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December 20, 2013


What the €100 Picasso raffle teaches us about endangered art all over the world

What the €100 Picasso raffle teaches us about endangered art all over the world

"Tyre, the ancient city in Lebanon, will be helped by cash raised in the recent Picasso raffle – and it's a reminder that we should chip in to save other world heritage sites threatened by conflictCongratulations to Jeffrey Gonano, who has won a Picasso valued at €1m for the cost of a €100..."

the economist

War and peace in Syria: Where are the good guys?

"WHAT to do when the party you have been backing loses sway? That is the question facing Western supporters of the Syrian National Coalition, the umbrella group that claims to represent the main political opposition, and its armed wing of loosely allied rebel militias, known as the Free Syrian..."


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Secret detentions fuel Syrian 'campaign of terror': U.N.

"By Stephanie Nebehay GENEVA (Reuters) - Syrian activists and other citizens have vanished into secret detention as part of a "widespread campaign of terror against the civilian population" and a tactic of war by the Damascus government, U.N. investigators said on Thursday. The state-run..."

Secret detention part of Syria 'campaign of terror:' U.N.

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new: UN, US, Russia Firming up Syria Peace Conference - ABC News

"Press TVUN, US, Russia Firming up Syria Peace ConferenceABC NewsThe U.N.-Arab League's Syria envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is meeting with U.S. and Russian delegations to try to agree which nations should be invited to Syria peace talks in Geneva next month. Russian Deputy Foreign Ministers Mikhail..."

new: Drive for Syria Peace Talks Resumes in Geneva - New York Times

War and peace in Syria Where are the good guys? - The Economist

11420 Children Dead In Syria's Civil War, So Far - NPR

On Iran and Syria, Diplomatic Tests Intertwine - New York Times

Al-Nusra Front leader rejects Syria peace talks - BBC News

British doctor's death in Syria no suicide, family says - CNN

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Administrative Update plus Round-Up

"As many noticed during the recent period of silence at Syria Comment, responsibilities have pulled us away from being able to post regularly. Though we are currently on break, I should explain that the demands of the academic year’s schedule will sometimes decrease my availability for..."

“Why Syria’s Kurds are beating Al Qaeda,” By Balint Szlanko

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Pharmacist Delivers Health, Creates Community in Turkey

"GAZIANTEP — Every morning Dr. Younes heads to the pharmacy next to his home in this Turkish border town, where there is rising demand for Arabic-speaking pharmacists as ailing Syrian refugees, unable to speak anything but Arabic, pour across the border. Since he fled Syria 10 months ago,..."

State of the Battle: Assad Forces Escalate Offensive In Aleppo

Rocketed Rubble Becomes Treasure Trove for Aleppo’s ‘Rag Pickers’

Seeking to Chart the Best Course for Peace in Syria


جديد: بالفيديو.. زياد الرحباني: الهجوم على فيروز و«نصرالله» دفاع عن إسرائيل - المصري اليوم

"المصري اليومبالفيديو.. زياد الرحباني: الهجوم على فيروز و«نصرالله» دفاع عن إسرائيلالمصري اليومقال الملحن والمسرحي اللبناني، زياد الرحباني، إن «من يهاجم فيروز وحسن نصرالله يدافع عن إسرائيل»، وذلك في رده على منتقدي تصريحاته الأخيرة حول حب والدته لأمين عام «حزب الله». وأضاف «الرحباني»، في لقاء تليفزيوني على قناة «الميادين»،..."

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جديد: الجولاني.. خلافنا مع الدولة جرى تضخيمه، وهو خلاف بين أفراد أسرة واحدة

"رفع قائد جبهة النصرة عدد القتلى الذين سقطوا في سوريا إلى 500 ألف، خلافا لتقديرات تقول غنهم بين 150 و200 ألف، معتبرا في الوقت ذاتها أن المعركة مع نظام بشار الأسد اقتربت نحو نهايتها، واصفا دخول مليشيا حزب الله للقتال إلى جانب النظام بأنه كان حماقة كبيرة.وفى لقاء مع قناة الجزيرة القطرية، بثته مساء الخميس، أعلن أبو محمد الجولاني أن عدد..."

جديد: الجمعية العامة تدين نظام بشار وشبيحته

جديد: الجربا يلتقي بارزاني في أربيل، ويبدي تخوفه من الجماعات المتطرفة

جديد: العلمانية... بين مطرقة الإسلاميين وسندان العلمانيين