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December 18, 2013


new: Family of British surgeon who died in Syria criticises UK government

Family of British surgeon who died in Syria criticises UK government

"Brother says Foreign Office offered very little assistance during 13 months when Abbas Khan was detained in SyriaThe family of a south London surgeon who died in a Syrian jail 13 months after being imprisoned has accused the UK government of not doing enough to secure his release.Abbas Khan,..."

new: 71 journalists killed in 2013 'in connection with their work'

new: 211 journalists in world's jails in 2013 - with three countries holding most

Abbas Khan: Syrian regime murdered British surgeon, says foreign minister

Prince Charles 'deeply troubled' by plight of Christians in Middle East


British Muslim dies after joining fight in Syria

Arab Spring’s source carries on legacy as truce is called in Tunisia’s culture wars

"It is three years to the day since Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire and sparked a wave of uprisings throughout the Arab world. Today, Libya’s oil is in the hands of militias, Egypt’s military tightens its hold on power, and Syria is churning out refugees from..."

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new: Gunmen Kill 6 Outside Somali Capital

"Gunmen in Somalia have attacked a convoy carrying doctors to a hospital near the capital, killing six people, including three Syrians.The ambush happened Wednesday on a road that connects Mogadishu to Afgoye. A VOA Somali reporter in Mogadishu says another Syrian Doctor was wounded in the..."


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new: Saudi ready to act alone on Iran, Syria: ambassador

Saudi ready to act alone on Iran, Syria: ambassador

"The West's policies on Iran and Syria are a "dangerous gamble" and Saudi Arabia is prepared to act on its own to safeguard security in the region, a top Saudi diplomat said. "We believe that many of the West’s policies on both Iran and Syria risk the stability and security..."

Chemical weapons plan for Syria may be delayed

Exclusive: West signals to Syrian opposition Assad may stay

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British doctor's death in Syria no suicide, family says - CNN

"The GuardianBritish doctor's death in Syria no suicide, family saysCNNThe 32-year-old orthopedic surgeon was arrested for entering Syria without a visa more than a year ago after volunteering to treat wounded victims of that country's civil war. After his mother personally pleaded with..."

In Lebanon, minority Alawites wounded in attacks in latest spillover from ... - Washington Post

Minister accuses Syria of killing British doctor Abbas Khan - BBC News

Chemical Weapons Plan for Syria May Be Delayed - ABC News

The latest sign that the US is losing Saudi Arabia over Syria - Christian Science Monitor

British surgeon's death in Syria 'in effect, murder' - ITV News

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“Why Syria’s Kurds are beating Al Qaeda,” By Balint Szlanko

"Why Syria’s Kurds are beating Al Qaeda By Balint Szlanko – @balintszlanko For Syria Comment, December 16. 2013 The Kurds of Syria have been in the news lately. Fighting—and beating—Al Qaeda-allied groups and other rebel militias in their struggle for Syria’s northeast, in the..."

Battle in East Ghouta, Damascus: Rebels Claim to kill 800 Syrian Army Soldiers

Zahran Alloush: His Ideology and Beliefs

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Rocketed Rubble Becomes Treasure Trove for Aleppo’s ‘Rag Pickers’

"ALEPPO — Earlier this month, as fighting escalated here and government forces continued their aerial bombardments, Abu Ahmad searched for the remains of relatives who had been killed in an air raid. He said they were struck in the Helwaniyeh district, while getting in their car, not knowing..."

Seeking to Chart the Best Course for Peace in Syria

Lebanese Fear Loss of Land to Syrian Refugees

In Focus: For a Syrian Family, Illegal Border Crossing Proves Deadly

Week in Review: Moderates Under Fire, As Snowfall Hits Refugees

صبحي حديدي

هل كان إدوارد سعيد سيناصر الانتفاضة السورية؟

" في ختام محاضرة تشرّفت بإلقائها خلال أعمال مؤتمر حاشد في تكريم الراحل الكبير إدوارد سعيد (1935 – 2003)، نظمته "دار ثقافات العالم" HKW، في برلين، مطلع تشرين الثاني (نوفمبر) الماضي؛ طُرح عليّ السؤال المزدوج التالي: كيف تفترض طبيعة موقف سعيد من الانتفاضة السورية، لو كان اليوم على قيد الحياة؟ وكيف، أو بماذا، كانت نظرته ستختلف عن أمثال..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: دول غربية تريد بقاء الأسد رئيساً لمحاربة القاعدة..!

"قالت مصادر في المعارضة السورية إن الدول الغربية نقلت الى المعارضة رسالة مفادها ان محادثات السلام التي ستجرى الشهر المقبل قد لا تؤدي إلى خروج الرئيس بشار الأسد من السلطة، وأن الاقلية العلوية التي ينتمي اليها ستظل طرفاً اساسياً في اي حكومة انتقالية.وأبلغت المصادر وكالة "رويترز" أن الرسالة نقلت إلى اعضاء قياديين في الائتلاف الوطني..."

جديد: هيئة الائتلاف السياسية تعتبر جنيف2 قدر السوريين في ختام اجتماعاتها

جديد: إلى زياد الرحباني أنا مش تكفيري

جديد: مقتل محسن الموسى قائد اللواء 156 صواريخ في الضمير

جديد: إسبانيا تستقبل اجتماعات للمعارضة السورية الشهر المقبل تحضيرا لـجنيف 2