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August 9, 2013


Letters: Obama, Putin, Syria and Stephen Fry

"Congratulations to Stephen Fry for speaking out on Russian human rights abuses in regards to their anti-gay laws (Report, 8 August). Considering the $35bn investment the Russians are putting into what for them is a very symbolic event, one wonders whether a larger international boycott could..."

Omar Souleyman granted visa to play in Sweden after controversial ban dropped

Omar Souleyman granted visa to play in Sweden after controversial ban dropped


new: Israel shuts Eilat airport after Egyptian rocket warning

"Israel briefly prevented landings at an airport in the Red Sea resort of Eilat on Thursday, as Egyptian officials warned of possible rocket attacks coming from its territory on the Sinai Peninsula.Related StoriesSyria: Regime says Assad is unharmed as rebels claims attack on PresidentSyrian..."

New West Bank settlement plan 'destroys' two-state solution, says PLO

Israel's new West Bank settlement plan 'destroys' two-state solution, says PLO

‘I lost consciousness in the blast. When I woke up I was in a hospital in Israel’: Casualties of Syria’s war find salvation in an unlikely place

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Assad unharmed after rebels claim attack

"BEIRUT — A rebel group claimed it struck Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s motorcade with shellfire Thursday, shortly before he attended prayers in Damascus to mark a major Muslim holiday, exposing his potential vulnerability to attack despite a string of recent advances against rebel..."


Slatest PM: More Trouble For Dzhokhar's Friends

Slatest PM: More Trouble For Dzhokhar's Friends

"***Sign up here to receive the Slatest PM in your inbox daily.*** Dzhokhar's Friends: NBC News: "The two friends of Boston marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who were arrested and charged in May, now face two additional charges connected to what the FBI says..."

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Morning Brief: Yemeni Govt. Claims to Have Foiled Terror Plot

"Yemeni Govt. Claims to Have Foiled Terror Plot Top news: The Yemeni government claims to have foiled an audacious terrorist plot that involved blowing up oil pipelines, seizing ports, and attacking embassies in the country's capital. The attack would have struck at the heart of Yemen's..."

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new: US to Discuss Snowden During Talks with Russia

US to Discuss Snowden During Talks with Russia

"U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to ask Russia to turn over national security information leaker Edward Snowden when he meets with his Russian counterpart Friday. Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will hold talks in Washington with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense..."


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Activists Launch Syria-Focused Campaign In D.C. Metro Ahead Of U.S.–Russia ... - BuzzFeed

"Washington PostActivists Launch Syria-Focused Campaign In D.C. Metro Ahead Of U.S.–Russia ...BuzzFeedWASHINGTON — Activist network Avaaz is launching an ad campaign in the Foggy Bottom metro station near the State Department ahead of high-level U.S.–Russia diplomatic talks on Friday,..."

As Foreign Fighters Flood Syria, Fears of a New Extremist Haven - New York Times (blog)

Satellite images show devastation in Syria - Toronto Star

Turkish PM Erdoğan and Obama discuss Syria and Egypt - Hurriyet Daily News

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Syria Consolidates into Three Cantons as the Opposition Pushes Back, Taking Mengh Airbase and other Strategic Points

"Syria is consolidating into three cantons. Posted by Joshua Landis The Syrian Arab Army is on the retreat in the North, Aleppo, Idlib and now some high points East of Latakia as well. The Free Syrian Army is making progress in Damascus countryside as well. These important advances seem to..."

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Decoder: How the Rebels Won Aleppo’s Minnagh Air Base

"On Tuesday, after 10 months of fighting, Syrian rebels captured Minnagh Air Base — one of northern Syria’s largest. Of those rebel forces, Islamist groups were among the most effective on the battlefield, raising their profile on the front lines. We asked Charles Lister, an analyst..."

Solar Power for Syrian Refugees

Ersal: The Pro-Revolution Village in Lebanon’s Shia Heartland


جديد: ...لافروف وبان كي مون يدعوان للإسراع في التحضير لمؤتمر - قناة المنار

"AFP...لافروف وبان كي مون يدعوان للإسراع في التحضير لمؤتمرقناة المناردعا وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف والأمين العام للأمم المتحدة بان كي مون خلال عشاء عمل الخميس في نيويورك إلى تنشيط التحضير لمؤتمر "جنيف-2" حول سورية ووقف تصعيد الأزمة الإنسانية وتنامي العنف الطائفي في البلاد. وقال إن "الإرهابيين على الأرض يزاحمون..."

جديد: «الأردني» أمام «الليبي» .. اختبار جاد - الاقتصادية

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جديد: "تحرير الساحل" وتحريك المياه الراكدة: رفعت الأسد نموذجاً

"رغم أنها ما تزال محدودة النطاق جغرافياً، وذات طبيعة رمزية عسكرياً، ومتضاربة في حصيلة فوائدها ومضارّها سياسياً؛ فإنّ عمليات "الجيش السوري الحرّ" الأخيرة في بعض قرى الساحل السوري حرّكت مقداراً ملموساً من المياه الراكدة في مواقف أبناء الطائفة العلوية، تجاه الانتفاضة أسوة بالنظام. كذلك استدعت ردود أفعال متباينة، ليس بمعنى اختلاف..."

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جديد: أبوصفوك في درعا... يستحضر معركة ذي قار ويلمّح إلى تحولات من البوابة الجنوبية

"تكتسب زيارة رئيس الائتلاف الوطني السوري أحمد الجربا لمحافظة درعا برفقة المجلس العسكري أهمية ورمزية مترافقة مع التوقيت المتسارع دوليا تجاه الثورة السورية، إضافة إلى أنها أول زيارة لرئيس الائتلاف السوري بعيد تشكيله الجديد وعبوره من الأراضي الأردنية.الزيارة التي استبقها الجربا (أبو صفوك)، بزيارة مخيم الزعتري ولقاءه الفعاليات..."

جديد: نظام بشار يسعى للحصول على أمواله المجمدة لقتل ما تبقى من الشعب بذريعة إطعامه!

جديد: رئيس الائتلاف الوطني أحمد الجربا يؤدي صلاة العيد في درعا

جديد: تقرير: 2464 شهيدا في سوريا خلال تموز معظمهم مدنيون

جديد: الأمير بندر يعرض صفقة على موسكو بـ15 مليار دولار لتليين موقفها من دعم بشار الأسد