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January 16, 2014


new: Rafik Hariri assassination: trial of Hezbollah suspects begins

Rafik Hariri assassination: trial of Hezbollah suspects begins

"UN's Special Tribunal for Lebanon puts Salim Ayyash, Mustafa Badredine, Hussein Onessi and Assad Sabra on trial in absentia for 2005 killingAlmost nine years after the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, the trial of his alleged killers has started in The Hague.The..."

new: Car bomb blasts Lebanese town near Syria border

Iraq bombings kill dozens as PM warns of 'evil statelet' attempts

West has discussed co-operation with Syria, Damascus claims

washington post

Western diplomats said to seek Syrian help against al-Qaeda militants

"BEIRUT — A top Syrian government official said Wednesday that Western intelligence officials have visited Damascus to solicit cooperation against militants linked to al-Qaeda, a claim that appeared intended to buttress the regime’s attempts to win back international support in the name..."

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new: Car Bomb Kills 3 in Lebanon

"A car bomb has exploded in northeastern Lebanon, killing at least three people and wounding 20 others.The blast happened Thursday near a government building in Hermel, which is a stronghold of the Shi'ite militant group Hezbollah. The town is located just across the Syrian border from Qusair,..."

Car Bomb Kills 3 in Lebanon

Car Bomb Kills 3 in Lebanon


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new: Russia denies 'hidden agenda' as it talks with Iran, Syria FMs

Russia denies 'hidden agenda' as it talks with Iran, Syria FMs

"Russia denied on Thursday it had a "hidden agenda" on Syria as it launched a fresh round of crisis diplomacy by hosting the Iranian and Syrian foreign ministers ahead of peace talks in Switzerland. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif arrived in the Russian capital late Wednesday..."

new: Car bomb kills 3 in Lebanon near Syrian border

Saudi-Qatar rivalry divides Syrian opposition

Kerry to lead US team to Syria peace talks

Iran's Rouhani among some 40 world leaders expected in Davos

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new: Lebanon car bomb kills four in Hezbollah stronghold near Syria - Reuters Canada

"The GuardianLebanon car bomb kills four in Hezbollah stronghold near SyriaReuters CanadaBEIRUT (Reuters) - A suicide car bomber killed himself and three other people, and wounded 26 in a Hezbollah stronghold on Lebanon's northern border with Syria on Thursday, residents and state media..."

UN's huge aid request for Syria - BBC News

Wounded Syrians pour into Turkey after bombing - CNN International

Donors Offer $2.4 Billion to Aid Syrian Civilians, but UN Says More Is Needed - New York Times

Damian Clairmont killed fighting with al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria -

Gates: Obama's 'red line' on Syria was huge mistake - Washington Post (blog)

Canadian fighting with al-Qaeda-linked rebels killed in Syria -

Flow of Westerners to Syria Prompts Security Concerns - New York Times

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How is al-Qaida Changing the Fabric of Syrian Life?

"The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an al-Qaida affiliate that’s dominating the fight in Syria, has imposed its own conservative rule of law in Raqqa and other eastern areas. In doing so, it has slowly begun to dictate the way civilians there must act and dress. This highly conservative..."

Playing an Oud, a Bard of the Revolution


جديد: تفجير في منطقة نفوذ لحزب الله في شرق لبنان يوقع ثلاثة قتلى - AFP

"AFPتفجير في منطقة نفوذ لحزب الله في شرق لبنان يوقع ثلاثة قتلىAFPبعلبك (لبنان) (أ ف ب) - وقع انفجار ضخم ناتج على الارجح عن عملية انتحارية في وسط مدينة الهرمل في شرق لبنان اليوم الخميس، في اعتداء هو الخامس يستهدف مناطق محسوبة على حزب الله منذ الكشف عن مشاركته في القتال في سوريا. ووقع الانفجار امام مبنى حكومي في ساعة الذورة الصباحية في..."

جديد: الأمم المتحدة تحذر المعارضة السورية: عمليات الإعدام قد تعتبر جرائم حرب - ايلاف

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جديد: أبو عياض يدعو المقاتلين التوانسة إلى اعتزال الاحتراب والتزام الحياد

"أصدر أمير جماعة "أنصار الشريعة" بتونس، سيف الله بن حسين، المعروف بلقب "أبوعياض"، كلمة صوتية بثتها مواقع جهادية على الإنترنت تحت عنوان: "بيان نصرة وتأييد لإخواننا المجاهدين بالشام".ويعد هذا أو تسجيل صوتي لـ"أبو عياض" بعد الأخبار التي نُشرت حول القبض عليه الشهر الماضي في ليبيا، وقد دعا فيه المقاتلين التونسيين في سوريا إلى اعتزال..."

جديد: ديلي ميل تؤكد كلام مقداد.. استخباراتيون غربيون ومنهم بريطانيون ينسقون مع بشار

جديد: هولاند يكشف.. كنّا قادرين على ضرب نظام بشار بمفردنا، لو...

جديد: المخابرات التركية تضبط سيارتين سوريتين تحملان أسلحة خفيفة