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December 14, 2012


new: The Syrian conflict: a war photographer's story

The Syrian conflict: a war photographer's story

"Associated Press photographer Narciso Contreras describes the harrowing situation on the ground in Aleppo and tells the story behind some of his powerful imagesI have been covering the situation in Aleppo since August. When I first arrived here, I was taken to the Hullok and Hananu districts..."

Assad losing Syria war, Russia admits for first time


Hamas rally stirs hope among Palestinians for unity

"The green banners of Hamas were openly raised at Nablus on the West Bank as thousands gathered for the militant Islamist group's first permitted rally in the West Bank in five years, a sign of a thaw in a bitter split with Fatah, the faction that dominates the Palestinian Authority.Related..."

West Bank street clashes after teenager is shot dead

Assad's sense of security shaken as Russia admits he could yet be ousted

washington post

new: U.S. troops will man Patriot batteries along Turkey’s border with Syria

"INCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey — The United States authorized on Friday the deployment of 400 troops to man two Patriot missile-defense batteries along Turkey’s border with Syria, a move that could put American troops near the front lines of the Arab country’s escalating civil war. Read full..."

Russia: Syria’s Assad could be defeated by rebels

U.S., NATO: Syrian forces fired short-range ballistic missiles at rebels

voice of america

new: US to Send Patriot Missile Batteries to Turkey

"The U.S. is sending two Patriot missile batteries to Turkey as part of a broader effort to help the country defend itself against possible rocket strikes from Syria. News organizations, on Friday, said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had signed orders to send the missiles and 400 military..."

new: Russia Denies Change in Stance on Syria

US Recognition of Syrian Opposition Coalition Is Meant to Counter Extremists

Opposition Victory in Syria Possible, Russia Says

16 Killed in Damascus Car Bombing


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new: U.S. defense chief orders Patriot missiles to Turkey

"INCIRLIK AIR BASE, (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed an order on Friday to send two Patriot missile batteries to Turkey with 400 American personnel to operate them, in a move by NATO members to bolster Turkey's defenses against the threat of Syrian missiles. The order was..."

new: U.S., rebels urge gloomy Moscow to help oust Assad

yahoo news

Russia positions itself for fall of Syrian regime

Russia positions itself for fall of Syrian regime

Russia says Assad losing control, rebels could win

NATO: Syrian regime "approaching collapse"

Blast near Damascus kills 16, state media say

"A bomb blast Thursday near a school in a Damascus suburb killed 16 people, at least half of them women and children, the state news agency reported. Russia, Syria's most important international ally, said for the first time that President Bashar Assad is increasingly losing control and..."

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new: In Syria, hunger spreads as war intensifies - Reuters

"USA TODAYIn Syria, hunger spreads as war intensifiesReutersBEIRUT (Reuters) - Desperation for food is growing in parts of Syria, where fist fights or dashes across the civil war front lines have become part of the daily struggle to secure a loaf of bread. Conditions are especially dire in the..."

US to Send 2 Missile Units to Turkey to Deter Syrians - New York Times

Four options Syria's Assad faces as rebels gain momentum - Globe and Mail

Russia acknowledges rebels might win in Syria, positioning itself for Assad's fall - Ottawa Citizen

Russian Envoy Says Syrian Leader Is Losing Control - New York Times

NATO chief says Syria is 'approaching collapse' - CTV News

syria comment

Recognition, Scuds, Ministry of Interior, Controversy over Jabhat al-Nusra

"I argue why Obama is right to proscribe Jabhat al-Nusra even though it hurts the rebels militarily. Elias Critiques my argument in an email, December 12, Mr. landis, I have to disagree with your theory that Syria will end in a Lebanese model. [Elias is referring to this interview] Syria is..."

Obama Recognizes National Coalition; Trudy Rubin – “Arm Rebels”

“Three Scenarios for Syria’s Future,” by Joshua Landis w. Lara Setrakian

فرانس 24

جديد: هولاند يريد دفع الاسد الى الرحيل "في اسرع وقت ممكن"

"باريس (ا ف ب) - صرح الرئيس الفرنسي فرنسوا هولاند اليوم الجمعة في بروكسل ان الاسرة الدولية يجب ان تحدد هدفا لها "دفع الاسد الى الرحيل في اسرع وقت ممكن".وقال الرئيس الفرنسي في مؤتمر صحافي قبل اليوم الثاني من القمة الاوروبية ان "الحرب تدور الآن في غير مصلحة الاسد".واضاف "علينا ان نحدد لانفسنا هذا الهدف: دفع الاسد الى الرحيل في اسرع وقت..."

روسيا تنأى بنفسها عن تصريحات بوغدانوف حول سوريا

روسيا تنأى بنفسها عن تصريحات بوغدانوف حول سوريا


جديد: Al Hayat-بانيتا يصل الى تركيا في زيارة مفاجئة - دار الحياة

"خبرAl Hayat-بانيتا يصل الى تركيا في زيارة مفاجئةدار الحياةوذكرت وسائل إعلام تركية أن بانيتا الذي كان يقوم بجولة شملت الكويت وأفغانستان، وصل إلى تركيا في زيارة مفاجئة بعد توقيعه اليوم على أمر لإرسال بطاريتيّ صواريخ "باتريوت" إلى تركيا بالإضافة إلى 400 عنصر من القوات المسلّحة. وكانت هولندا قد أعلنت عن عزمها إرسال بطارتيّ "باتريوت"..."

Al Hayat-الغرب يتساءل... هل فقد الأسد ثقته بالقوة الجوية ليلجأ إلى صواريخ «سكود» - دار الحياة

زمان الوصل

جديد: حكاية سورية أو حكاية كل زمان و مكان

"أحرق المجرم بلدي , قتل أهلي , كل كلام العزاء لا معنى له .. أما من يملك القدرة على مواصلة الثرثرة وسط هذه المجزرة , من يملك أن يردد عبارات العزاء و يبشر بنصر قادم بينما لم تلوث ملابسه بدماء الضحايا فهو بلا شك كائن ناقص الإنسانية , في أفضل الأحوال .. دائما يعود ذات السؤال بنفس السذاجة و الغباء , هل تستحق السلطة كل هذا الموت , كل هذا اللحم..."