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February 26, 2013



Islamist arrested for politician's murder

Islamist arrested for politician's murder

"Salafist suspected of killing Tunisian opposition leader is one of three men local radio claim are being held by policeA hardline Islamist has been arrested in connection with the killing of a Tunisian opposition politician whose death earlier this month ignited protests across the country,..."

John Kerry should challenge the hawks on Syria | Jonathan Steele


Powers set to offer Iran sanctions relief at nuclear talks

"World powers are expected to offer Iran limited sanctions relief today if it agrees to halt its most sensitive nuclear work, in a new attempt to resolve a dispute that threatens to trigger another war in the Middle East.Related StoriesIsrael's Defence Ministry tests anti-missile systemTense..."

Gaza militants 'fire rocket into Israel'

Rebels reject Syrian regime’s offer of talks until Assad goes

Anti-protest: Bahrain bans import of plastic Guy Fawkes masks

spiegel online

Daily Life in Aleppo: The Struggle for Normality amid the Ruins of War

Daily Life in Aleppo: The Struggle for Normality amid the Ruins of War

"After almost two years of civil war, much of Syria is no longer under the control of autocrat Bashar Assad, including half of Aleppo. Despite air raids and rocket attacks, residents are doing what they can to establish a functioning civil society. A fledgling court deals with rent disputes..."

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Morning Brief: Afghanistan bans U.S. special forces from key province

"Afghanistan bans U.S. special forces from key province Top news: Amid allegations that Afghans employed by U.S. forces had killed and tortured villagers in the area, the government of President Hamid Karzai announced Sunday that it will ban U.S. special forces from operating in Wardak province,..."

voice of america

new: Kerry, Lavrov to Discuss Syria

"U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is set to meet in Berlin Tuesday with his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, for talks expected to focus on future prospects for war-torn Syria. Washington and Moscow are at odds over how to proceed after convincing the Syrian opposition..."


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new: Opposition U-Turn on Boycotting Friends of Syria Conference

"Beirut, Asharq Al-Awsat—Following the Syrian regime’s offer for peace talks without pre-conditions on Monday and an international pledge “to alleviate the suffering” of the Syrian people, the Syrian opposition has agreed to attend an international summit in Rome later this week. This..."

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new: Russia wants US to help foster dialogue in Syria - Reuters

"ABC NewsRussia wants US to help foster dialogue in SyriaReuters"In our contacts with other countries that can influence the parties in Syria, we have noticed a growing understanding of the need to influence both the government and, first of all, the opposition so that they do not come..."

new: Missiles kill 141 in Syria, half of them children: Human Rights Watch - CTV News

UN Staffer Missing on Israel-Syria Border - ABC News

Saudis Step Up Help for Rebels in Syria With Croatian Arms - New York Times

Kerry Vows Not to Leave Syria Rebels 'Dangling in the Wind' - New York Times

When doing nothing is a policy - Washington Post

Turkey, Qatar denounce Syria's war on own people - Reuters

زمان الوصل

جديد: زمان الوصل على الفيس بوك... معك 24 ساعة 7 أيام في الإسبوع...

"تابعوا "زمان الوصل" 24 ساعة على صفحتها الرسمية "الفيس بوك"، أخبار عاجلة وتقارير من عين الحدث.ipad - iphone"زمان الوصل" تطلق تطبيقها الإخباري لأجهزة "ipad" و"iphone"2013-02-19تطلق "زمان الوصل" تطبيقها الإخباري على أجهزة "ipad"، و"iphone"، لتكثف تواصلها مع السوريين والعرب عموماً من خلال أحدث التقنيات المعاصرة. لتحميل التطبيق اضغط هنا...      التفاصيل..."

جديد: ليس من باب الجكارة

جديد: روسيا: لم نزود سوريا بصواريخ اسكندر ولا صحة لصفقة المليار دولار

جديد: ضبط لاجئة مفخخة أثناء دخولها إلى الأردن

جديد: فايننشال تايمز: حتى لا تموت سوريا جزرة واحدة تكفي!