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October 19, 2012


new: 'Intelligence chief killed' in Beirut blast - live updates

new: Anniversary of Gaddafi's death: Is Libya better or worse off? Open thread

Anniversary of Gaddafi's death: Is Libya better or worse off? Open thread

"One year on from the Oct 20 killing of the Libyan leader, Guardian writers and readers debate how the country has faredLuke Harding, foreign correspondent: "Libya is better than when Gaddafi was alive"Libya is better than when Gaddafi was alive. The election in July was an extraordinary moment:..."

new: Beirut car bomb blast kills eight and injures more than 78

new: Turkey calls on major powers to intervene in Syria

BBC World News blocked in Syria


new: 'Worst attack in years' as car bomb hits Beirut

"A car bomb ripped through eastern Beirut today, killing at least eight people, shearing the balconies off apartment buildings and sending bloodied residents staggering into the streets in the most serious blast the Lebanese capital has seen in more than four years.Related StoriesUS drama Homeland..."

Civil war prompts tenfold rise in Syrians claiming asylum in UK


Slatest PM: The Boy Scouts "Perversion Files"

Slatest PM: The Boy Scouts

"***We've revamped our afternoon Slatest newsletter to deliver a text-heavy recap of the day's top stories to our subscribers' inboxes. The most recent edition is below. Sign up here to receive The Slatest PM in your inbox daily before it is published..."

the economist

A Syrian preacher: The charm of telesalafism

"NOT so long ago, Sheikh Adnan al-Arour seemed like a gift to the Syrian regime. Keen to discredit the peaceful protesters who came out in March 2011, state media portrayed the grey-bearded preacher, an exiled dissident whose fiery blasts beam across two Saudi-owned Salafist satellite channels,..."

voice of america

new: Car Bomb Rips Through Lebanese Capital

"A massive car bomb in Beirut has killed at least eight people and injured about 80 others. The bomb exploded Friday near the office of the Christian Phalange Party headquarters. The group openly disapproves of the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Lebanese hospitals issued..."

US Considers No-Fly Zone in Syria

VOA, BBC Broadcasts Jammed from Syria

International Peace Envoy Brahimi Arrives in Damascus

UN Rights Chief Says Syria Conflict Widening


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new: Bomb blast in Beirut kills at least eight

"BEIRUT, (Reuters) - A huge car bomb exploded in central Beirut during rush hour on Friday, killing eight people, wounding about 80 and raising fears of renewed sectarian violence in a country still scarred from a long civil war. The explosion did not appear to target any political figure in..."

new: At least 28,000 forcibly disappeared in Syria - Human Rights group

new: Peace envoy Brahimi expected in Damascus on Friday

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new: Outgunned Syria rebels turn to making own arms - NDTV

"NDTVOutgunned Syria rebels turn to making own armsNDTVOutgunned Syria rebels turn to making own arms. Aleppo Province, Syria: Lightly-armed Syrian rebels who face the warplanes, artillery and tanks of loyalists have turned to making their own weapons, even rigging a video game controller to..."

new: UN meets Syria's Foreign Minister to push for cease-fire during Muslim holiday - National Post

The new 'disappeared': thousands snatched off Syria's streets - Sydney Morning Herald

Medical care for Syria takes priority on to-do list - Sydney Morning Herald

Turkey fires on Syria in retaliation incident: state TV - Reuters Canada

Turkey appeals for cease-fire in Syria 'at least' through Muslim holiday - CTV News

BBC World News blocked in Syria - The Guardian

Religious harmony a victim of war in Syria - Vancouver Sun

syria comment

Syrian Rebels Getting Stronger – They Fit a Mold: Poor, Pious, Rural

"Syrian Rebels Getting Stronger? – Shameless self promotion…. The Class War Undergirding the Most Recent State of the Revolution Takes Shape CBS News: Enemies of Assad in Syria fit a mold: Poor, pious, rural – CBS News 2012-10-16 ALEPPO, Syria Most of the rebels fighting government..."


جديد: الإبراهيمي بدمشق لبحث الهدنة - الجزيرة

"روسيا اليومالإبراهيمي بدمشق لبحث الهدنةالجزيرةوصل المبعوث الدولي والعربي المشترك لسوريا الأخضر الإبراهيمي اليوم الجمعة إلى دمشق في إطار مساعيه الهادفة إلى التوصل إلى هدنة في سوريا خلال عطلة العيد, كما دعا وزير الخارجية التركي أحمد داود أوغلو كل الأطراف إلى الالتزام بوقف إطلاق النار خلال عيد الأضحى. وقال الإبراهيمي للصحفيين..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: بمساعدة ايران... النظام يشوش على بث الـBBC

"أفادت صحيفة "ديلي تليغراف" اليوم الجمعة، أن سوريا تواجه اتهامات باستخدام قمر اصصناعي متطور خاص بالتشويش لعرقلة بث هيئة الإذاعة البريطانية "بي بي سي" في منطقة البحر الأبيض المتوسط.وقالت الصحيفة إن (بي بي سي) أكدت أن بثها تعرض للتشويش في الشرق الأوسط وأوروبا، فيما تعرض بث وسائل اعلامية أخرى تستخدم القمر الإصطناعي يوتلسات،..."

جديد: الجيش الحر يطلق سراح جنود نظاميين علويين

جديد: حول اسم الجمعةأمريكا ألم يشبع حقدك من دمانا

جديد: صحيفة أميركية: أوباما قلق من قدرة "الحر" على إسقاط طائرات النظام

جديد: رويترز: قوات الجيش التركي تقصف مواقع سورية