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July 9, 2013



new: Beirut car bomb blasts Hezbollah stronghold

Beirut car bomb blasts Hezbollah stronghold

"Explosion in bustling neighbourhood of Beir el-Abed leaves 37 people injured, the worst blast to hit the area in yearsA car bomb has rocked a stronghold of the Shia militant group Hezbollah south of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, setting several cars alight and wounding 37 people in a major..."

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new: Bomb targets Beirut suburb, a Hezbollah stronghold

"BEIRUT — A bomb detonated in the parking lot of a supermarket in the mostly Shiite southern suburbs of Beirut on Tuesday, injuring at least 18 people and stirring fears that sectarian tensions unleashed by the conflict in neighboring Syria are reaching Lebanon’s capital. Read full article..."

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new: Egypt imposes new visa rules on Syrians

"Syrians travelling to Egypt are now required to apply for a visa, after the authorities in Cairo issued a new rule amid soaring unrest in the country, consulate staff in Beirut told AFP on Tuesday."There is a decision from Cairo that any Syrian travelling to Egypt must apply for a visa at the..."


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new: Lebanon: Bombing wounds 53 in Hezbollah stronghold

Lebanon: Bombing wounds 53 in Hezbollah stronghold

"BEIRUT (AP) — A car bomb rocked a stronghold of the Shiite militant Hezbollah group south of the Lebanese capital Tuesday, wounding at least 53 people and setting several cars ablaze in the most serious knock-on effect from Syria's civil war on its smaller neighbor since the Syrian crisis..."

new: Iraqis mourn Shiite fighter killed in Syria

Egypt puts travel restrictions on Syrians

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new: Analysis: Confident Assad sees Syria tide turning - Reuters

"Aljazeera.comAnalysis: Confident Assad sees Syria tide turningReutersFrom teenage protest in the southern city of Deraa, Syria's uprising against four decades of Assad family rule escalated into nationwide demonstrations, armed insurrection and finally an increasingly sectarian civil war..."

Hundreds of Iraqis mourn in capital Baghdad Shiite fighter killed in Syria - Fox News

Israel's Livni to visit Moscow 'over Syria S-300 plans' - Fox News

UN chief: Stop fighting in Syria during holy month of Ramadan - Al-Arabiya

Presence of al-Qaeda raises tension in Syria -

UN chief Ban appeals for Ramadan truce across Syria - Reuters

UN Chief: Stop Fighting in Syria During Ramadan - ABC News

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Round-up: News from the North, Changes to Opposition, Egypt, and a lot of Miscellany

"News from Aleppo / Idlib / Homs   Government forces in Syria press on with battle to retake rebel-held areas – WP Syrian government aircraft scattered leaflets over the northern province of Idlib on Wednesday, calling on rebels to hand themselves over and urging foreign fighters..."

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The Interview: Ghassan Hitto, the Syrian Opposition’s First Prime Minister

"Syria Deeply interviews Ghassan Hitto, outgoing Prime Minister of the Syrian National Coalition’s interim government, during the Coalition’s weekend General Assembly Meeting.  The first prime minister of the Syrian opposition, Hitto is a former IT executive who spent much of..."


جديد: اصابة أكثر من 50 شخصا في انفجار هائل في الضاحية الجنوبية ببيروت - رويترز العربية

"صحيفة فلسطياصابة أكثر من 50 شخصا في انفجار هائل في الضاحية الجنوبية ببيروترويترز العربيةبيروت (رويترز) - إنفجرت سيارة ملغومة في الضاحية الجنوبية لبيروت معقل حزب الله اللبناني -الذي يحارب الى جانب قوات الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد في الحرب الاهلية في سوريا- يوم الثلاثاء مما اسفر عن إصابة 53 شخصا. وقال وزير الصحة في حكومة تصريف الاعمال..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: معارك شرسة تمزق حمص.. طبيبة داخل المدينة.. قصف مستمر، فليحفظنا الله.

"تواصل قوات الأسد أعنف هجماتها على حمص منذ عشرة أيام، وتقصف أحياءها المحاصرة منذ نحو 400 يوم في المدينة القديمة ومحيطها التي يسيطر الحر عليها، مستخدمة الأسلحة الثقيلة من غارات جوية وهجمات بقذائف المورتر والدبابات وصولا إلى صواريخ أرض -أرض.واشتبكت قوات الأسد مع مجموعات من مقاتلي الجيش الحر في المدينة التي تتوسط سوريا اليوم الإثنين..."

جديد: شادي الكعدي ...إنّه ما زال هناك ... عبد عرابي

جديد: أزمة مطار القاهرة انتهت... المالح يدخل مصر و20 عائلة سورية في مهب الريح

جديد: الخال يوصي.. صلوا علي في جامع محرر، واحملوني إلى كنيسة محررة للوداع

جديد: هذا ما صرحت به نور عرقسوسي بعد حفلتها مع كاظم الساهر