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March 21, 2013



Letters: Obama must not fail in Israel and Palestine

"The Middle East, racked with dangerous and escalating crises, is desperately in need of international leadership. President Obama's visit to Israel and Palestine (Report, 20 March) presents an opportunity for the US to give the determined lead that is required. If Obama is to succeed, he needs..."

Obama's visit to Israel will do nothing to restore Arab faith

Obama's visit to Israel will do nothing to restore Arab faith

washington post

U.S. ambassador: ‘No evidence’ of chemical weapons use in Syria

"BEIRUT — The U.S. ambassador to Syria told Congress Wednesday that there is no evidence yet that either the Syrian government or opposition forces used chemical weapons in attacks this week. “We are looking very carefully at the reports,” Ambassador Robert Ford told the House Foreign..."

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A Government in Search of a Country - By Justin Vela

Morning Brief: Obama arrives in Israel for two-day trip

"Obama arrives in Israel for two-day trip Top news: President Barack Obama arrived in Israel today for his first visit to the country and the first overseas trip of his second term. But after four years of strained relations between Obama and his counterpart, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,..."


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yahoo news

Obama skeptical of Assad claim on chemical weapons

AP INTERVIEW: Jordan's king warns of Syrian unrest

AP INTERVIEW: Jordan's king warns of Syrian unrest

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: 'Red lines' and entourages

"JERUSALEM (AP) — Red lines. When it comes to the Middle East, President Barack Obama is encountering them everywhere. They are painted on the ground as directional markers for visiting dignitaries, and they are in Obama's and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's foreign policy..."

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new: The case for restraint: Syria and the International Criminal Court -

"Aljazeera.comThe case for restraint: Syria and the International Criminal CourtAljazeera.comMarch 2013 will be notable in the history of the Syrian conflict for several reasons, two of which include the second anniversary of that conflict and the number of refugees surpassing the one million..."

Analysis: Iran, Syria to top agenda of Obama visit - Jerusalem Post

OGrice March 21, 2013 05:22 [OGrice], pls keep in mind that its 4 o clock in ... - Huffington Post

Obama Says US Is Looking at Chemical Arms Claims in Syria - New York Times

Experts doubt Syria has used chemical weapons - USA TODAY

US officials unsure whether chemical weapons used in Syria - Reuters

Calls for US military action in Syria subside, for now - CBS News

US military considers its options in Syria - CNN (blog)

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Lebanese Tension, Egyptian Chaos, Iraqi Memories… and all the news from Syria

"Posted by Matthew Barber   Recent Highlights Landis on Al-Jazeera “Damascus could very well look like Aleppo in a year’s time.” — J. Landis “I think when you discuss the Syrian crisis now … in terms of violence, there is a balanced playing field. The violence..."

“The Free Syrian Army Does Exist” by Koert Debeuf & Response by Aron Lund

Who is Ghassn Hitto? Why Was He backed to be Prime Minister of an Interim Gov by Mustafa Sabbagh?

“Syria’s Salafi Insurgents: The Rise of the Syrian Islamic Front” by Aron Lund

فرانس 24

جديد: نائبة رئيس الائتلاف السوري تعلن عودتها عن تجميد عضويتها

نائبة رئيس الائتلاف السوري تعلن عودتها عن تجميد عضويتها

"بيروت (ا ف ب) - اعلنت سهير الاتاسي نائبة رئيس الائتلاف الوطني لقوى الثورة والمعارضة السورية احمد معاذ الخطيب، عودتها عن تجميد عضويتها، بحسب ما اوردت فجر الخميس على صفحتها الخاصة على موقع "فيسبوك".وكانت الاتاسي واحدة من 12 عضوا بارزا اعلنوا الثلاثاء تعليق عضويتهم في الائتلاف، وذلك لاسباب مختلفة منها الاعتراض على انتخاب غسان هيتو..."

جديد: الاسد يعتبر النزاع في سوريا "معركة ارادة وصمود"

جديد: اسلاميون يهاجمون رغدة بعد القائها شعرا مؤيدا للنظام السوري

زمان الوصل

جديد: توجه كلمة للسوريين... الزميلة لمى شماس رئيس حكومة ظل زمان الوصل

"سمّت "زمان الوصل" الزميلة لمى شماس، رئيساً لحكومة الظل، المؤسسة بهدف متابعة عمل "الحكومة المؤقتة"، وتوجيه النصح والانتقاد لصيرورة عمل وزرائها ورئيسها..على أن يتم تعيين، وزراء الظل بالتزامن مع تعيين وزراء الحكومة المؤقتة.والجدير بالذكر أن الزميلة لمى شماس، من مواليد دمشق 1983، خريجة كلية الإعلام - جامعة دمشق، وهي متزوجة وتعمل..."

جديد: نقيب منشق عن الحرب الكيماوية يفنّد ادعاءات وزير إعلام النظام

جديد: اللبواني لـزمان الوصل: انتخاب هيتو تشبيح على الشعب السوري

جديد: المركز العربيّ يستطلع الرأي العربيّ نحو الأزمة السوريّة: 77% مع تنحي الأسد و 13% يعارضون

جديد: طلاب سوريون هجروا جامعاتهم ينشدون اللجوء الدراسي