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June 17, 2013



new: G8 summit: Politics live blog

G8 summit: Politics live blog

new: Arms for Syrian rebels won't fall into extremist hands, says William Hague

"Foreign secretary says no decision has been made to arm opposition to Assad, but insists it can be done in containable wayWilliam Hague has tried to assure a sceptical British public that arming the Syrian rebels could be done in a containable way that prevented military equipment falling into..."

new: G8 summit: Cameron has misjudged by putting Syria on the agenda | Simon Jenkins

Huge blast shakes Damascus military airport

The red lines over Syria have not been crossed | Alastair Crooke


new: Video: Clashes in Turkey worsen

"Police fire tear gas and smoke grenades to try and disperse protesters in the Turkish capital, Ankara.Related StoriesBlood on your hands: Vladimir Putin’s attack on David Cameron ahead of G8 talks on Syria crisisSyria: Fears for Aleppo as Hezbollah fighters bolster Assad’s forces20 dead..."

new: 20 killed in Damascus car bomb attack

20 dead as car bomb hits Damascus

20 dead in Damascus car bomb

Dozens dead in spate of bomb attacks across Iraq

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new: Canada to provide $ 98.4 million in aid to Jordan

"Canada will give Jordan an additional $98.4 million in aid to help the Arab country cope with the costly fallout from the worsening crisis in neighboring Syria. A statement from Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird released on Monday, after his visit to Jordan, says that "compassion..."

World leaders arrive for G-8 summit in N. Ireland

voice of america

Obama to Speak With Putin on Syria at G8 Summit

"U.S. President Barack Obama departed late Sunday for Northern Ireland, to attend a G8 summit likely to be dominated by the U.S. decision to arm Syrian rebels. The summit on Monday and Tuesday at an Irish resort will bring together leaders of the world's top economies. Mr. Obama plans to meet..."

Obama to Speak With Putin on Syria at G8 Summit

Putin Questions Why West Would Arm Syrian Rebels

Putin Questions Why West Would Arm Syrian Rebels

Obama to Speak With Putin on Syria at G8 Summit

UNESCO Fears for Historic Sites in Syria, Mali


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new: Canada to provide $ 98.4 million in aid to Jordan

new: Bomb in Syrian capital kills 10 soldiers

Bomb in Syrian capital kills 10 soldiers

new: Bomb in Syrian capital kills or wounds 20 troops

Killing of 4 Shiites in Lebanon deepens tension

Egypt seen to give nod toward jihadis on Syria

"CAIRO (AP) — Under Hosni Mubarak's rule, Egypt's authorities took a tough line on Egyptians coming home after waging "jihad" in places like Afghanistan, Chechnya or the Balkans, fearing they would bring back extremist ideology, combat experience and a thirst for regime..."

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new: Bomb in Syrian Capital Kills 10 Soldiers - ABC News

"ABC NewsBomb in Syrian Capital Kills 10 SoldiersABC NewsA car bomb targeting a checkpoint near a military airport in an upscale neighborhood of the Syrian capital has killed 10 soldiers and wounded 10 others, activists said Monday. The attack, which took place late Sunday in the Mazzeh district..."

new: Obama arrives in Northern Ireland for G8 with Syria crisis looming large - CBS News

new: US engaging in Syria without a concrete plan, lawmakers fear - CBS News

new: Lawmakers press Obama to implement no-fly zone over Syria - Fox News

new: Iran reportedly preparing to send 4000 troops into Syria - Fox News

Bill Schools Barry on Syria - New York Times

Morsi's new tough tone on Syria raises concerns of a nod to jihadi fighters - CTV News

Putin, Cameron hopeful Syrian factions will negotiate -

syria deeply

What the Gezi Park Protesters Think of Erdogan’s Syria Policy

"As anti-government protests in Istanbul’s Gezi Park continued into their third weekend, a Syrian Turk, a riot policeman, a Kurd and others in the disputed strip shared their views on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Syria policy and how it’s shaped their views of the Turkish..."

What’s the State of Syria’s Opposition?

The Conversation: My Harrowing Escape from Qusayr, Part I

Reactions: Experts Weigh in on the U.S. Move to Arm the Rebels


جديد: مصر: 37 جريحا بمصادمات بين "الإخوان" و"تمرد" بالفيوم - سي ان ان العربية

"سي ان ان العربيةمصر: 37 جريحا بمصادمات بين "الإخوان" و"تمرد" بالفيومسي ان ان العربيةالأكثر تصفحاً. تويتر: "تصييف" العريفي بلندن بعد دعواته للجهاد بسوريا · صحف العالم: بريطانيا "تُفعل" وحدات خاصة استعدادا لسوريا · مصر: 37 جريحا بمصادمات بين "الإخوان" و"تمرد" بالفيوم · تحليل: إيران بعد أحمدي..."

جديد: المرصد السورى: 10قتلى من قوات النظام فى تفجير سيارة قرب مطار المزة - اليوم السابع

اختبار قوة بين اوباما وبوتين حول سوريا في قمة مجموعة الثماني - AFP

صبحي حديدي

نصر الله والأسد: الحجر والخابية

" في خطابه الأخير اقتبس الأمين العام لـ"حزب الله"، حسن نصر الله، المثل الشعبي الشهير: "حجر يسند خابية"؛ وكان سياق كلامه يفيد بأنّ الحزب (وهو الحجر هنا، الذي اجتاح بلدة القصير السورية) قدّم مساعدة لجيش النظام السوري (الخابية، التي عجزت عن دخول القصير طيلة حصار استغرق شهوراً)؛ لأنّ ذلك الجيش "يقاتل على مختلف الأراضي السورية"، مواجهاً..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: إدريس: لم أسمع رسمياً عن المساعدات العسكرية، ماكين: كل ما وصل الثوار هو وجبات طعام!

"قال اللواء سليم إدريس، رئيس أركان الجيش السوري الحر، إنه رغم إعلان الإدارة الأمريكية أنها ستقدم "مساعدة عسكرية" للثوار، فإن واشنطن لم تتواصل مع هؤلاء حول تلك المساعدة حتى اليوم.ونقل "ديلي بيست" عن إدريس قوله: ما زلنا ننتظر الدعم العسكري من الولايات المتحدة، التي لم تعلمنا بأي شيء عن هذا الدعم.. لم نسمع مباشرة ورسمياً أي معلومات..."

جديد: المرصد: مقتل 10 عناصر من قوات النظام في تفجير مطار المزة

جديد: سعيفان لـاقتصاد: إعادة الإعمار تحتاج لأكثر من 100 مليار دولار ..ويجب تجنّب الديون لأنها مصيدة

جديد: 6000 سورية تعرضن للعنف الجنسي على ذمة الأمم المتحدة

جديد: تسليح المعارضة السورية .. هل يكفي لإسقاط نظام الأسد