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March 7, 2013



new: Talks under way to free 21 UN peacekeepers held in Syria – live coverage

Steve Bell on the plan to arm Syria's rebels – cartoon

Steve Bell on the plan to arm Syria's rebels – cartoon

UN peacekeepers detained by Syrian fighters

"Video circulated by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims to show Syrian rebels detaining peacekeepers in Deraa cityAbout 20 peacekeepers in the force charged with monitoring the ceasefire between Israel and Syrian troops on the Golan Heights have been detained by approximately 30 armed..."

One million Syrian refugees. Two obstacles to addressing the problem | David Bull

Number of Syrian refugees reaches one million – video


Both sides have intentionally targeted hospitals over two years of Syrian civil war, claims aid agency

"Both sides in Syria's civil war have intentionally targeted medical facilities over the past two years, causing the country's health care system to "collapse", a leading aid agency has warned.Related StoriesThe Sunni rise again: Uprising in Syria emboldens Iraq's minority communitySyrian refugee..."

UN peacekeepers captured by Syrian rebels in Golan Heights

How the Shia are in power in Iraq – but not in control

Meet Bushra - the 19-year-old mother who became the millionth refugee to flee Syria

foreign policy

Morning Brief: Hugo Chavez has died, Venezuela in mourning

"Hugo Chavez has died, Venezuela in mourning Top news: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died Tuesday afternoon, succumbing to a long battle with cancer and bringing to a close a tumultuous political career that reshaped Latin American politics. Speaking through tears, Chavez's hand-picked..."

Morning Brief: Kenyans head to the polls in key election

voice of america

new: Philippines Condemns Seizing of Peacekeepers by Syrian Rebels

"The Philippines is strongly condemning a group of Syrian rebels for seizing 21 U.N. peacekeepers in the Golan Heights disengagement area between Syria and Israel. The country's foreign ministry said in a statement Thursday that the detention of the Filipino peacekeepers is a gross violation..."

UN Demands Unconditional Release of Golan Peacekeepers


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yahoo news

UN: number of Syrian refugees reaches 1 million

UN: number of Syrian refugees reaches 1 million

Arab League offers opposition Syria's seat

A look at Syrian refugees in neighboring countries

"BEIRUT (AP) — The massive, chaotic influx of Syrians fleeing their country's civil war has stretched the resources of the neighboring countries taking them in and raised fears of sectarian fighting spreading across the region. As the U.N. refugee agency announces that the number of Syrians..."

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new: Talks under way to free 21 UN peacekeepers held in Syria – live coverage - The Guardian (blog)

"Medecins Sans FrontieresTalks under way to free 21 UN peacekeepers held in Syria – live coverageThe Guardian (blog)A spokeswoman for the Syrian National Coalition, the main umbrella grouping of the Syrian opposition, has been in touch to say the SNC is in "direct contact" with Free..."

21 UN peacekeepers seized in south Syria - Los Angeles Times

UN peacekeepers on Israel-Syria border detained -

Rebels detain UN observers on Syria border -

1 million refugees have fled Syria, UN says -

Arab League offers Syria seat to opposition -

syria comment

Capture of Raqqa – Daraa Offensive – Schooling Crisis – Kerry Supportive

"Captured Baath Party Officials in Raqqa- Video This video of the heads of the Baath Party in Raqqa sitting next to the leader of the Islamic Front forces that conquered the city and governor’s house, or “palace” as it is called, is instructive. Both describe how the city was..."

Raqqa Falls – (4 March 2013) Assad’s Interview with Hala Jaber


جديد: المرصد السوري: طائرة حربية تقصف مدينة الرقة - الرياض

"الرياضالمرصد السوري: طائرة حربية تقصف مدينة الرقةالرياضأفاد المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان بأن مدينة الرقة شمال وسط سورية تعرضت للقصف من طائرة حربية صباح اليوم الخميس. وذكر المرصد في بيان له أن قصف مدينة الرقة يأتي بعد يوم من سيطرة مقاتلين من جبهة "النصرة" وعدة كتائب مقاتلة على فرع المخابرات العسكرية اخر معاقل القوات النظامية..."

الجامعة العربية تقرر تسليم مقعد سورية إلى «الائتلاف الوطني» - دار الحياة

زمان الوصل

جديد: جنبلاط مع جبهة النصرة والشهابي قال له بشار مجنون

"كرر وليد جنبلاط موقفه المناهض للنظام السوري قائلاً إنه مع "جبهة النصرة ضد الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد"الذي يواجه منذ قرابة عامين احتجاجات مطالبة بإسقاطه.ونقلت صحيفة "الأخبار" المقرّبة من النظامين السوري والإيراني، عن جنبلاط قوله:" للشعب السوري الحق بالتعامل مع الشيطان، باستثناء اسرائيل، لمواجهة النظام".وكانت هذه الجبهة غير معروفة..."

جديد: إلى ورود بين الأشواك

جديد: هكذا احتجز جنود الأسد صحافياً ألمانياً قبل أن يصل إلى موقع مذبحة التريمسة

جديد: البيان الختامي للملتقى الأول لليسار الماركسي في اوروبا

جديد: هل تكون الرقة عاصمة الائتلاف ومنصة انطلاقه نحو سورية حرة..؟