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June 27, 2013



Russia withdraws its remaining personnel from Syria

Russia withdraws its remaining personnel from Syria

"Evacuation signals growing concern in Moscow about conflict between ally Bashar al-Assad's regime and rebelsRussia has evacuated the last of its personnel from Syria, including from its Mediterranean naval base in Tartus, in a move that appears to underline Moscow's mounting concerns about..."

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Russia reports pullout from small base in Syria

"MOSCOW – Russia has evacuated all military personnel from its small naval base in Syria, Russian news organizations reported Wednesday. The base, at Tartus on the Mediterranean, has been Russia’s only foothold in the Middle East. Although it is a minor facility, its importance has grown..."

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new: Health of detained Syrian activist deteriorating

"Activists say the health of a prominent Syrian rights lawyer believed to be in government custody for more than eight months is deteriorating and has called for his release. Khalil Maatouk, 53, was abducted while driving to his office in Damascus in October and he has been incommunicado..."

new: UN chemical weapons expert holds talks in Turkey

new: Merkel: Risks of arming Syrian rebels too high

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Morning Brief: Diplomatic Row Over Snowden Continues as Putin Refuses Extradition

"Diplomatic Row Over Snowden Continues as Putin Refuses Extradition Top news: The diplomatic stand-off over the fate of NSA leaker Edward Snowden continued Tuesday, as Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to refuse to extradite Snowden or arrest him in the "transit zone" in..."

Obama's 'Alice in Wonderland' Syria Strategy - By Micah Zenko


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new: Arming Syria militants, too risky, Merkel says - Press TV

"Press TVArming Syria militants, too risky, Merkel saysPress TVIn an interview broadcast on Turkish television in April, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that if the militants take power in Syria, they could destabilize the entire Middle East region for decades." Related Interviews:..."

new: UN chemical weapons team in Turkey to investigate Syria claims - Reuters

new: Aid to terrorists intensifies conflict in Syria: Iran envoy - Press TV

War Deaths in Syria Said to Top 100000 - New York Times (blog)

No sanctuary for Syria's female refugees - CNN

Russia withdraws its remaining personnel from Syria - The Guardian

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Social Media Buzz: A Falling Pound, Social Media Shabiha

"Millions of Syrians are using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype to disseminate and discuss the conflict. Each week Syria Deeply monitors the online conversation in English and Arabic, pulling out the highlights in a feature called the Social Media Buzz. A major..."

Voices from Tripoli: For Syrian Child Workers, a Shift Is Followed by Soccer

Q+A: Mohammed Alaa Ghanem, Senior Political Adviser, Syrian American Council


جديد: إيران: السعودية شريك في قتل السوريين - الجزيرة

"دي برسإيران: السعودية شريك في قتل السوريينالجزيرةاتهمت إيران اليوم الخميس السعودية بتزويد المعارضين السوريين بالأسلحة، وقالت إنها تحولت إلى ما وصفته بـ"شريك في الجرائم الإرهابية" بحق الشعب السوري. لكنها كررت استعدادها للتعاون مع الرياض بشأن الأزمة السورية. وقال المتحدث باسم الخارجية الإيرانية، عباس عراقجي -في تصريح..."

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جديد: طفل سوري من الزعتري إلى أحضان أنجلينا جولي

"كشفت صحيفة أميركية أن أنجلينا جولي المرأة الأشهرة والأجمل في العالم تعتزم تبني طفل سوري من مخيم الزعتري بعد زيارتها للمخيم الأسبوع الماضي. وتحاول جولي من خلال هذا القرار إلقاء الضوء أكثر عن حال الحرب الطاحنة التي تدور في سوريا والتي من ضحاياها الأطفال السوريون.وقالت الصحيفة إن جولي وصديقها براد بيت في طريقهما لمخيم الزعتري..."

جديد: صور مجزرة البيضا فُبركت... الشبكة السورية تكذّب إعلام النظام: هذا ما حدث في قرية حطلة الديرية

جديد: وتريات فلسطينية على إيقاع أراب أيدل

جديد: غدر بـــعهد المصالحة...النظام يخترع انتصاراً في تلكلخ التي يسيطر عليها أصلاً..!

جديد: حتى لا تضيع حقوق العباد ... احمد الحريري