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January 25, 2013


new: How to predict a coup

How to predict a coup

"After successfully anticipating events in Mali and Guinea-Bissau last year, what does the scientific crystal ball have in store next?Which countries are most likely to see a coup this year? Political scientist Jay Ulfelder (if you are not already regularly reading his blog, go there now..."

John Kerry uses Senate hearing to warn Afghanistan over elections

Letters: We are doing all we can for Syrian students

Jordan elections marred by boycott and bias allegations


Government supporters dominate poll in Jordan

"Initial results in Jordan’s first parliamentary elections since the start of the Arab uprising indicated that pro-government candidates will dominate the newly empowered parliament. Related StoriesHow did Israel's sharpest politician lose his edge?Islamists boycott Jordan's general electionUN..."

UN warns Syrian civil warn is devastating farming as Jordan struggles to cope with refugees


Slatest PM: Senate Dems Unveil Assault-Weapon Ban

Slatest PM: Senate Dems Unveil Assault-Weapon Ban

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Fund Syria’s Moderates - By Robin Yassin-Kassab

Morning Brief: Netanyahu clings to power amid a disappointing Likud showing

"Netanyahu clings to power amid a disappointing Likud showing Top news: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likely suceeded in holding on to power in Israeli parliamentary elections but emerged from the polls significantly weakened after his right-wing coalition lost seats in the..."


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new: Violence flares on anniversary of Egypt uprising

"CAIRO, (Reuters) - Hundreds of youths clashed with Egyptian police in Tahrir Square on Friday in a violent start to the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak and led to the election of an Islamist president who is now the focus of protester rage. Opponents of President..."

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new: Referring Syria to the ICC is worth a try - Globe and Mail

"Referring Syria to the ICC is worth a tryGlobe and MailPrint; AA. Last week, in a desperate effort to derail Syria's murderous civil war, the Swiss government and 55 countries from every region of the world collectively called on the United Nations Security Council to refer the crisis to..."

Kerry says unity needed to agree Syria crisis deal -

No signs Syria's al-Assad will be overthrown, France says - Globe and Mail

Islamic countries support a peaceful solution for Syria - Pravda

Troops, rebels fight for road linking Damascus to Syria's largest airport - CTV News

Man arrested in connection with terror offences in Syria - BBC News

Israel's Barak: Syria serves as warning that countries can't always count on ... - Washington Post

How Syria's bloodshed drove a peaceful protester into the battlelines - CNN

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Syrian Agriculture Collapses; Al-Qaida Thrives; Refugee Numbers Spike

"Economy: Syria’s farming sector now in “tatters,” the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned Wednesday. Analysts said the growing privations could hurt the rebels as much as, or more than, the government of President Bashar al-Assad. … Jihad Yazigi, editor of the..."

Readers Letters; News Round Up (January 22, 2013


جديد: غارات جوية شرق دمشق وتفجير ضد المخابرات العسكرية ليلا جنوبها - AFP

"AFPغارات جوية شرق دمشق وتفجير ضد المخابرات العسكرية ليلا جنوبهاAFPبيروت (ا ف ب) - شن الطيران الحربي السوري صباح الجمعة غارات جوية على مناطق شرق دمشق، بعد ساعات من تفجير الى الجنوب منها ادى الى مقتل ثمانية عناصر من المخابرات العسكرية على الاقل، بحسب ما افاد المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان. وقال المرصد في رسالة الكترونية "نفذت طائرات..."

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جديد: النظام يشن حرب أراض وأملاك على المنشقين

"نقل النظام السوري جبهة قتاله مع المنشقين إلى مستوى جديد، معتمداً على قوانين يفصلها على مقاس مصالحه وأهوائه.فقد وضعت كل من وزارتي الزراعة والإسكان بالتعاون مع مؤسسات معنية في الحكومة السورية لائحة بكل أملاك من انشق عن النظام وانحاز للثورة السورية.صحيفة الديار اللبنانية المعروفة بتأيدها لنظام الحكم في سوريا، نقلت الخبر مؤكدة..."

جديد: موظف يسرق 1.2 مليار ليرة... المصارف الخاصة بين فكي كماشة النظام واللصوص

جديد: ومن الدعم ما قتل.. الريال الإيراني يحرق نفسه لأجل النظام..

جديد: نظام الاسدين ،،، مؤامرات ودسائس،،، وجماجم رفاق الدرب؟؟

جديد: مصعب الجرد من حلم الطب إلى الاستشهاد حرقا بنار الجوية