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October 5, 2012


new: Turkey issues new warnings to Syria - Friday 5 October 2012

Remembering Syria's historic Silk Road souk in Aleppo

Remembering Syria's historic Silk Road souk in Aleppo

"Coverage of the war in Syria is rightly focused on the human cost, but there are cultural casualties too, says Kevin Rushby, who remembers Aleppo's Souk al-Madina, a Unesco world heritage site, which was destroyed by fire earlier this weekA few miles from Aleppo are the hills where human beings..."

UN security council condemns Syria's attack on Turkey - video

UN unanimously condemns Syrian shelling of Turkish town

Turkish government authorises raids against Syria


US security plans apparently not followed in Libya attack

"Amid the chaos of the attack on the U.S. mission in this coastal city last month, neither the militia charged with guarding the compound nor American diplomats appeared to follow plans for what to do under assault, according to Libyan officials and guards, as well as documents found in the..."

Israel shooting: American man kills one person after stealing gun from hotel security guard in Red Sea resort city of Eilat

UN condemns Syrian mortar attack on Turkey 'in the strongest terms' as Turkey authorises retaliatory attack

Jordan: King dissolves parliament

'The final straw': Turkey authorises attack on Syria


U.S. Hopes U.N. Rebuke Will Deter Syrian Regime

"The U.S. is backing its ally Turkey — saying it was right to respond by twice firing on Syrian military positions after a Syrian mortar shell killed five Turkish civilians. The U.S. hopes the Turkish action and strong U.N. and NATO statements will deter Syria from any further provocations.»..."

U.N. Strongly Condemns Syrian Shelling Of Turkey

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Turkish-Syrian Border Quiet After Deadly Attack

"Turkish forces are patrolling near the Syrian border Friday following a deadly attack earlier this week. The patrols come after Turkish forces shelled Syrian targets and Turkey's parliament authorized military operations outside its borders if necessary. The Turkish shelling followed a..."

Aleppo Hospital Struggles With Rising Number of Civilian Casualties

UN Security Council Condemns Deadly Syrian Attack on Turkey


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new: Turkey-Syria clash showcases dangers of spillover

"BEIRUT, (AP) — Retaliatory Turkish artillery strikes deep into Syria have showed the speed with which the bloody civil war can entangle its neighbors and destabilize an already volatile region. Beyond the cross-border flare-up, the 18-month battle to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad has..."

new: Turkey warns "not far" from war after Syrian attack

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new: UN Security Council condemns suicide bombings in Syria - Vancouver Sun

"AFPUN Security Council condemns suicide bombings in SyriaVancouver SunThursday's condemnation of the shelling represented a key concession by Russia, Syria's top ally, which has vetoed three council resolutions in recent months aimed at ending a civil war that activists say has left..."

new: American reporter slain in Syria while reporting for UK paper honoured with ... - Montreal Gazette

UN unanimously condemns Syrian shelling of Turkish town - The Guardian

UN condemns Syrian mortar attack on Turkey 'in the strongest terms' -

UN Security Council condemns Syria's shelling of Turkey - Globe and Mail

Turkey authorizes military operations inside Syria as conflict bleeds across ... - CTV News

Turkish PM says he does not want war with Syria -

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Car Bombs Rip Apart Saadallah al-Jabiri Square in Aleppo

"Aleppo and Damascus are the two geese that lay Syria’s golden eggs. The revolutionaries must take them from the regime. The problem is that the regime cannot allow the opposition to have them alive. It will have to kill the golden geese rather than give them up to the enemy. Both sides..."

The Families of Qardaha; Hizbullah Fighters Killed in Syria; Iran’s Currency Collapses from Sanctions

صبحي حديدي

مظاهرات طهران: الريال الإيراني والانتفاضة السورية

"ثمة، بالطبع، الكثير من المغزى وراء التراشق الأخير، بالهاون والمدفعية الثقيلة، بين جيش النظام السوري والجيش التركي (الحليف، والشريك في مقارعة الكرد، حتى انطلاق الانتفاضة السورية)؛ وكذلك الحملة الشعواء، المقذعة تماماً، والمهينة لفكرة "المقاوم المتشرد"، التي شنّها إعلام النظام السوري ضدّ خالد مشعل، رئيس المكتب السياسي لحركة..."

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جديد: 71 شهيد حتى اللحظة اليوم الجمعة

جديد: اتهام لبناني بالتجسس على المعارضة السورية في المانيا

"وجهت السلطات الالمانية الى رجل الماني من اصل لبناني تهمة التجسس على معارضين للنظام السوري، كما اعلنت النيابة الاتحادية في كارلسروهي (غرب) والتي سبق ان فتحت في تموز تحقيقا في تهمة مماثلة ضد رجل سوري بحسب عدة صحف المانية تناقلت الخبر.ويشتبه في ان محمود.أ.، (48 عاما) عمل من نيسان 2007 وحتى شباط 2012، تاريخ اعتقاله، لحساب اجهزة الاستخبارات..."

جديد: أكثر من 6 آلاف عامل أجنبي في سوريا طلبوا المساعدة

جديد: أجبان "الخالدية الثائرة" في مصر... قصة ثورة من اللاذقية إلى الاسكندرية

جديد: المجلس الوطني "يعيد هيكلته" ويزيد عدد اعضائه