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February 21, 2013



new: UK to train Lebanese troops amid fears of Syria overspill

"Britain will help train 2,000 Lebanese soldiers this year amid heightened concern that Syria's neighbour will be sucked into the country's civil war, the Foreign Secretary has said.Related StoriesSaudi Arabian women take seats on advisory bodyBahrain's royal family infiltrated by hardliners..."

new: Peace in Syria looks a vain hope as 53 die in car bomb

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Bombings, clashes reported in Syrian capital

"BEIRUT — A car bomb that detonated at a checkpoint near Baath party headquarters in Damascus set off a huge explosion Thursday, killing dozens and and wounding more than 200, opposition groups said.  “Most of the casualties appear to be civilians,” said the director of the Britain-based..."

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Morning Brief: Report details aggressive hacking operations by Chinese army

"Report details aggressive hacking operations by Chinese army Top news: A series of bold, highly aggressive cyber attacks have been traced to a single unit in the Chinese army, headquartered in a drab office building outside of Shanghai, according to a new report that details a spate of..."


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Car Bombing Rocks Damascus as Spillover in Lebanon Worsens

"Beirut, Asharq Al-Awsat—Damascus was rocked on Thursday by a car bomb that exploded in the heart of the city, close to the headquarters of Syria’s ruling Baathist Party. Activists say that the blast killed over 30 people, while press reports indicate that it damaged several buildings in..."

Kerry to Visit Riyadh in March

Ahmadinejad—Azhar Row Escalates

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new: How Islamists are gaining ground in Syria - CNN

"How Islamists are gaining ground in SyriaCNNAlways dressed in a scarf and fingerless gloves woven with the colors of the Syrian rebel flag, Qobani worked with a team of pro-democracy activists in Syria's northern Idlib province. He would sing from the rooftops during boisterous anti-government..."

The death of a country - The Economist

Alleged car bomb blast hits Damascus, Syria, near Bashar Assad's Baath party ... - CBS News

Car bomb kills dozens in Syria - USA TODAY

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Debate Over Death and Suffering in Syria; Rebel Unity Efforts

"In 2010 the UN estimated that 32% of Syrians were living in poverty, estimated at 2$ a day or less – that was before the currency had fallen by half, the economy collapsed, strict economic sanctions were placed on Syria, and fighting engulfed the country. In all probability, a conservative..."


جديد: عشرات القتلى بتفجيرات دمشق وغارات للنظام - الجزيرة

"صحيفة الرأيعشرات القتلى بتفجيرات دمشق وغارات للنظامالجزيرةقالت وزارة الصحة السورية إن حصيلة التفجيرات الذي هزت دمشق الخميس بلغت 53 قتيلاً و235 جريحاً، فيما أفاد ناشطون بسقوط أكثر من 170 قتيلا، معظمهم في دمشق وريفها، ودرعا التي سقط فيها 18 قتيلا جراء قصف استهدف مستشفىً ميدانيا، كما شن الطيران الحربي التابع لـقوات النظام ثلاث غارات..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: عصبة البلدان السلافية هل تقي روسيا شر الهزيمة في سوريا ؟

"عصبة البلدان السلافية هل تقي روسيا شر الهزيمة في سوريا ؟عباس عواد موسى } ألأنظمة الطائفية متجذرة , بفعل الإستعمار الذي يعشق سفك الدماء , وتنوعت الشعوب في دمويتها . لكن الأنظمة الطائفية كحال الكاثوليكية الألمانية والأرثوذكسية الروسية والعلوية السورية هي الأكثر دموية على وجه الأرض . فمنذ ربع قرن والبلدان الأرثوذكسية تسعى لتشكيل..."

جديد: عم شهيدة الزعتري الطفلة لميس يروي لـزمان الوصل قصة احتراقها وأختيها

جديد: الكتائب السورية الثورية تصدر عددها الأول

جديد: رأس العين تتوحد ضد الأسد... الكردي الحر يرحب بالإتفاق مع الـPYD

جديد: هل يمكن بناء مؤسَّسة سياسيّة مختلفة؟