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December 11, 2012


new: More journalists are held in the world's jails than ever before

More journalists are held in the world's jails than ever before

"The imprisonment of journalists worldwide reached a record high in 2012, according to research carried out by the New York-based press freedom watchdog, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). As the graph above shows, 232 individuals were identified as being behind bars on 1 December,..."

new: Terry Waite: The plight of Middle East Christians took me back to Lebanon

Hillary Clinton withdraws from Arab trip because of stomach bug

Army's plans to support Syrian rebels

Iran's nuclear programme: the holy grail of the intelligence world


new: Egypt's army assumes broader powers ahead of referendum

"A decree issued by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi giving the military temporary authority to arrest civilians and protect "vital facilities of the state" took effect Monday, as a standoff continued over an upcoming referendum on a controversial draft constitution and more protests were called..."

new: Gunmen assassinate senior women's advocate in Afghanistan

US administration set to recognise new Syrian opposition group

Amid turmoil, aid for Egypt

Exclusive: UK military in talks to help Syria rebels

voice of america

new: US Labels Syrian Rebel Group as Terrorists

"The United States has declared a Syrian rebel group as a terrorist organization, while Western powers push to rally international support for Syria's new opposition coalition. The State Department has not formally announced designating Jabhat al-Nusra as a terror group, but a government document..."

Lebanon Tries To Contain Spillover of Syria’s Civil War


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new: US Labels Syrian Rebel Group as Terrorists - Voice of America

"AFPUS Labels Syrian Rebel Group as TerroristsVoice of AmericaAt a briefing Monday, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the U.S. has had concerns about Jabhat al-Nusra being "little more than a front" for the terror group, whose operations had spilled over into neighboring..."

new: SYRIA: Healthcare system crumbling -

Damascus funeral for Syria's Greek Orthodox patriarch -

No place for revenge in a new Syria - Hamilton Spectator

Milad Jokar: Syria: Is It Still About Assad's Fall? - Huffington Post

NATO Intervention in Syria Imminent : Indybay - Bay Area Indymedia

Illness forces Clinton to briefly delay trip to meeting on Syria - Chicago Tribune

EU: Syria war is 'stain' on world conscience -

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Syrian Militias Establish New Command – Pro-Jabhat al-Nusra Alliance Emerges

"29 Syrian coordinating committees and militias sign a petition stating that they are all Jabhat al-Nusra  29 تنسيقية وكتيبة تسمّي الجمعة القادمة “لا للتدخل الأمريكي– كلنا جبهة النصرة” It seems that the US has provoked..."

“Chemical Weapons in Syria: Fact, Fiction, and Fib,” by Aron Lund

“Islamism and the Syrian revolution,” by Aron Lund

صبحي حديدي

همنغواي في الانتفاضة السورية

" "همنغواي وغلهورن"، شريط فيليب كوفمان الجديد الذي بدأت عروضه مؤخراً، يدور حول العلاقة العاصفة التي جمعت بين الروائي والقاصّ والصحافي الأمريكي إرنست همنغواي، بالصحافية والمراسلة الحربية الشهيرة مارثا غلهورن، والتي انتهت بالزواج. وهذه الأخيرة لن تدخل التاريخ بصفتها ملهمة رواية "لمَن يُقرع الجرس"، فحسب؛ بل سوف تصبح أوّل زوجة..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: جزء من تفاصيل انفجار سيارة مفخخة في ركن الدين بدمشق

"أوضح الناطق باسم شبكة شام الإخبارية سلام محمّد، أن سيارة مفخخة إنفجرت قرب منطقة جسر النحاس في حي ركن الدين وسط العاصمة السورية دمشق، تزامناً مع استمرار الإشتباكات حول مطار دمشق الدولي بين الجيشين السوريين الحر والنظامي.وذكر محمد أن سيارات الإسعاف، هرعت إلى منطقة جسر النحاس حيث حدث الإنفجار، مشيراً الى أن أصوات إنفجارات سمعت..."

جديد: الأولوية لأبناء شهداء...مشروع لبناء 125 وحدة سكنية على الحدود التركية

جديد: حلب مدينة الظلام والجوع... ربطة الخبر بـ350 ليرة وألف طن عجز طحين يومي

جديد: سيناريو سورية لانقاذ مصالح متشعبة

جديد: بعبع التقسيم في سورية