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May 13, 2013



David Cameron arrives in US buoyed by Russian signals on Syria

David Cameron arrives in US buoyed by Russian signals on Syria

"British prime minister will tell Barack Obama he believes Vladimir Putin is now more open to putting pressure on Assad regimeDavid Cameron will tell Barack Obama in the White House on Monday that he believes Vladimir Putin may be prepared to adopt a more flexible approach on Syria.The prime..."

Turkey blames Syria over Reyhanli bombings


new: Embarrassment for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu after it is revealed he asked for bedroom to be specially fitted on plane he used to travel to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral

"Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, is facing embarrassment after it was revealed that he asked for a bedroom to be specially fitted to the plane he used to travel to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral last month.Related StoriesWe need to review security for Jews in the West Bank, says..."

new: Saudi Arabia to punish men for converting woman to Christianity

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Turkey says bombing suspects tied to Syria

"BEIRUT — Turkey said on Sunday that it would step up its efforts to persuade the international community to do more to end the war in Syria, after investigators said they had found evidence that the regime in Damascus was behind the car bombing in a Turkish border town that killed 46 people...."

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new: Obama, Cameron Set for White House Talks

"U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are expected to focus on the situation in Syria as they meet Monday in Washington. Mr. Cameron's visit follows talks Friday with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss a political transition to end the war in Syria. The..."

British PM Heads to White House for Talks on Syria


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new: Our Syria Myopia - Daily Beast

"Daily BeastOur Syria MyopiaDaily BeastI'm not saying Syria doesn't matter. In Afghanistan and Iraq, civil strife could claim tens of thousands of lives a year; that's happening in Syria right now. Syria has also become the battlefield in a regional struggle between Shias and Sunnis,..."

new: Turkey and Syria: From friends to foes - RT

Savage Online Videos Fuel Syria's Descent Into Madness - TIME

David Cameron arrives in US buoyed by Russian signals on Syria - The Guardian

Pink line over Damascus - Chicago Tribune

Odds stacked against fragile peace in Syria - RT

Turkey blames 'inaction' on Syria for attacks -

زمان الوصل

جديد: داود أوغلو: حان الوقت للتحرك ضد نظام بشار

"قال وزير الخارجية التركي أحمد داود أوغلو إن الوقت قد حان ليقوم المجتمع الدولي بتحرك ضد نظام بشار الأسد، في ظل تزايد المخاطر الأمنية التي تتعرض لها تركيا وغيرها من جيران سوريا.تصريح داود أوغلو جاء خلال مؤتمر صحفي في العاصمة الألمانية برلين بعد يوم من تفجير سيارتين ملغومتين في بلدة الريحانية التركية على الحدود مع سوريا.وأسفرت..."

جديد: واشنطن بدأت في تحوير خطها الأحمر.. لابد من استخدام واسع النطاق للكيماوي

جديد: أغنية كرتونية عام 2009 تصور الطائرات الأمريكية تقصف ثوار سوريا..!

جديد: مسؤولة أممية: 40 ألف ضحية من النساء السوريات، و7 آلاف معتلقة

جديد: مرسي يصرح: لانفضل طرفاً على آخر في النزاع السوري!