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July 5, 2013



Mobs make fickle friends. Egypt is not Les Misérables | Simon Jenkins

Mobs make fickle friends. Egypt is not Les Misérables | Simon Jenkins

"Western leaders had absurd expectations of the Arab spring. Now they are frantic to depict events in Cairo as not a coupWhen is a coup not a coup? Apparently when it is our coup, a "good cause" coup, a goodies' coup against baddies. Yesterday, diplomats in London and Washington were frantic..."


View from Tahrir Square: ‘Now we think we’ll have to fight again. We don’t know the future, but it won’t be easy’

"“I used to come here every day the last time, sleeping two or three hours a night, fighting to get rid of the dictator. Here is my souvenir.” Fouaz Ahmed Bassam points to his cheek-bone, caved in courtesy of a swinging baton from one of Hosni Mubarak’s policemen two years ago.Related..."

View from Tahrir Square: 'Now we think we’ll have to fight again'

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The conflict in Syria: Who, how and where?

"ONE reason American officials give for Barack Obama’s reluctant decision to arm Syria’s rebels is that it will bolster and unify the ranks of the more moderate fighters among those battling President Bashar Assad. The administration says it plans to funnel arms through Selim Idriss, a defected..."


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new: Face-to-face with Abu Sakkar, Syria's 'heart-eating cannibal' - BBC News

"BBC NewsFace-to-face with Abu Sakkar, Syria's 'heart-eating cannibal'BBC NewsIt sounded like the most far-fetched propaganda claim - a Syrian rebel commander who cut out the heart of a fallen enemy soldier, and ate it before a cheering crowd of his men. The story turned out to be..."

new: The conflict in Syria - The Economist

Murphy breaks with Obama on Syria uprising - Danbury News Times

Time running out to aid Syria's rebels - CNN (blog)

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The End of the Line: A Microbus Map of Damascus – by Matthew McNaught

"We are proud to post the following beautiful reflection by Matthew McNaught. Those who have lived in Damascus (or other Syrian cities) will relate to the pervasive presence of the “service” (serv-EES; plural ser-a-VEES). Personal accounts like this remind us of the Syria we love..."

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Family Left Jobless After Escaping from Homs to Tripoli

"TRIPOLI, Lebanon / On a blistering summer night, three generations of a Syrian refugee family are watching the sunset through a bullet-pocked balcony door. Left jobless, family patriarch Abu Wael, 52, and his son-in-law, Abu Hafez (not nicknamed after Hafez al-Assad, they’re quick to..."

The Conversation: Delivering Aid in the Crossfire

In Beirut, A Family’s Search for Austin Tice

Europe’s Young Jihadis, Fighting in Syria

International Crisis Group: 3 Ways to Solve the Syria Crisis


جديد: الأمم المتحدة": وضع الغذاء في سورية سيتدهور عام 2014 - الإمارات اليوم

"سكاي نيوز عربيةالأمم المتحدة": وضع الغذاء في سورية سيتدهور عام 2014الإمارات اليومقالت الأمم المتحدة، إن "أربعة ملايين سوري، أي خمس السكان لا يستطيعون إنتاج أو شراء ما يكفي من الغذاء لاحتياجاتهم"، وإن "الوضع يمكن أن يتدهور العام المقبل إذا استمر الصراع"، الذي بدأ منذ عامين. وعقب زيارة لسورية بين مايو ويونيو الماضيين،..."

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جديد: الانقلاب على شرعية الرئيس

"دكتوراه في الاعلام - فرنسا : لم نتبن مواقف الرئيس مرسي ولم ندافع عنها، لا في تقربه من روسيا، ولا في اعتباره طهران جزءاً من الحل في سورية. بحكم أنني سوري كنت أراقب الرئيس المصري فقط من خلال مواقفه من الثورة السورية وتقربه منها. ولكنني على الدوام وقفت مع شرعيته وسعدت بمستواه العلمي، وأعجبني قربه من الناس. فهو أول رئيس منتخب في تاريخ..."

جديد: الاستفادة من تجربة مرسي

جديد: الرأي عن مصادر أمريكية.. بشار نقل علويين إلى القصير وسمح لهم باستباحتها

جديد: سامر رضوان : هذه قائمة التهم التي وجهت الي

جديد: بطل العالم للشباب بكمال الأجسام شهيداً في الخالدية