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November 21, 2013


Briton killed fighting in Syria civil war

Briton killed fighting in Syria civil war

"Mohammed el-Araj, from west London, is only second Briton confirmed to have been killed fighting in conflict A British Muslim has been killed fighting against Bashar al-Assad's forces in Syria, his family in London have said.Mohammed el-Araj, who was in his early twenties, is only the second..."

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Lebanon blasts expose Iran and Qaeda face-off over Syria

Lebanon blasts expose Iran and Qaeda face-off over Syria

"Twin bombings against Iran's embassy in Hezbollah's Beirut stronghold point to a confrontation between Tehran and Al-Qaeda in Lebanon, which is paying a heavy price for the Syrian war, analysts said."It is a direct confrontation between Al-Qaeda on one side, and all those who back the Syrian..."


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In Qatar desert, Syrian opposition mourns fallen commander

"By Amena Bakr UMM AL-AMAD, Qatar (Reuters) - On a patch of desert far from Syria, dozens of men gathered under a white tent to commemorate Abdelqader Saleh, a renowned Syrian rebel commander who died this week from wounds after an air strike in Aleppo. The mourners, who included senior Syrian..."

Analysis - Beirut blast: jolt from past and omen of dark future

Israeli leader lobbies in Russia against Iran deal

Hague says Iran talks 'historic opportunity'

Hague says Iran talks 'historic opportunity'

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new: US Says Dozens of Americans Have Sought to Join Rebels in Syria - New York Times

"Daily MailUS Says Dozens of Americans Have Sought to Join Rebels in SyriaNew York TimesWASHINGTON — Dozens of Americans have traveled or tried to travel to Syria to fight with the rebels against the government of President Bashar al-Assad since 2011, American intelligence officials said Wednesday.Four..."

Meet the Rebel Commander in Syria That Assad, Russia and the US All Fear - Wall Street Journal

Lebanon and the Long Reach of Syria's Conflict - New Yorker (blog)

Media workers 'targeted' in Syria's north -

A Violent Year in the Life of the Syria-Turkey Border - Wall Street Journal

Suicide attack stems Assad advance near Syria-Lebanon border - Reuters

The War on Syria and Britain's “Left Wing Progressives” - Center for Research on Globalization

Suicide Bombs Hit Syria Troops North of Damascus - ABC News

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Beirut Attack Strengthens Hezbollah’s Resolve in Syria

"BIR HASSAN, BEIRUT — Hezbollah members and leaders say their resolve to fight in Syria has deepened, after a double suicide attack on the Iranian Embassy in Beirut. The attack killed 25 people on Tuesday.  “It’s a message,” Hezbollah parliament member Nawar al-Sahili told reporters..."

Will Abdelqader Saleh’s Death Spell Doom for Aleppo’s Rebels?

Polio Vaccine Stops Short of Rebel-Held Aleppo

Conversations: In Hama, A Simple Wedding in Wartime

صبحي حديدي

"خلطة" حسن نصر الله

" محمود أحمدي نجاد، الرئيس الإيراني السابق، غادر المنصب السياسي، وتوجّب أن تغادر معه (لا أن يصطحبها هو، بالضرورة!) تلك التخاريف الطريفة التي اقترنت بخطابه السياسي والعقائدي؛ حول "الإمام المهدي الذي يدير العالم ونرى يده المدبّرة في شؤون البلاد كافة"، بما في ذلك نصر إيران على العراق، وتقدّم البرنامج النووي الإيراني؛ أو "هالة..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: أزمة وطن ..!

"أزمة وطن ..!جعفر عبد الله الورديعندما يضيق الوطن بك.. لا تجدُ متنفسا أو ملجأ أو مغاراتٍ تأوي إليها ..أزمة الوطن ليس شرطا أن تكون أزمة سكنية، بل هي أزمة أخلاقية ونفسية بذات الوقت..السوريون باتوا يعرفون تماما ماذا يعني لهم الوطن، وباتوا يعرفون معنى أن يضيق بك وطنُك ثم لا تجد فيه مأوى ولا ملاذا تلجأ إليه من حر صيف أو برد شتاء..يجهل الكثير..."

جديد: شوف هاد ؟

جديد: عين الحقيقة تصاب بالرمد في محافظة حلب

جديد: منحة لـ25 طالباً سورياً لدراسة التمريض في عُمان