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January 6, 2014


Sunnis against Shias: a strategic absurdity | Editorial

"Iran and Saudi Arabia are both bent on unrealistic plans for dominance in the Middle East or, at the very least, on denying the dominance of the otherThe Middle East is in the grip of a war neither side can win. The conflict in the region between Sunnis and Shias, from Lebanon to Iraq, is a..."

Islamists exploit weak border to fight in Iraq and Syria

Islamists exploit weak border to fight in Iraq and Syria

Iraq government launches air strike on al-Qaida allies in Ramadi

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Kerry suggests Iran could play sideline role in Syrian peace talks

"JERUSALEM — The Obama administration opened the door for the first time Sunday to Iranian participation at the Syrian peace talks in Switzerland later this month. Softening the former hard line against any role for Iran if it refuses to endorse the Jan. 22 conference ground rules, Secretary..."

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Iraqi Air Force Strikes City to Try to Oust al-Qaida

Iraqi Air Force Strikes City to Try to Oust al-Qaida

"Iraqi government forces battling an al-Qaida offensive near the Syrian border launched an air strike on Ramadi city on Sunday killing 25 Islamist militants, according to local officials. Government officials in western Anbar province met tribal leaders to urge them to help repel al-Qaida-linked..."


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Iraq city seizures illustrate Qaeda group's resurgence

Iraq city seizures illustrate Qaeda group's resurgence

"The seizure by Al-Qaeda-linked militants of a major Iraqi city and parts of another illustrates their resurgence, and harkens back to the darkest days of the insurgency that followed the 2003 US-led invasion. The Al-Qaeda franchise in Iraq fell from the height of its influence in the years..."

Al Qaeda affiliate pull out of northern Syria strongholds

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new: Kerry Says Iran Might Play Role in Syria Peace Talks - New York Times

"New York TimesKerry Says Iran Might Play Role in Syria Peace TalksNew York TimesMr. Kerry said there would be limits on Iran's involvement unless it accepted that the purpose of the conference should be to work out arrangements for governing Syria if opponents of President Bashar al-Assad..."

new: Fallout From Syria Conflict Takes Rising Toll on Mideast - Wall Street Journal

Islamists exploit weak border to fight in Iraq and Syria - The Guardian

Threats target Lebanese anti-Syria figures -

Kidnapped Turkish Journalist Freed in Syria - ABC News

A Look at the Massive Ship Will Destroy Syria's Chemical Weapons - ABC News (blog)

Suspected militant returning from war in Syria arrested in Spain - CNN International

5 members of Doctors Without Borders detained in northern Syria - (blog)

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The Battle between ISIS and Syria’s Rebel Militias

"The Battle between ISIS and Syria’s Rebel Militias by Joshua Landis (with invaluable help from A.J.N) For Syria Comment, January 4, 2014 A major confrontation has broken out between the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Syria’s other rebel militias. It is being led by two..."

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Week in Review: Syria’s War Crosses Borders, Geneva in the Air

"This week the conflict in Syria lit up the map of the Middle East, sparking sectarian violence in neighboring Lebanon and Iraq. In a simple explanation, Syria’s war has inflamed tensions between Sunnis and Shiites, which literally exploded into bombings in Beirut and deadly clashes in..."

Rami Khouri on Syria, Igniting Violence in Beirut

Starvation Tactic Leads to Truce in Moadamiyeh


إعادة انتخاب أحمد الجربا رئيسا للائتلاف السوري - الجزيرة

"AFPإعادة انتخاب أحمد الجربا رئيسا للائتلاف السوريالجزيرةأعاد الائتلاف الوطني لقوى الثورة والمعارضة السورية في وقت متأخر من الأحد انتخاب أحمد الجربا رئيسا له للمرة الثانية على التوالي، وذلك خلال اجتماعه المنعقد في إسطنبول، بحسب بيان صادر عن الائتلاف. وحصل الجربا على 65 صوتا من أصل 120 متقدما على منافسه رئيس الحكومة السورية السابق..."

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جديد: تصرف يذكي الاحتقان الطائفي...الشيعة يرفعون آذانهم على مسجد خالد بن الوليد في حمص!

"بعد أكثر من سبعة قرون على تأسيسه ولأول مرة شهد جامع خالد بن الوليد في حمص واقعة غير مسبوقة تمثلت في رفع الآذان فيه بصيغته الشيعية الإيرانية فجر أحد الأيام من الأسبوع الماضي في خطوة استفزازية تأتي بالتوازي مع حالة الفرقة والتشرذم التي تشهدها ساحة الثورة السورية منذ أيام وخاصة في حلب والرقة.صيغة الآذان الشيعية التي أضيف إليها..."

جديد: هل سيسقط جنيف نظام الأسد؟

جديد: فنانون سوريون يظهرون في مخيم الزعتري

جديد: داعش تصل إلى إسبانيا

جديد: لواء داوود يعلن التزام الحياد في صراع الثّوار مع الدولة