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September 24, 2013


new: UN general assembly: Obama repeats call for action against Syria – live

UN general assembly: Obama repeats call for action against Syria  – live

Spanish journalist abducted in Syria

"Veteran Spanish war correspondent Marc Marginedas, who writes for Barcelona's El Periodico, was abducted in Syria by jihadist rebels on 4 September, according to his paper.Marginedas, 46, was being driven on the outskirts of the western Syrian city of Hama when he was taken captive. He had..."

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new: SYRIA: Deadly car bomb strikes southern Damascus

SYRIA: Deadly car bomb strikes southern Damascus

new: Deadly blast hits south Damascus: state TV

new: Nuns, orphans trapped in Syria's Maalula: church

"Nearly 40 nuns and orphans are trapped inside a convent in the Syrian Christian town of Maalula, where regime troops are battling rebel forces, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate said Tuesday.The famed town, where residents still speak Aramaic, the language Jesus Christ is thought to have spoken,..."

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new: U.N. chemical weapons investigators to return to Syria Wednesday

"MOSCOW----A U.N. team is returning to Syria on Wednesday to look more deeply into the use of chemical weapons there. A Russian diplomat revealed the planned trip Tuesday, adding that Moscow remains doubtful the government has used such weapons against its people. A U.N. spokesman subsequently..."

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new: Obama Urges 'Concrete' Action from Iran on Nuclear Issue

"U.S. President Barack Obama says he will take direct action when it is necessary to defend the United States against terrorist attacks, and use "all elements of U.S. power, including military force, to secure U.S. interests in the Middle East." Speaking to world leaders at the U.N. General..."

new: UN General Assembly Opens

UN General Assembly Opens

Russia: UN Investigators Heading Back to Syria


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new: Obama to address Iran, Syria, Mideast in U.N. speech

Obama to address Iran, Syria, Mideast in U.N. speech

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will make clear on Tuesday that he wants to pursue a diplomatic path to resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear program in a U.N. General Assembly speech that will also cover events in Syria and the Middle East. In a speech scheduled for 10:10..."

new: Insight: Syria's Assad is fortunate in his enemies

Aid group: Syrian children at risk of malnutrition

Easing sanctions no easy goal for Iran's president

France expects U.N. council to agree on Syria arms measure

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new: Fast & Furious, Part II: No way to keep US weapons out of enemy hands in Syria - Washington Times

"Fast & Furious, Part II: No way to keep US weapons out of enemy hands in SyriaWashington TimesSome of the U.S. weapons flowing to rebels in Syria are bound to fall into the hands of Islamic extremists, say analysts and a retired Army general just back from touring the country. The prediction..."

new: End the tragedy for Syria victims - The Australian (blog)

new: France Sets Conditions for Including Iran, an Assad Ally, in Syria Peace Talks - New York Times

The 12 Weapons Causing Most Of The Destruction In Syria - Business Insider

Veteran Spanish war correspondent Marc Marginedas kidnapped in Syria - CNN International

Russia says talks with US on Syria rocky, fears use of force - The Globe and Mail

UN sees 'opportunity for Syria diplomacy' - BBC News

AP Interview: UN Aid Official Demands Syria Access - ABC News

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Aymenn al-Tamimi Speaks to Ali Kayali and Profiles “The Syrian Resistance,” a Pro-Assad Militia Force

"A Case Study of “The Syrian Resistance,” a Pro-Assad Militia Force by Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi for Syria Comment Much has been written of the variety of factions and fragmentation on the rebel side of the Syrian civil war, but comparatively little analysis exists of the various pro-Assad..."

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Executive Summary: Top Reads of the Day

"While Lara Setrakian travels on assignment, Syria Deeply’s Managing Editor Karen Leigh picks out an executive summary of the top Syria reads from around the web.  France Looks to Fold Iran into Syria Talks “In a softening of the Western stance on Iran, France’s foreign minister said on..."

Trouble in Turkey, as al-Qaida Becomes a Neighbor

Executive Summary: Top Reads of the Day

From Saraqeb, the Sound of a Radio Start-up

Week in Review: High-Octane Diplomacy, Big Shifts on the Ground


جديد: بان كي مون يدعو كل الدول إلى وقف تغذية "إراقة الدماء" في سورية - دار الحياة

"دار الحياةبان كي مون يدعو كل الدول إلى وقف تغذية "إراقة الدماء" في سوريةدار الحياةدعا الامين العام للامم المتحدة بان كي مون الثلاثاء "كل الدول" إلى وقف تغذية "اراقة الدماء" في سورية ووضع حد لتقديم الأسلحة الى كل الاطراف. ودعا بان كي مون الى تبني قرار في مجلس الامن الدولي حول الاسلحة الكيميائية على وجه السرعة. واضاف..."

جديد: مقتل "سبعة على الأقل" في انفجار سيارة مفخخة جنوب دمشق - بي بي سي العربية

صبحي حديدي

مَنْ ضحك أخيراً: عبابنة الأردني أم لافروف الروسي؟

"بدأت الحكاية يوم 29 آب (أغسطس) الماضي، حين نشر موقع Mint Press الإخباري، ومقرّه في منيسوتا، الولايات المتحدة، تقريراً يحمل العنوان المثير التالي: "سوريون في الغوطة يزعمون أنّ ثوّاراً تزوّدهم السعودية بالسلاح هم وراء الهجمة الكيميائية". والفقرة الاستهلالية من التقرير، تسير هكذا: "الثوّار والسكان المحليون يتهمون الأمير بندر بن سلطان..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: سماسرة حكومة الأسد تبيعمساعدات الشعب ويزوّرون وثائق الشحن

"أخذت شكايات بعض العاملين في وزارة الشؤون منذ أشهر مناح خطيرة وصلت لتصفية أحد كوادر الوزارة "علي بلان" مدير العلاقات العامة في الوزارة عندما فضح لعبة ملء الاستمارت وتوزيع المعونات في قرى الساحل وحرمان مستحقيها.واليوم بدأت "خلافات القسمة" تطفو على السطح، فحسب اعتراف "التجارة الداخلية" فإن بعض التجار يتبعون أساليب التزوير لطرح..."

جديد: أخرجوا آل لوط من قريتكم أنهم أناس يتطهرون

جديد: توفي في نفس يوم استقالته.. رحيل السراج صاحب اليد الطولى في تأسيس دولة القمع بسوريا

جديد: إعلان الدولة المسيحية في سوريا ولبنان دمسل بين الجد والهزل !

جديد: صور مرعبة... انتشال جثث بعد عام من قتلها برصاص قناصة الأسد