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November 15, 2013


new: North Korea denies sending military aid to Syria

North Korea denies sending military aid to Syria

"Pyongyang attacks 'misinformation' after claims it has sent advisers and helicopter pilots to support Assad regimeNorth Korea has denied it is sending military aid to the Syrian government, one of its few close allies, in its battle against rebel forces after media reports said Pyongyang had..."

new: Christianity at risk of extinction in areas of persecution, says Warsi

Hezbollah will carry on backing Bashar al-Assad, says leader Nasrallah

Jihadists call for reinforcements as Syrian regime advances on Aleppo

Youth in the Middle East: dying to escape from governments and parents

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new: 'Watchdog' to Decide on Plan to Destroy Syria's Chemical Weapons

"An international chemical weapons monitoring group meets Friday to decide on how and where to carry out the risky process of destroying Syria's chemical arsenal.The Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons has said the "most viable" option is for the weapons stockpile to be moved..."


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Insight: As powers push for talks, Syria balance tilts towards Assad

"By Samia Nakhoul BEIRUT (Reuters) - More than two and a half years into the civil war devastating Syria, the United States and Russia are pushing the combatants to the negotiating table in Geneva, but on terms that mark a shift in favor of Bashar al-Assad against the increasingly fragmented..."

Hezbollah will stay in Syria as long as needed: Nasrallah

Exclusive: Assad allies profit from Syria's lucrative food trade

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new: Chemical weapons watchdog meets to discuss destruction of Syria's poison gas ... - Washington Post

"The Times of IsraelChemical weapons watchdog meets to discuss destruction of Syria's poison gas ...Washington PostBy Associated Press,. THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The international chemical weapons watchdog was meeting Friday to endorse a plan to destroy Syria's deadly poison gas and..."

new: Exclusive: Assad allies profit from Syria's lucrative food trade - Reuters

new: Iranians' Support for Syria Softens -

North Korea Denies Media Reports About Giving Military Aid To Syria; Says It ... - International Business Times

North Korea denies aiding Syria in fight against rebels - Reuters

Hezbollah Chief Says His Forces Will Stay in Syria - New York Times

Rich refugees pay thousands to flee war-torn Syria in luxury -

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Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi: The Druze Militias of Southern Syria

"Introduction Compared to how much has been written on the Sunni-Alawite dynamics in the Syrian civil war, little analysis exists on the Druze aspect of the conflict. This study hopes to rectify the deficiency by considering the nature of Druze militias operating in the south of Syria, specifically..."

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محمد ٩ سنوات من المدرسة لمكب النفايات

"منبج — محمد  طفل يبلغ  التاسعة من عمره  وهو اكبر اخوته  الخمسة  من سكان مدينة المنبج  اكبر مدن محافظة حلب  السوريا احد المتضررين من الحرب في سوريا ترك مدرسته  وتوجه..."

Trapped in Damascus: A Mother’s Quest to Reunite with Her Family in Egypt

From a Lawyer in Aleppo to a Laborer in Turkey

Mohammed, 9, Scavenges Landfills to Survive

صبحي حديدي

جديد: الائتلاف السوري: مُبتلى بالمعاصي.. يُفتضح ولا يستتر!

" "مَنْ يهُنْ يسهل الهوان عليه"، قال أبو الطيب المتنبي ذات يوم، فاختصر في شطر واحد شريحة إهانة واستهانة وهوان ومهانة، واسعة عريضة متعددة، سوف تطبع الكثير من سمات شخصية المُذلّ المُهان؛ في السياسة بادىء ذي بدء، ثمّ في الاجتماع الإنساني عموماً، بما ينطوي عليه من تعاقدات اقتصاد ومال وأعمال، وما يشترطه من أنساق سلوك، فضلاً عن..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: نمور الورق السورية تقترب من الجرائم ضد الإنسانية

"جرائم ضد الإنسانية هو ما يمارسه إعلاميو شبيبة الثورة والقصر في سوريا، وسواء نجح جنيف أم تباطأ ساسته فإن الحقوق محفوظة للسوريين برفع الدعاوي لمن سعى ودعى وشجع على قتلهم وبعض من الصحفيين قد يكون ارتكب الجريمة بذاته.منذ المؤتمر الصحفي الأول واصوات تطالب علنا بدخول جيش القتل إلى بابا عمر والخالدية وأمس أعيدت ذات المطالب بحماية..."

جديد: 35 ألف سيارة سورية عليها مغادرة الأردن فوراً

جديد: فكنين : إسرائيل ستكون معزولة بدون مبارك والأسد وفتح