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February 22, 2014


Australia to send Iranian asylum seeker's body home after autopsy

Australia to send Iranian asylum seeker's body home after autopsy

"The body of Reza Barati, killed during breakout attempt at Australian-run detention camp, is to be repatriated to IranThe body of an asylum seeker who was killed in a violent breakout from an Australian-run detention camp in Papua New Guinea will be repatriated to his family in Iran, an Australian..."


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UN urges nations to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees

UN urges nations to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees

"Genève (AFP) - The UN refugee agency on Friday urged countries outside the Middle East to open their doors to 100,000 Syrians who need to find a haven outside their conflict-hit region. The call from the United Nations high commissioner for refugees follows an earlier appeal to developed countries..."

Iran boosts military support in Syria to bolster Assad

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new: As long as Bashar Assad thinks he is winning, diplomacy will fail - The Economist

" long as Bashar Assad thinks he is winning, diplomacy will failThe EconomistWHEN a man as patient and pragmatic as Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN's special envoy on Syria, sounds close to despair, it is a sign of how bad things are. Nobody had high hopes of success for the talks..."

Why US should care about Syria crisis - CNN (blog)

Heavy shelling rocks Golan Heights area between Syria, Israel - CNN

Fears of Syria militancy expand influence of Saudi prince - Reuters

UN Security Council to vote on Syria aid resolution Saturday - Reuters UK

Obama's Syria 'red line' has echoes in his warning to Ukraine - Reuters UK

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Will Selim Idris’s Removal Further Fragment the Opposition?

"This week, the Syrian National Council announced that it had removed the head of its Supreme Military Council and commander of the Free Syrian Army, Gen. Selim Idris, after he reportedly clashed with members of the opposition in exile.  Idris, who has long faced criticism over a lack of battlefield..."

Q&A: Marwan Muasher on Syria’s Impact on Jordan

Why the Government Has Resumed Its Use of Cluster Munitions

Neighborhood by Neighborhood, Mapping a ‘Politically Heterogenous’ Aleppo

Will The Cease-fires in the Southern Suburbs of Damascus Hold?

زمان الوصل

جديد: قصص وحكايات وطرائف من عهد الديكتاتورية في سوريا

"ليس من عادتي، أنا محسوبكم، أن أستغلَّ المنبر الإعلامي الذي يستضيفني لإجراء دعاية لأحد كتبي أو أعمالي الإذاعية أو التلفزيونية.لم أغير عادتي الآن، ولكن الحديث عن كتابي "قصص وحكايات وطرائف من عهد الديكتاتورية في سوريا" الذي صدر قبل أسبوعين من الآن، برأيي، هو أمر مُسَلٍّ، وينتمي إلى ما اصطَلَحَ أبو حيان التوحيدي على تسميته بـ "الإمتاع..."

جديد: مفكرون سوريون مسيحيون.. مسيحيتنا بوصلتنا لدعم الثورة والالتزام بأهدافها في الحرية والكرامة

جديد: ملهمة ثورات الشعوب ... د.أسامة الملوحي

جديد: بماذا يفكر الجربا؟ انقلاب على الشعب والثورة والائتلاف... مي الفيصل

جديد: انفلونزا الخنازير في حماه....وفاة شخص بين 10 مصابين والنظام يتعمّد التعتيم