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August 29, 2013


new: MPs debate Syria as parliament recalled: Politics live blog

new: UN weapons inspectors to leave Syria a day early

UN weapons inspectors to leave Syria a day early

"Ban Ki-moon's announcment United Nations experts will depart on Saturday fuels speculation of armed interventionBan Ki-moon has said that the UN weapons inspectors investigating last week's suspected chemical weapons attack would leave Syria on Saturday, one day ahead of schedule.The announcement..."

new: Typhoon jets sent to Cyprus to guard against possible Syrian retaliation

Poll: Do you support limited strikes in Syria?

Barack Obama argues for action against Syria – video

washington post

Damascus residents prepare for U.S.-led strike

Russia accuses West of jumping gun on Syria

"MOSCOW — Russian officials Wednesday accused Western nations of short-circuiting the work of United Nations weapons inspectors in Syria in their eagerness to launch an attack on Damascus. A British resolution in the U.N. Security Council condemning the Syrian government for using chemical..."

As U.S., allies weigh strike on Syria, nervous Israelis rush for gas masks

Iran’s leaders caution against U.S.-led military strike on Syria

Britain to propose authorizing action against Syria; U.N. chief urges caution


Obama: U.S. Has “Concluded” Syrian Government Behind Chemical Attack

"In an interview with PBS NewsHour on Wednesday, President Obama said that it was the Syrian government that carried out a large-scale chemical weapons attack on civilians, but he hasn’t decided on how the U.S. will respond. Here’s more from President Obama on NewsHour: So what I've said..."

Slatest PM: "Because They Kept Marching, America Changed"

Slatest PM:

The Intercepted Phone Calls that Convinced Obama that Syria Used Nerve Gas

foreign policy

The Civil War Within Syria's Civil War - By Harald Doornbos and Jenan Moussa

Did Obama Administration Leaks Already Spoil the Syria Attack? - by Yochi Dreazen

Restraining Order - By Marc Lynch

Morning Brief: UK Goes to Security Council for Syria Resolution

"UK Goes to Security Council for Syria Resolution Top news: As Western nations grindingly move toward taking military action against Syria, Britain said it will present a resolution to the Security Council that would authorize "necessary measures to protect civilians," a diplomatic..."

The Limits of Action - By Aaron David Miller

voice of america

new: UN Inspectors to Leave Syria by Saturday

UN Inspectors to Leave Syria by Saturday

"United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says U.N. inspectors probing an apparent chemical weapons attack in Syria will leave the country by Saturday. He spoke Thursday as the U.N. team set out on its third day of on-site work in the Damascus suburbs. Ban said the inspectors will report..."

Obama, UN Weigh Syria Response

Obama: No Decision Yet on Syria Response

US Not Waiting for UN to Respond on Syria

State Dept: UN Inaction on Syria Will Not Stop US


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Stocks mixed, oil and gold rally as Syria worries shake markets

Stocks mixed, oil and gold rally as Syria worries shake markets

Rudd says Australia condemns Syrian regime's chemical weapons attack in Damascus

"Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says Australia condemns the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons on its own people, in what he describes as a flagrant breach of international law.Earlier today, US president Barack Obama said the White House concluded the Syrian regime was behind last week's chemical..."

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new: UN chief awaits Syria chemical weapons probe, West waits

UN chief awaits Syria chemical weapons probe, West waits

new: Iran to work with Russia to stop strike on Syria

Fears of Western strike on Syria spread in Mideast

"DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Fears of a possible U.S. strike against Syria's regime over an alleged chemical weapons attack rippled across the region Wednesday, as about 6,000 Syrians fled to neighboring Lebanon in a 24-hour period and Israelis scrambled for gas masks in case Damascus retaliates..."

Obama makes case for punishing Syria, but possible delays loom

Factbox: If U.S. strikes Syria, destroyers likely to deliver the blow

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new: Will the Syria conflict cause a spike in gas prices? - CTV News

"CTV NewsWill the Syria conflict cause a spike in gas prices?CTV NewsAs Canada considers its potential role in the widening conflict in Syria and prospects of a U.S.-led military strike mount, some experts warn that consumers may see a rise in gas prices. The price per barrel hit its highest..."

new: Is Canada going to war in Syria? Here's what our military could do - CTV News

new: UN inspectors on the move in Syria, destination unknown - CTV News

On Syria, a Drumbeat With Some Echoes of Iraq - New York Times

Obama mulls 'tailored, limited' Syria strike -

syria comment

Should the Use of Chemical Weapons Prompt a US Attack in Syria?

"If it is Determined that the Assad Regime Used Chemical Weapons Against Civilians, Should the United States and its Allies Attack Syria?   In answer to this question, Joshua Landis and Syria Comment provide the following statement:   The US must respond to the use of chemical weapons..."

syria deeply

Assessing the Success of a Syria Strike

"As reports emerge of U.S. plans to strike Syria, possibly as soon as this week, some analysts doubt how effective those strikes could be. There are some who doubt that a limited strike would work. “Tactical actions in the absence of strategic objectives is usually pointless and often counterproductive,”..."

Social Media Buzz: Chemical Attack Echoes on Facebook

Would Intervention in Syria Be Legal?

Is the Assad Regime Feeling the Pressure of a Potential Strike?

Q+A: How Would Russia React to a Strike on Syria?

فرانس 24

جديد: موقع نيويورك تايمز يعمل بصورة طبيعية بعد تعرضه لهجوم الكتروني

موقع نيويورك تايمز يعمل بصورة طبيعية بعد تعرضه لهجوم الكتروني

"نيويورك, (ا ف ب) - استأنف موقع صحيفة "نيويورك تايمز" على شبكة الانترنت عمله بصورة طبيعية الاربعاء بعدما تعذر دخوله طوال يوم واحد من جراء تعرضه لهجوم الكتروني شنته مجموعة من القراصنة السوريين.ففي حوالى الساعة 20,00 ت غ، بات ممكنا دخول موقع نيوتايمز.كوم بعدما تعذر على عدد كبير من مستخدمي الانترنت دخوله في الساعة 19,00 ت غ الثلاثاء.واكدت..."




جديد: مصر تعارض «بقوة» توجيه ضربة إلى سوريا - الرياض

"الرياضمصر تعارض «بقوة» توجيه ضربة إلى سورياالرياضأكدت الحكومة المصرية الخميس أنها تعارض "بقوة" توجيه ضربة عسكرية إلى سوريا، في وقت تدرس الولايات المتحدة وحلفاؤها الغربيون احتمال توجيه ضربة عسكرية إلى هذا البلد على خلفية الهجوم الكيميائي المفترض الذي تتهمه بتنفيذه. وقال وزير الخارجية نبيل فهمي في بيان تلقت وكالة فرانس..."

جديد: قوات الأسد تنسحب من منطقة مطار دمشق الدولي وتطفئ أنواره - العربية نت

جديد: هولاند: على الأسرة الدولية العمل على وقف العنف في سورية - دار الحياة

جديد: بان كي مون: المفتشون يغادرون سوريا صباح السبت - العربية نت

جديد: الجيش السوري يتحضّر لـ"السيناريو الأسوأ" - دار الحياة

زمان الوصل

جديد: تركيا تتأهب بشكل رسمي مخافة تعرضها لهجوم كيماوي من قبل بشار

"قالت تركيا إنها باتت في حالة تأهّب ضدّ هجمات كيميائية المحتملة من قبل نظام بشار الأسد، ما دفع أنقرة للاحتياط عبر تزويد المناطق الحدودية بكميات إضافية من الأغذية وأقنعة الوقاية من الغازات السامة.مركز إدراة الأزمات التابع للحكومة، أكد أن مسؤولين أتراك حددوا الملاجئ في 7 مناطق على طول الحدود، والتي ستكون مخصصة لحماية الناس في..."

جديد: بان كي مون: مفتشو الكيماوي يغادرون سوريا السبت

جديد: ميركل وكاميرون.. الرد على كيماوي بشار حتمي

جديد: بريطانيا سننشر معلومات سرية حول استخدام الكيماوي في سوريا اليوم

جديد: إسقاط الأنظمة مسؤولية الشعوب