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February 25, 2014


new: Moazzam Begg among four arrested in Birmingham terror raids

Moazzam Begg among four arrested in Birmingham terror raids

"Former Guantánamo detainee is held along with two men and a woman on suspicion of Syria-related offencesA man arrested in terrorism raids in Birmingham on Tuesday morning is Moazzam Begg, the former Guantánamo detainee, the Guardian has learned.West Midlands police said those arrested were..."

Wrongful prosecutions add to refugee woe | @guardianletters

The future British king, Saudi princes, and a secret arms deal


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new: Norway in danger from Syria jihadists, says intelligence agency - Al-Arabiya

"Al-ArabiyaNorway in danger from Syria jihadists, says intelligence agencyAl-ArabiyaIn late 2013 the fate of two teenage girls of Somali origin hit the headlines in Norway when they left to join a jihadi group in Syria and were located weeks later by their father who brought them home. Last..."

new: Moazzam Begg among four arrested in Birmingham terror raids - The Guardian

new: Israeli Warplanes Strike Near the Border of Syria and Lebanon - New York Times

Military option against Syria is alive - Haaretz

Senior al-Qaeda commander killed in Syria -

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Christian Militia and Political Dynamics in Syria

"By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi Introduction When it comes to news reports on Christians in Syria, the general focus is on the concerns Christian civilians have about their future, if any, in the country. Though such anxieties are not invalid, reports rarely break new ground. Here I intend to explore..."

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new: In Istanbul, Syrians Find Shelter Alongside Stray Dogs

"ISTANBUL – In a deserted neighborhood on the outskirts of this city, 40 Syrian families have taken shelter in what once was a refuge for packs of stray dogs.  Amid the old crumbling homes, refugees have set up a humble camp. They are only steps away from the bustling Fatih district, known..."

One on One: Arwa Damon, Senior International Correspondent, CNN

Week in Review: Stalled Talks and Assad’s Reelection Push a Policy Rethink

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جديد: أسلحة إيرانية للعراق.. صفقة عسكرية - سياسية للمالكي

"قالت "رويترز" إنها اطلعت على وثائق تثبت أن إيران وقعت مع العراق اتفاقا لبيعه أسلحة وذخائر قيمتها 195 مليون دولار وهي خطوة من شأنها أن تخالف الحظر الدولي لمبيعات السلاح الإيرانية.وتبين الوئائق أن الجانبين توصلا إلى الاتفاق في نهاية نوفمبر تشرين الثاني بعد أسابيع من عودة رئيس الوزراء العراقي نوري المالكي من واشنطن حيث حث إدارة..."

جديد: كتائب البعث جديد مليشيات الأسد قوامها طلاب جامعيون

جديد: مركز الدوحة لحرية الإعلام يبدأ ورشة تدريبية لكتابة المقالات والتقارير الصحفية

جديد: ديلي تلغراف: جيش الأسد أضحوكة ولولا دعم الحرس الثوري لانهار منذ مدة

جديد: برزاني يلتقي صبرا وسيدا: الأسد حرم أكراد سوريا من حقوقهم الأساسية