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October 13, 2012


Turkey scrambles warplanes to Syrian border – Friday 12 October 2012

Iran fears the MEK's influence, as its protests over terror delisting show | Alex Carlile

Iran fears the MEK's influence, as its protests over terror delisting show | Alex Carlile

"Claims that Iran's opposition group MEK is irrelevant are belied by how keen the country's leaders were to suppress itSome people never give up spreading false information, no matter how clear it is that they are wrong.Only hours after the US state department removed the People's Mujahedin..."

Obama aims to profit from Biden debate showing ahead of crucial Romney clash

Turkey sends jets to border in response to presence of Syrian helicopter

Emirati nerves rattled by Islamists rise


Turkey scrambles jets as fighting on border with Syria escalates

"Turkey scrambled two fighter jets yesterday after a Syrian military helicopter bombed the Syrian border town of Azmarin.Related StoriesHezbollah admits Israeli drone launchTurkey scrambles fighter planes to Syria borderNetanyahu prepared hand back Golan Heights to Syria in return for peace,..."

Israel 'was ready to return Golan Heights to Syria'

Netanyahu prepared to hand back Golan Heights to Syria in return for peace, say reports

Netanyahu prepared hand back Golan Heights to Syria in return for peace, say reports

Turkey scrambles fighter planes to Syria border


Cemetery For Hezbollah Martyrs Continues To Grow

"In the Beirut cemetery where martyrs of Hezbollah are buried, new graves are appearing more frequently. It's unclear where the men were killed, but members of Syria's opposition accuse the militant group, allied with Iran, of sending fighters into Syria to aid the Bashar Assad regime. It's..."

American Documented Syria's War From Inside

the economist

Bahrain: How the police recruit radicals

"Let’s make them really radical ASIDE from corruption, the lack of democracy and a dearth of jobs, one of the things young Arabs have been protesting against most vigorously has been brutal policemen. The well-staffed, big-budgeted internal security forces in most Arab countries perform..."

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Analysts: Tensions in Turkish-Russian Relations Could Spread to Middle East

"Russia pressed ahead with an angry flow of rhetoric Friday, demanding that Turkish authorities reveal exactly what type of munitions they claim to have found aboard a Syrian airliner forced down over Turkey on Wednesday.  The incident comes as Russian-Turkish relations grow increasingly tense.  ..."

US Official: Russia 'Morally Bankrupt' on Syria

Rebels, Troops Clash Over Air Base in Syria

Turkey Defends Syrian Plane Interception


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Israel PM Netanyahu denies agreeing Golan pullout for peace

"JERUSALEM, (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied a newspaper report on Friday that said he had agreed in principle to hand back land annexed from Syria as part of secret U.S.-mediated peace talks that broke off last year. Syria has long set a complete withdrawal from..."

Hezbollah confirms it sent drone downed over Israel

106 soldiers die as Syrian rebels go on attack

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new: Daily death count mounts in Syria - euronews

"AFPDaily death count mounts in SyriaeuronewsThe violence in Syria continues unabated as rebels attack an oil plant in Idlib province on a day that saw battles rage on several fronts across Syria. Anti-Assad fighters also laid siege to a Syrian army barracks close to the city of Aleppo. They..."

Video: Children treated daily at Syria hospital - Globe and Mail

UN's Syria envoy Brahimi to hold talks in Turkey - BBC News

Secret Israel-Syria Peace Talks Involved Golan Heights Exit - New York Times

Fisher: Rising tensions between Turkey, Russia and Syria could drag everyone in - Vancouver Sun

Wave upon wave of wounded strain doctors at hospital in Syria's largest city ... - Calgary Herald

War intensifies across Syria, refugee crisis deepens - Reuters Canada

What is happening in Syria will inspire change in Iraq: fugitive VP Hashimi - Al-Arabiya

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News Round Up (October 11, 2012)

"Arms supplies to Syrian rebels drying up: No sign of heavy weapons to fight tanks and aircraft Regional rivalries hamper struggle against Assad Martin Chulov and Ian Black – Guardian, 11 October 2012 In the battle for northern Syria the most important front is far from Aleppo. It is across..."

صبحي حديدي

"يسار" الانتفاضة السورية: تصفيق، فارتباك، فانحطاط!

"بين الاتهامات التي تُساق ضدّ الانتفاضة السورية، وتتعلل بها دوائر يسارية وعلمانية متعددة المشارب، متباينة الأهواء أيضاً، داخل سورية وخارجها، ذاك الذي يقول التالي: كانت الانتفضة حركة شعبية وسلمية علمانية (والبعض يضيف: ثورية، وتقدمية)، ثم سقطت تدريجياً في أيدي الإسلاميين، ثمّ الإسلاميين المتشددين، ثمّ السلفيين، وصولاً إلى..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: مواطن درجة أولى

"هل أنت مواطن درجة أولى في النظام البائد الفاقد الشرعية أم مواطن درجة ثانية أم ثالثة. أنت في سورية الأسد ،وباقي السكان هم غرباء والغريب أديب ، ولكن النظام يتكرم عليك ويسمح لك بالعيش كمواطن وإن كنت بدرجة أقل بشرط أن تمجد القائد الضرورة الملهم الذي خلقه الله ثم كسر قالبه . وبشرط أن تهتف أن سوريا هي للأسد للأبد..طبعا لا يوجد في الدستور..."

جديد: فلسفة قيادة

جديد: الأقليات وقيادة الدولة

جديد: دواعي أن تكون القيادة للأغلبية