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April 30, 2013



new: Italian journalist missing in Syria

"An experienced Italian war reporter, Domenico Quirico, has been missing in Syria for 20 days, according to his newspaper, La Stampa.Quirico, 62, entered Syria from Lebanon on 6 April. After sporadic phone contact in the following three days, nothing has been heard from him since.La Stampa's..."

The Syrian Electronic Army: Bashar al-Assad's shadow warriors

The Syrian Electronic Army: Bashar al-Assad's shadow warriors

Pro-Assad Syrian hackers launching cyber-attacks on western media

UK cuddles up to Gulf states - hidden dangers ahead


new: Major blast strikes centre of Damascus, then gunfire erupts

"A powerful explosion has hit the heart of Damascus a day after Syria's prime minister narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in a heavily protected area of the city.Related StoriesCameron under pressure to tackle torture claims after three British men are jailed in Dubai on drugs offencesBrother..."

Fresh doubts over Briton Lee Bradley Brown’s death in Dubai

At least 23 die in car bombs across Iraq as violence rages in wake of civil war

Robert Fisk: Assad sends his feared militia squads to the battlefront

washington post

U.N. chief urges Syria to allow inspections by chemical weapons experts

"UNITED NATIONS — U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon renewed an appeal Monday to Syria to allow U.N. chemical weapons experts into the country, saying that on-site inspections are essential to “establish the facts and clear up all the doubts” surrounding the reported use of the banned..."


Slatest PM: ESPN Analyst Uses Jason Collins' Announcement to Call Homosexuality a Sin

"***Sign up here to receive The Slatest PM in your inbox daily.*** The NBA's First Gay Player: Jason Collins, who’s coming off his 12th season in the NBA, today became the first openly gay athlete in one of North America's four major men's professional sports leagues. Collins..."

foreign policy

A Friend in Need - By Joseph P. Hoar

Morning Brief: Italy swears in unity government, 2 police shot outside PM's office

"Italy swears in unity government, 2 police shot outside PM's office Top news: Two months of political gridlock in Italy came to an end Sunday with the swearing in of a grand coalition government headed by Prime Minister Enrico Letta, a member of the center-left Democratic Party. Letta's..."

voice of america

new: Explosion Hits Syrian Capital

"Syrian activists and state media say an explosion has hit the central section of the country's capital. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a bomb Tuesday in the Marjeh district of Damascus killed least five people. Witnesses also reported gunfire in the area after..."


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new: • US investigation into Syria's chemical weapons continues - The Guardian

"• US investigation into Syria's chemical weapons continuesThe GuardianMeanwhile, the Turkish daily Hürriyet, reports that a Turkish hospital near the border with Syria has checked nine Syrians for the effects of chemical weapons after reports of an attack. None of the patients..."

new: Running the gauntlet: delivering food in Syria - Yahoo! News

new: 'US mulls way to hit Syria chemical weapons sites' - Jerusalem Post

Two missiles have been fired at a Russian passenger plane flying over Syria ... - Sky News

On Syria, U.S. Must Weigh Risks of Involvement, National Interest, Moral Values - PBS

In Syria, US inaction is better than intervention - Washington Post

Veteran Italian war correspondent missing in Syria - BBC News

Solutions for Syria's Refugees - New York Times

syria comment

Oil Wars—Nusra’s Expanding Reach—Syrian Taliban

"By Matthew Barber and the Syria Video team This long post contains the following sections: The Defectors Defect Will EU Oil Purchases Finance al-Qaida? Al-Musareb: Al-Nusra Punishes a Village Regime-Style Syrian Taliban The Opposition’s Ambivalent Response to al-Nusra’s Affiliation..."


جديد: انفجار في منطقة المرجة وسط دمشق وسقوط ضحايا - دار الحياة

"دار الحياةانفجار في منطقة المرجة وسط دمشق وسقوط ضحايادار الحياةقتل خمسة اشخاص على الاقل في تفجير سيارة مفخخة في منطقة المرجة وسط دمشق، وفق ما افاد المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان. وقال المرصد "استشهد خمسة مواطنين على الاقل في حصيلة اولية لانفجار سيارة مفخخة قرب الباب الخلفي لمبنى وزارة الداخلية القديم في منطقة المرجة"، مرشحاً..."

صبحي حديدي

من الحبّ ما استتر!

" خلال حواره الأخير مع قناة 'الإخبارية' التابعة لنظامه، قال بشار الأسد، في اشتراط ما يسمّيه 'الحوار الوطني': 'يمكن أن نتحاور مع أي جهة. نحاور من يغار على سورية. ومن لم يتعامل مع إسرائيل سرّاً أو علناً. وكل من لم يغازل إسرائيل'. وللمرء أن يدع جانباً حكاية 'الغيرة' على سورية، لأنّ قاذفات الأسد وصواريخ الـ'سكود' والبراميل المتفجرة..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: آخر إنجازات بشار.. سوريون يلجؤون إلى غزة عبر الأنفاق

"أجبرت الحرب القذرة التي يشنها بشار السد ضد الشعب في سوريا، أكثر من 200 عائلة فلسطينية وسورية على اللجوء إلى قطاع غزة، في رحلة شاقة استخدم معظمهم فيها الأنفاق!ووصلت معظم هذه العائلات الى القطاع المحاصر منذ سنوات عديدة، عبر الأنفاق المنتشرة على طول الحدود مع مصر في رحلة محفوفة بالمخاطر، كما نقلت "أ ف ب".وتقول بسمة أحمد السورية إنها..."

جديد: ويكليكس.. سليماني من دمشق: أقسم بقبر الخميني لم أطلق رصاصة واحدة ضد أمريكا!

جديد: الأزمة السورية تدفع إسرائيل لإلغاء تقليص الخدمة العسكرية

جديد: خامنئي: نظام بشار ليس شيعيا ومعارضوه ضد الإسلام وليسوا سنّة

جديد: سـوريا كلها تحتاج مساعدة نفسية