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January 30, 2014


The politics of starvation: Syria’s civilians go hungry after months of sieges

"“Bread is a dream for children inside Yarmouk Camp,” says Fuad, a Syrian Palestinian music teacher who tries to help bring food to the 20,000 Palestinians besieged inside Yarmouk. Standing by a barrier of sand and rubble that blocks an entrance to the camp in south Damascus, he adds that..."


new: Food Supplies Enter Palestinian Camp in Syria

new: Demolitions in Two Syrian Cities Target Civilians-Rights Group

new: Report: Syria Government Has Razed Neighborhoods

"The Syrian government used controlled explosives and bulldozers to raze thousands of residential buildings, in some cases entire neighborhoods, in a campaign that appeared designed to punish civilians sympathetic to the opposition or to cause disproportionate harm to them, an international..."

Damascus Detainees Languish While Syria Envoys Talk

Exclusive: Syria Has Shipped Out Less Than 5 Percent of Chemical Weapons

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Europeans are flocking to the war in Syria. What happens when they come home?

"LONDON — Word spread quickly last autumn in the rapidly gentrifying north London neighborhood where the Sebah brothers were raised: Mohamed and Akram had died in a car crash. The news was devastating for friends and neighbors who had watched the brothers grow from affable and popular boys..."

With peace talks, Syrian stalemate is relocated to Geneva

voice of america

new: HRW: Syria Must Stop Illegal Demolitions

HRW: Syria Must Stop Illegal Demolitions

"Human Rights Watch is calling on the Syrian government to make a commitment during peace talks with the opposition to end what the group says are illegal demolitions. In a report released on Thursday, Human Rights Watch detailed demolitions in the central city of Hama and areas in and around..."


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Obama, Jordan's King Abdullah to meet February 14 in California

"U.S. President Barack Obama and Jordan's King Abdullah will discuss Syria and the Middle East at a February 14 summit to be held at a California retreat, the White House said on Wednesday. Obama met China's President Xi Jinping at the same location last June, the Sunnylands retreat in Rancho..."

Obama, Jordan's King Abdullah to meet Feb 14 in California

Veteran negotiator pursues Syria 'mission impossible'

Baghdad bombs and shooting kill at least 19

Turkey's Erdogan visits Iran to improve ties after split over Syria

Turkey's Erdogan visits Iran to improve ties after split over Syria

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new: US spy chiefs say number of foreign militants in Syria rises - (blog)

" (blog)US spy chiefs say number of foreign militants in Syria (blog)More than 7,000 foreign militants are fighting for the rebels in Syria's civil war and some are being trained to return home and conduct attacks, U.S. spy chiefs told lawmakers on Wednesday...."

new: Assad troops deliberately destroy Syria homes -

UK to act with 'urgency' over Syrian refugees says PM - BBC News

How Carl Campeau, abducted in Syria, escaped al-Qaeda's clutches -

Europeans are flocking to the war in Syria. What happens when they come home? - Washington Post

Movement Seen in Talks Over Syria, Despite Gap - New York Times

Rebels in Syria Claim Control of Resources - New York Times

Turkish forces 'strike ISIL convoy in Syria' -

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Eye On the Battle: ISIS Reclaims Raqqa But Loses Ground in Aleppo

"Earlier this month, rebel fighting groups led by the Islamic Front (IF) battled the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in Raqqa, the first Syrian city to come under extremist control. The clash quickly spread to neighboring Aleppo and Idlib province. But as diplomats huddled in Switzerland,..."

Survey of Syrian Attitudes Finds Both Sides Seek Peace, Unified Country

Conversations: A Jihadi, Praising Jabhat al-Nusra

Assessing the Latest Developments from Geneva


جديد: "هيومن رايتس ووتش": النظام السوري دمر المنازل باسم "العقاب الجماعي" - دار الحياة

"دار الحياة"هيومن رايتس ووتش": النظام السوري دمر المنازل باسم "العقاب الجماعي"دار الحياةأعلنت منظمة "هيومن رايتس ووتش" إن السلطات السورية سوت بالأرض آلاف المباني في سبع مناطق سكنية في دمشق وحماة من دون هدف عسكري واضح سوى معاقبة المدنيين الذين وُجد بينهم مقاتلون من المعارضة كانوا قد فروا بالفعل. ونشرت المنظمة التي..."

جديد: فابيوس:يجب اللجوء للأمم المتحدة إذا لم تتحرك الأمور بجنيف حول سوريا - اتحاد الإذاعة والتلفزيون المصرى

صبحي حديدي

أديان توني بلير

"  لا يُدهَش المرء، بل قد يُتاح له الضحك إلى حدّ القهقة العالية، إزاء تطوّر يفيد بأنّ توني بلير، رئيس الوزراء البريطاني الأسبق، هو المنجذب الأحدث إلى إغواءات نظرية صمويل هنتنغتون حول صدام الحضارات والأديان؛ الآن وقد شبعت احتضاراً، ودُحرت مراراً وتكراراً على أرض الواقع، معظم أطروحات تلك النظرية. كأنّ بلير يدخل إلى أسواق..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: أطفال سوريا المعتقلون بين تصريح فيصل في جنيف والكلام الفيصل على باب القصر العدلي

"على باب القصر العدلي في دمشق، خرج محمد بثيابه الرثة، حافي القدمين، والبثور تملأ وجهه ويديه، لفتني صغر سنه، اقتربت منه وهنأته بالسلامة، كان يتساءل أين أنا الآن؟.تذكرت محمد وابتسامته الهادئة، وأنا أستمع إلى نائب وزير الخارجية في حكومة النظام فيصل المقداد، وادعاءاته بعدم وجود أطفالٍ معتقلين في سجون الأسد.وبعيداً عن أرقام المنظمات..."

جديد: إيران تنتقد قرار واشنطن حول تسليح المعارضة السورية البعيدة عن الإرهاب