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October 25, 2013


Obama left increasingly isolated as anger builds among key US allies

Obama left increasingly isolated as anger builds among key US allies

"Merkel the latest to rebuke Washington over NSA spying while US relationships in the Middle East are also unravellingInternational anger over US government surveillance has combined with a backlash against its current Middle East policy to leave President Obama increasingly isolated from many..."

Iraq needs leadership worthy of its people | Rachel Shabi


Spying is expected, but this will distract from real policy

"Washington’s foreign policy these days is less about putting pressure on old adversaries than mending fences with key allies. First in the Middle East, where Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel are bewildered by US policy zigzags over Syria and Egypt, and disconcerted by a possible thaw between..."

Man stranded for 16 days at Dubai airport

In pictures: Syrian refugees living in the Qab Elias settlement in Lebanon

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Russian 'kidnapped' by Syrian rebels

Russian 'kidnapped' by Syrian rebels

"Russia is investigating reports one of its citizens was kidnapped in Syria after a video of the man pleading to be rescued was posted online, a report said Thursday.The video, posted on YouTube, shows a man who identifies himself as Russian citizen Sergei Gorbunov and asks Moscow to help free..."


To Catch a Twitter Renegade: National Security Council Edition

To Catch a Twitter Renegade: National Security Council Edition

"National Security Council staffer Jofi Joseph was fired this week after being exposed as the anonymous tweeter behind @natsecwonk, a handle that produced a steady stream of criticism and personal attacks directed at officials within the White House and the State Department. At fewer than 1,600..."

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Saudi diplomacy: Pique your partners

"King Abdullah, cross with Uncle Sam SPEED is not generally associated with the hushed style of traditional Saudi diplomacy, yet the abruptness of the kingdom’s flip-flop on October 18th was stunning by any standard. In the morning, Saudi diplomats in New York were trumpeting their country’s..."

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Saudi-US Rift Seen Over Middle East 'Mess'

Saudi-US Rift Seen Over Middle East 'Mess'

"The United States has downplayed recent tensions with Saudi Arabia, but some in the region say the problems may not be easily pushed aside.  Saudi Arabia is having a fit of pique.  The normally staid kingdom has rebuffed a seat on the U.N. Security Council, hinted it might go it alone on..."


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new: Hardships Mounting for Refugees Inside Syria - New York Times

"Hardships Mounting for Refugees Inside SyriaNew York TimesDAMASCUS, Syria — Some five million Syrians are now refugees in their own country, many living hand-to-mouth in vacant buildings, schools, mosques, parks and the cramped homes of relatives. Others are trapped in neighborhoods isolated..."

Turkish foreign minister raps international failure to tackle Syria aid crisis -

Al-Qaeda's corridor through Syria - The Hindu

Turkey raps international failure to tackle Syria aid crisis - Reuters

At least 22 people suspected of having polio in Syria - WHO - Reuters UK

Tending to Syria's wounded in Turkey -

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Conversations: Photographing the Front Lines of Wadi Daif

"Omar, 21, dropped out of university to join the Syrian revolution in March 2011 and has taken photos on the battlefield ever since. As a media activist, he’s covered the front lines of the assault on Wadi Daif military base in the northwest province of Idlib, a rebel onslaught that began..."

Why Suicide Bombs Became ISIS’s New Military Tactic

In Rebel-Held Areas, High School Graduates Are Being Left Behind

How One Syrian Radio Station Took on Al Qaeda

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جديد: النروج ترفض تدمير ترسانة الاسلحة الكيميائية السورية على اراضيها

النروج ترفض تدمير ترسانة الاسلحة الكيميائية السورية على اراضيها

"اوسلو - اعلنت النروج الجمعة انه لا يمكنها تلبية طلب من الولايات المتحدة لتدمير قسم من ترسانة الاسلحة الكيميائية السورية على اراضيها، معتبرة ان الجدول الزمني المقترح ضيق جدا.وقال وزير الخارجية بورغي برندي "خلصنا بالتوافق مع الولايات المتحدة الى انه بناء على الاستحقاقات المنصوص عليها في قرار الامم المتحدة (...) من غير المناسب..."

جديد: خمسة قتلى في الاشتباكات بين سنة وعلويين في شمال لبنان


جديد: بدعوى إراحته من المرض.. لاجئة سورية تقتل طفلها المصاب بالتوحد بحقنة بنزين - الاقتصادية

"الاقتصاديةبدعوى إراحته من المرض.. لاجئة سورية تقتل طفلها المصاب بالتوحد بحقنة بنزينالاقتصاديةقتلت لاجئة سورية في الاردن طفلها المصاب بالتوحد عبر حقنه بالبنزين بعد محاولة فاشلة لشنقه من اجل ان "تريحه" من مرضه ومن الظروف التي تمر بها اثر الفرار من سوريا، على ما افاد مصدر امني الجمعة. وقال المصدر لوكالة فرانس برس ان "سيدة..."

جديد: النروج ترفض تدمير ترسانة الكيماوي السوري على أراضيها - دار الحياة

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جديد: أقول للسياسي

"أن يكون الشخص معارضا لايعني بالضرورة أن يكون سياسيا، وكذلك الأمر لو كان مثقفا أو أكاديميا مرموقا أو صحفيا أورجل قانون أو مدافعا شرسا عن حقوق الإنسان... كلها عوامل قد تكون مساعدة لكنها لا تكفي.يتحفنا الكثير من هؤلاء بآرائهم وتحليلاتهم ومواقفهم على مدار الساعة، على الشاشات وفي الصحف وفي المجالس وعلى مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي......"

جديد: عميد ركن بالحرس الجمهوري.. مقتل قائد الحلمة العسكرية على معضمية الشام

جديد: السفيرة ولغز ما بعد اتفاق الكيماوي.. 15 يوما من المجازر بحق البشر والحجر

جديد: فؤاد خشيش: الاعلام العربي يشبه الحالة العربية في الترهل ونقل الخبر...!!!