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January 8, 2013


new: Apple rejects Endgame: Syria iOS game

Apple rejects Endgame: Syria iOS game

"British developer disappointed that its game exploring the civil war will need changes to get onto the App StoreBritish developer Auroch Digital says its Endgame: Syria game has been rejected by Apple due to its political content.The game, which is available already on Android and as an HTML5..."

Pope asks world to stop Syria becoming 'field of ruins'


Court upholds jail terms for activists in Bahrain

"The highest court in Bahrain has upheld the jail sentences of 20 opposition leaders accused of conspiracy to overthrow the government during pro-democracy demonstrations which began in February 2011.Related StoriesProbe into death of Iranian blogger urgedSyrian President Bashar Assad outlines..."

washington post

U.S. troops arrive in Turkey to help protect border with Syria, prompting some skepticism

"ANTAKYA, Turkey — As U.S. troops arrive in Turkey and prepare to man Patriot antimissile batteries along the Syrian border, some of the people who will be under such protection say that the extra line of defense is not needed and that the presence of foreign forces could pull their country..."

foreign policy

No Surrender - By Emile Hokayem

Morning Brief: Brennan and Hagel to round out Obama national security team

"Brennan and Hagel to round out Obama national security team Top News: President Obama is expected to announce Monday that he will nominate Chuck Hagel, the former Republican senator from Nebraska, as secretary of defense and that he will tap his chief counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan,..."


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new: Troops shell Damascus outskirts, clashes in north: NGO

"Damascus, (AFP) - Syrian troops bombarded rebel bastions on the outskirts of Damascus before dawn on Tuesday while fighting had erupted for control of the northwestern town of Mastuma, a watchdog said. Troops shelled the towns of Maliha and Beit Saham to the southeast of the capital near the..."

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new: Apple rejects Endgame: Syria iOS game - The Guardian (blog)

"The Guardian (blog)Apple rejects Endgame: Syria iOS gameThe Guardian (blog)The game, which is available already on Android and as an HTML5 browser game, is based on the current civil war in Syria, released as part of Auroch's GameTheNews project, which involves creating topical games based..."

Fighting in Syria as world slams Assad speech - Ottawa Citizen

Nato deploying Patriot missiles to Turkey-Syria border - BBC News

Fighting in Syria as world slams Assad speech; Netherlands ships Patriots to ... - Washington Post

On My Mind: Syria's body count - Jerusalem Post

To deter extremists in Syria, Obama must heed lessons of Kosovo intervention - Christian Science Monitor

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Assad Speech – December 6, 2012

"President Bashar al-Assad’s speech in Arabic – Sunday January 6, 2013 Many people are saying that Bashar is in a bubble. By this they are insisting that his victory speech is bluster or based on bad intelligence and fawning officers who give him only good news. Certainly, he is..."

News Round Up (Jan 5, 2013)

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Social Media Buzz: The Fallout of Assad’s Speech

"Millions of Syrians are using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype to disseminate and discuss the conflict. Each week our Mohammed Sergie monitors the online conversation in English and Arabic, pulling out the highlights in a feature called the Social Media Buzz...."

Yesterday, I Defected from Assad’s Army

فرانس 24

جديد: اعدام سوري في السعودية ادين بتهريب حبوب مخدرة

اعدام سوري في السعودية ادين بتهريب حبوب مخدرة

"الرياض (ا ف ب) - اعلنت وزارة الداخلية السعودية اعدام سوري في شمال المملكة الثلاثاء اثر ادانته بتهريب كممية كبيرة من الحبوب المخدرة، وفق ما افادت وكالة الانباء السعودية الرسمية.وعملية الاعدام هي الاولى العام الحالي.وذكرت وكالة الانباء نقلا عن بيان لوزارة الداخلية ان "محمد خير حسين درويش، سوري الجنسية، اعتقل عند قيامه بتهريب..."

صبحي حديدي

ما حكاية الأسد مع الربيع.. والصابون؟

" "فقاعات صابون"، هكذا اختار بشار الأسد، في خطابه الذي بُثّ يوم أمس، وصف فصل الربيع؛ قبل أن يسحب الرياضة التصويرية إلى منطقة أوضح، غير مألوفة والحقّ يُقال: "كلّ ما سمعتموه من مصطلحات ذات منشأ ربيعي فهي فقاعات صابون، كما هو الربيع عبارة عن فقاعة صابون سوف تختفي". ولا يُجادَل الأسد، مثل الكثيرين، في الطعن بخلفيات مصطلح "الربيع..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: ويسألونك لماذا انتفض السوريون ؟!... عدنان عبدالرزاق

"سمع الرئيس بشار الأسد عن افتتاح فرع "بينتون"في دمشق، فطلب إلى مكتبه التنسيق ليزور وأسرته الكريمة فرع شركة الألبسة العالمية، وفعلاً تم الأمر وجال سيادته والأسرة الكريمة واشتروا احتياجاتهم من الألبسة، وقبل المغادرة طلب الرئيس إلى الوكيل بدمشق- أحمد سمحا-إن يلزمه شيئاً.وجد سمحا الفرصة سانحة فشكا من البيروقراطية والابتزاز وإعاقته..."

جديد: غرقوا في الوحل والذل... لاجئو الزعتري يعيشون تايتنك الأردن

جديد: نحو قرار داخلي حر... وليد الفارس

جديد: لعبة دولية تفوح رائحتها من خطاب الأسد والحل بـوحدة الثوار

جديد: كتائب حر تبيع النحاس كغنائم حرب بعد سرقتها من معامل كابلات حلب