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June 21, 2013



Taliban's Doha diplomacy leaves Afghanistan peace talks flagging

Taliban's Doha diplomacy leaves Afghanistan peace talks flagging

"Insurgent group removes embassy-style trappings from its Doha office to appease an enraged President KarzaiFor a brief few hours, the Taliban's office in Doha looked just like an embassy; their white flag fluttered over its walls, and a plaque by the front gate announced it housed representatives..."

Taliban offer to return US soldier in exchange for Guantánamo prisoners


Security guard shoots man dead at Jerusalem's Western Wall

"A man was shot and killed this morning by security guard at Jerusalem's famous Western Wall.Related StoriesPalestinian PM offers to quit just two weeks after his appointmentPalestinian PM Rami Hamdallah offers to quit just two weeks after his appointmentSyrian rebels facing a new threat –..."

Security guard shoots and kills man at Jerusalem's Western Wall

‘We don’t care who rules us, we just want to live’: After a year of fighting, most Damascans are simply weary of the battle for Syria

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new: Spain arrest 8 with suspected links to al-Qaida

"Spanish police say they have arrested eight people suspected of recruiting jihadist militants for al-Qaida-linked groups in Syria. The Interior Ministry said the arrests were made early Friday in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, which is located on the northwest African coast, surrounded..."

new: Troops investigating explosion in Lebanon

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The Syrian war, arms and diplomacy: Barack Obama’s tentative step

"General Idriss wants the guns—and fast CRITICS accuse Barack Obama of dithering in response to the spreading civil war in Syria. Officials in Washington say that, on the contrary, the president has been perfectly decisive—in refusing to get too deeply involved. Mr Obama believes that for..."

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Is Anyone In Charge Of U.S. Syria Policy? - By Gordon Lubold

So You Want to Intervene in Syria Without Breaking the Law? - By Rosa Brooks

Aleppo Evil - By Erin Banco

Rebel Whimper - By Danielle Pletka

Morning Brief: U.S. Peace Initiative with Taliban Draws Fire from Karzai

"U.S. Peace Initiative with Taliban Draws Fire from Karzai Top news: U.S. diplomats seeking a political settlement with the Taliban ahead of NATO's 2014 withdrawal from Afghanistan achieved a diplomatic breakthrough Tuesday with the opening of a Taliban office in Qatar and the announcement..."

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new: Spain Arrests 8 al-Qaida Suspects

"Security forces in Spain have arrested eight people with links to al-Qaida during a raid early Friday. Spain's Interior Ministry says the raid was in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on the northwest coast of Africa. The ministry says those arrested were suspecting of sending combatants to al-Qaida..."

Kerry Heads to Doha to Discuss Afghan Peace Stalemate

Kerry Heads to Doha to Discuss Afghan Peace Stalemate


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new: Political approach only solution to Syria crisis: Iranian official - Press TV

"Press TVPolitical approach only solution to Syria crisis: Iranian officialPress TVSyria has been in crisis since March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of Syrian security forces, have been killed in the unrest. Related Interviews: 'Iran election to influence Mideast' ·..."

Bipartisan Senate group seeks to block military funds to Syria - Fox News

'Friends of Syria' to meet in Qatari capital on June 22 - Press TV

Obama's commitment to steadfast inaction in Syria - National Post

First Iraq, now Syria: Looted sites, lost artifacts - Globe and Mail

Canada to help resettle some Syrian refugees -

American who allegedly fought with Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria indicted - Fox News

World Refugee Day: UN calls Syria 'worst humanitarian disaster' since cold war - Christian Science Monitor

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Obama Owes Syrians and Americans a Vision of Syria’s Future

"Obama Owes Syrians and Americans a Vision of Syria’s Future By Joshua Landis, June 15, 2013 Will Obama be content if the Free Syrian Army can keep the North of Syria and finish taking Aleppo? Will he decide that the rebels should take Damascus as well, pushing the regime and the Alawite..."

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My Harrowing Escape from Qusayr, Part II

"As part of our effort to highlight civilian stories, below is a conversation between Syria Deeply and Rifaie Tammas, a 24-year-old from Qusayr. The Lebanese militia Hezbollah, working with Syrian government troops, overran the key smuggling route between Lebanon and Homs province last week...."

Reactions: Egypt Withdraws from Syria

Decoder: What the Obama-Putin Meeting Really Means

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جديد: تفكيك شبكة مرتبطة بالقاعدة في اسبانيا وتوقيف ثمانية اشخاص

تفكيك شبكة مرتبطة بالقاعدة في اسبانيا وتوقيف ثمانية اشخاص

"مدريد (ا ف ب) - اعلنت وزارة الداخلية الاسبانية عن تفكيك شبكة تابعة للقاعدة صباح الجمعة في سبتة الجيب الاسباني في شمال المغرب وتوقيف ثمانية اشخاص.وقالت الوزارة في بيان "فككنا شبكة مسؤولة عن ارسال مقاتلين الى مجموعات ارهابية مرتبطة بالقاعدة تعمل في سوريا" موضحة ان الشبكة كانت لديها قاعدة ايضا في مدينة الفنيدق المجاورة في المغرب..."

جديد: دمشق تنفي وفاة سجناء في سجن حلب المركزي بسبب نقص الادوية


دعوة أممية للسماح بوصول المساعدات للسوريين - الجزيرة

"مصراويدعوة أممية للسماح بوصول المساعدات للسوريينالجزيرةطالبت مسؤولة العمليات الإنسانية بالأمم المتحدة فاليري آموس النظام السوري بالسماح لقوافل المساعدات الإنسانية القادمة من تركيا بالوصول إلى الأراضي الخاضعة لسيطرته، بينما دعا المفوض السامي لشؤون اللاجئين بالأمم المتحدة أنطونيو غوتيريس إلى تجاوز الخلافات بأسرع وقت للعمل..."

اتفاق ثوار سوريا على تعزيز التعاون الميداني - الجزيرة

زمان الوصل

جديد: فلسطينيو سوريا حقائق ممهورة بالدم والخذلان

"تكاد المعاناة الكبرى التي يتجرع اللاجئون الفلسطينيون في سوريا، كؤوسها المترعة بالظلم والإجحاف والمرارة، أن تمحوَ الفارق الزمني بين الحدث التأسيسي للنكبة، وشواهدها الفلسطينية الحية في الحقبة السورية، وأن تستحضر تلك المقاربة الجدلية، بين انكسارات الزمن الفلسطيني في متواليات الخسران الوطني، ومحاولات إغلاق الأفق العربي في..."

جديد: ارجاء محاكمة ميشال سماحة في لبنان لغياب علي مملوك المتهم في القضية

جديد: مرتزقة شيعة يرفضون القتال تحت أمرة شبيحة بشار ويشتبكون معهم!

جديد: سليمان يدعو حزب الله الى وقف القتال في سوريا والعودة الى لبنان

جديد: الكردية العليا تتعهد بالتخلي عن أي نزعات انفصالية