمال حلب...

جديد: رحيل فنان الثورة الفلسطينية أبو عرب في حمص

جديد: قصة نجاح سورية في اسطنبول.. شاب يشق طريقه في سوق السياحة التركية

جديد: رغدة تنشر صورتها مع الجيش السوري على فيسبوك