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January 23, 2013


new: Israel election: Netanyahu looks to form coalition – live updates

Russia starts bringing its nationals home from Syria

Russia starts bringing its nationals home from Syria

"Eighty cross into Lebanon bound for military planes in sign Moscow may doubt Assad regime's power to protect themRussia has begun a partial evacuation of its citizens from Syria, with 80 people crossing into Lebanon, where two military planes are waiting to fly them home. The move is being..."

Election test for Jordanian reform

Iran, the Palestinians, the US: issues the new Israeli government must tackle


Russians start to evacuate citizens caught in Syrian conflict

"Russia began evacuating its citizens from Syria today, taking 80 people, mainly women and children, across the border into Lebanon by bus.Related Stories'This time, it's different' - Jewish Home takes fight to Netanyahu'This time, it's different' - but Jewish Home fail to take as many seats..."

Assad's Lionesses: the female last line in the battle for Syria

voice of america

new: Russia: Syrian Opposition 'Obsession' Hinders Peace

"Russia is criticizing the Syrian opposition for its push to oust President Bashar al-Assad from power, saying the demand hinders efforts to halt the country's violence. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday called the opposition's desire to overthrow Assad an "obsession." He..."

Youth Program Tries to Ease Lebanese Syrian Tensions

US Senators Urge Stronger Response to Syria Crisis


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new: Jordanians vote for newly empowered parliament

"AMMAN, (AP) — Jordanians voted Wednesday for a parliament touted to be the most powerful in the kingdom's history, but with much of the opposition boycotting it is unclear how far the vote and its accompanying reforms will go to pacify a two-year long wave of protests. At least 125,000 Jordanians,..."

Jordan election touted as start of democratization

We want to give terrorism a “knockout” blow-French official

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new: The Lionesses of Syria: Assad recruits army of women as he starts to run out ... - Daily Mail

"Daily MailThe Lionesses of Syria: Assad recruits army of women as he starts to run out ...Daily MailSyrian President Bashar al-Assad has recruited an army of women to guard checkpoints and carry out security checks in an attempt to plug the holes left by defections and casualties in his dwindling..."

Relieved Russians return home after fleeing Syria violence - Reuters Canada

Evacuation of Russians from Syria reflects Moscow's doubts about Assad's grip ... - Washington Post

Diplomatic options fade in Syria, as refugees pile up - CBS News

US Senators Urge Stronger Response to Syria Crisis - Voice of America

Yes, Syria Used Chemical Weapons - Daily Beast

Russia starts bringing its nationals home from Syria - The Guardian

Russians evacuated from Syria highlight Moscow's doubts about Assad - CTV News

syria comment

Readers Letters; News Round Up (January 22, 2013

"I begin with letters from three Syria Comment readers: Reader 1 Dr. Landis, I have resisted writing to you for a long time. Proud to say that I was born in Aleppo. First thing I do every morning when I wake up is check on the situation of my family in Aleppo. And for the first time today, I..."

صبحي حديدي

"جيش الدفاع الوطني": عودة الشيخ إلى صباه!

" في عام 2003، وضمن "سلّة الإصلاحات" التي وُعد بها الشعب السوري بعد توريث بشار الأسد، ألغى النظام مادة "التربية العسكرية"، أو دروس "الفتوّة" في التعبير الأكثر شيوعاً، والتي كانت مفروضة على طلاب المدارس في المرحلة الثانوية. كذلك، بموجب القرار إياه، تمّ إلغاء اللباس الموحد ذي اللون العسكري التاريخي (الكاكي، أو "الخاكي" كما نقول..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: زهير يالم بين الدس والحرتقة السياسية

"زهير سالم دس أم حرتقة سياسية ؟الإتعاظ من التاريخ يفهمه الحكماء.ليس مستغربا أن تدخل الثورة السورية هذا المنعطف الحاد ، وليس مستغربا أيضا أن تلوح بوادر ثورة مضادة بالأفق ، والأكثر مأساوية هو هذا الأيغال بنهج لن ينتج عنه سوى تذرير لقوى المجتمع السوري ، وزيادة الدماء والدمار ، والأخطر هو تفتيت بنية المجتمع ووحدته الوطنية.عامان..."

جديد: السفارة الروسية في مرمى النار و طائرتان لإجلاء روس سوريا من مطار بيروت

جديد: شرح علاقته بالإخوان... برهان غليون لــزمان الوصل: أمريكا تراجعت عن دعم الثورة والنظام دس شخصيات في المجلس الوطني

جديد: الحر يحرر سرايا قتالية غرب درعا... والطيران الإسرائيلي يراقب الاشتباكات

جديد: بيت مخلوف بقعة ضوء محاصر بظلام العاصمة