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January 4, 2013


Explosion at Syrian petrol station kills or wounds dozens

"Car bomb detonated in petrol station packed with people queueing for fuel, claim activistsAt least nine people were feared dead after a car bomb exploded on Thursday at a petrol station in the capital Damascus, Syrian opposition activists said. The death toll is likely to rise because many..."


Car bomb in Iraq kills at least 20 Shiite pilgrims

"A car bomb explosion tore through a crowd of Shiite pilgrims returning home from a religious commemoration, in Iraq killing at least 20, officials say.Related StoriesSyrian civil war deaths top 60,000, says UNNaftali Bennett: The Zionist pin-up blazing a trail ahead of Israeli pollFamily of..."

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Iraq: Still bloody

"ON THE last day of 2012, a year after the last American troops left Iraq, ending nearly nine years of military occupation, at least 36 Iraqis perished in a wave of bombings and shootings across the country that targeted policemen, government officials and ordinary people of varied sects. According..."


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new: Eleven dead in Damascus gas station blast

"AZAZ, (Reuters) - At least 11 people were killed and 40 wounded when a car bomb exploded at a crowded petrol station in the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday, opposition activists said. The station was packed with people queuing for fuel that has become increasingly scarce during the country's..."

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Diplomats push for new Syria talks -

"Press TVDiplomats push for new Syria talksBreakingNews.ieThe president of the United Nations Security Council said important developments were under way in efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the 21-month war in Syria and there could be another US-Russia meeting with international envoy..."

Australia warns citizens against fighting in Syria - Press TV

US troops arrive in Turkey; rebels battle for airport in Syria - CNN

Parents of US journalist missing in Syria appeal to captors for compassion - Vancouver Sun

UN's Syria death toll jumps dramatically to 60000-plus - CNN

Foreign port operator quits Syria due to 'increasing threats' of violence - Globe and Mail

Thrill seeking Japanese truck driver takes up war tourism, photographing Syria ... - New York Daily News

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Assad Regime May Well Survive to 2014

"Last year at this time, I argued that Assad would last until 2013 – Why the Assad Regime Will Likely Survive to 2013 – despite the many predictions that he was on the verge of falling in 2012. This year, I make a similar prediction that Assad will last until 2014. The reasons I..."

“Syria’s chaos isn’t America’s fault,” by Miller; “Abu Ali’s wake-up call,” by Abdul-Ahad

“Grant Kurds an Autonomous State in Southeast Turkey,” Opinion by Evin Cheikosman

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An Alawite Outcast: How One Girl Lost Her Mother

"Loubna Mrie paid a steep price for her place in Syria’s revolution. As an Alawite who took a stand against President Bashar al Assad, she pitted herself against her community; many Alawites have remained staunchly behind Assad, as the leader of their sect and the protector of their privileged..."

Q&A with Michel Kilo: Some Hope for a Solution

A New Year of Syria’s Turmoil

Cats, Guns and Spoils of War in Rural Idlib


جديد: جنود امريكيون يصلون تركيا لتشغيل بطاريات صواريخ باتريوت - صحيفة الوسط البحرينية

"صحيفة الوسط البحرينيةجنود امريكيون يصلون تركيا لتشغيل بطاريات صواريخ باتريوتصحيفة الوسط البحرينيةوصل جنود امريكيون إلى إقليم جازيانتب في تركيا في ساعة متاخرة من مساء امس الخميس لبدء تشغيل صواريخ باتريوت جو ارض على الحدود التركية مع سوريا. وطلبت تركيا من حلف شمال الاطلسي تزويدها بنظام باتريوت المصمم لاعتراض الطائرات او الصواريخ..."

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جديد: إسرائيل والنظام السوري: البكاء على أطلال أحقاب ذهبية

"خلال أقلّ من أسبوع ـ بين يوم الأحد، موعد الاجتماع الأسبوعي لحكومته؛ ويوم الخميس، حين رعى حفل تخريج دفعة جديدة من الضباط الطيارين ـ حرص رئيس الوزراء الإسرائيلي، بنيامين نتنياهو، على إطلاق سلسلة تصريحات حول النظام السوري، والتحضيرات الإسرائيلية لأطوار ما بعد سقوط بشار الأسد، التبعات المتصلة بهذا التطوّر الدراماتيكي. وخلال..."

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جديد: حكي نسوان ولعب مخابرات يخطان حكاية السوريات في مخيمات اللجوء

"أعرب عدد من السوريين المقيمين في المخيمات الأردنية وخارجها عن رفضهم واستنكارهم لتواصل الحديث الإعلامي عما سمي زواج سوريات قاصرات من عرب خليجين أو ليبيين، مستهجنين تداول الحديث واستمراره في غير أوانه، وبعيداً عن إثباتاته المطلوبة سيما وأن عدداً من الناشطين السوريين في الداخل والخارج أطلقوا حملة لمقاومة فعل تزويج الفتيات..."

جديد: عام الحزن

جديد: ماذا قدمتم لحمص بلد الخمسمئة صحابي