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December 6, 2013

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Assad must go for settlement in Syria: British FM

Assad must go for settlement in Syria:  British FM

"British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Friday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must stand down to allow for any peaceful settlement to the 33-month-old conflict in his country."We have always been very clear that a peaceful solution in Syria must require the departure of President..."

Suicide bomber kills five outside Syria militia HQ: NGO

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new: Morning Brief: Nelson Mandela, South Africa's First Black President, Dies

"Nelson Mandela, South Africa's First Black President, Dies Top News: Former South African President and anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela died on Thursday. President Jacob Zuma asked flags be placed at half-mast after announcing his death on a national TV address. Mandela spent 27..."

Out and Down in Syria's Civil War - By Haley Bobseine

Augustine's World - By Robert D. Kaplan


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Hagel reassures Gulf allies U.S. committed to regional security

"By David Alexander MANAMA (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel toured an anti-mine warfare ship in the U.S. Fifth Fleet on Friday to underscore U.S. commitment to Middle East security despite policy differences over Iran and Syria that have angered Washington's longtime Gulf allies. His..."

Jihadists execute Iraqi cameraman in rebel-held Syria

Jihadists execute Iraqi cameraman in rebel-held Syria

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new: The Cable: 'It's Never Going to Happen': Why Syria's Chemical Deadline May ... - Foreign Policy (blog)

"Foreign Policy (blog)The Cable: 'It's Never Going to Happen': Why Syria's Chemical Deadline May ...Foreign Policy (blog)The Obama administration and its allies are struggling to find a safe place to store Syria's chemical weapons after they've been shipped out of the..."

new: Group issues demands for release of nuns in Syria - The Daily Star

EU security officials note increased flow of fighters to Syria's civil war - Washington Post

As millions suffer in Syria, America looks away - Washington Post

Iraqi cameraman executed in Syria -

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new: A Blend of Laws Keep the Lid on Crime in Syria’s Deraa Province

"RAMTHA, JORDAN // The first case taken on by the Islamic court in Deraa was a trivial affair, especially viewed against the backdrop of a devastating conflict that has killed more than 100,000 people. A baker was caught flirting with a married woman while selling her bread and, after complaints..."

State of the Battle: Fighting Tooth and Nail for Qalamoun

Watching Her Son and Husband Get Kidnapped In Eastern Ghouta

Out and Down in Syria’s Civil War

Voice from Israel: Humanitarian Aid is About ‘Being a Good Neighbor’

زمان الوصل

جديد: أرسلان في السويداء...وثيقة التفاف حول الأسد بخط شيخ محسوب على المخابرات

"زار رئيس حزب "الديمقراطي اللبناني" النائب "طلال أرسلان" محافظة السويداء ليلة أمس برفقة شيخ عقل الموحدين الدروز في لبنان "ناصر الدين غريب"، ووفد من الشخصيات الدرزية اللبنانية بحسب مصادر "زمان الوصل"... وأفادت مصادر بأن مضافة "اّل الهجري" في بلدة قنوات جمعت "أرسلان" بشيخ عقل الموحدين الدروز في السويداء "حكمت الهجري" مع ممثلين عن..."

جديد: بالصورة والفيديو.. نعي وتشييع 10 من شيعة دمشق، قتلوا في معارك الغوطة

جديد: المركز الإعلامي في القلمون: اللقيس قتل في القلمون، ولم يغتل كما روجت مليشيا نصر الله

جديد: الهيئة العامة للثورة تنفي اختطاف راهبات معلولا والتفاوض حولهن

جديد: منتخب الكاراتيه.. أول منتخب سوري حر يشارك ببطولة دولية