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September 29, 2012


new: Medieval Aleppo souks destroyed by fire as battle rages in Syria

Medieval Aleppo souks destroyed by fire as battle rages in Syria

"Syrian activists say residents are struggling to control blaze in labyrinthine markets which were once a tourist attractionA huge fire has destroyed parts of the medieval souks in Aleppo, Syria, following raging battles between rebels and government troops.The city is a Unesco world heritage..."

Kofi Annan: Tony Blair could ultimately have stopped Iraq war

13 journalists die in a month while covering conflicts


Women on haj without men are deported from Saudi Arabia

"The expulsion has begun of 1,100 Nigerian women pilgrims who violated the kingdom's rule prohibiting Muslim women from travelling without a male guardian.Related StoriesHalf of Israelis fear war with Iran would endanger Jewish State's existenceSyria secures its chemical weaponsRobert Fisk:..."

Robert Fisk: Benjamin Netanyahu's warning reveals his moments of memory loss

News website confuses Obama satire with reality


U.S. Increases Aid To Syria As Violence Rages On

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the U.S. will give another $45 million in aid to Syria, mostly humanitarian assistance but also some non-lethal equipment support for the opposition. The news came at the end of a week of speeches at the United Nations in New York, where many raised alarms..."

U.S. Pledges $45 Million In New Aid For Syria

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Battles Rage in Syria's Aleppo for Third Day

"Battles are raging in Syria's most populous city, Aleppo, as rebels continued their offensive to take the city that began three days ago. Mataz Suheil, of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said Saturday clashes broke out in Aleppo's Arkub and Azzizia neighborhoods. At..."

UN General Assembly Spotlights Syria Crisis

US Boosting Financial Support for Syrian Opposition

UN Rights Council to Continue Investigating Syrian Abuses


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U.S., France boost Syria support, less than rebels hoped

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States and France announced increased support for opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Friday, but there was no sign that the direct military aid the rebels want to create safe havens for civilians is on the way. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton..."

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new: Panetta: Syria moving chemical weapons - CNN (blog)

new: Russia helps US, Syria establish contact, Turkey in shock - The Hindu

"The HinduRussia helps US, Syria establish contact, Turkey in shockThe HinduWith a little bit of help from Russia, the Americans and the Syrians have established contact with each other, sending shockwaves in Turkey, which has blamed Moscow and Beijing for the continuation of strife in Syria...."

new: Fighting in Syria's Aleppo sets fire to medieval souks in historic old city ... - Calgary Herald

Gilmore urges Syria sanctions - Irish Times

World powers divided over Syria crisis - Xinhua

Diplomat says Security Council failed Syria - Day Press News

Nations attempt to unite Syria's fragmented opposition, see growing role for ... - Ottawa Citizen

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Firas Tlass Offers to Finance Syrian Opposition with Worthless Assets

"Firas Tlass Offers to Finance the Syrian Opposition with Worthless Assets By Joshua Landis Syria Comment, Sept 27, 2012 Firas Tlass’ company is worthless. The brother of General Manaf Tlass is offering to finance a new Syrian opposition with worthless assets. His company, MAS, is bankrupt...."

News Round Up (Sept 27, 2012)

فرانس 24

جديد: اشتباكات في جنوب دمشق واحياء في حلب غداة تباين اميركي روسي اضافي بشأن سوريا

اشتباكات في جنوب دمشق واحياء في حلب غداة تباين اميركي روسي اضافي بشأن سوريا

"دمشق (ا ف ب) - شهدت احياء في العاصمة السورية اشتباكات السبت وخصوصا في جنوبها، تزامنا مع تصعيد القوات النظامية هجماتها على مناطق في ريف دمشق قريبة من شرق العاصمة عزز المقاتلون المعارضون تواجدهم فيها.واستمر القصف والاشتباكات في احياء عدة من حلب كبرى مدن شمال البلاد اليوم، بعدما اشتباكات ليل الجمعة تركزت في الجنوب الغربي، وهو اليوم..."

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سورية في بورصة الكوارث: تعددت السيناريوهات والمآل واحد

"صار شائعاً وسهلاً، بل مستسهَلاً أيضاً، الخوض في غمار المستقبل السوري؛ الآن، في الراهن، وقد ربط النظام بقاءه ببقاء البلد، بشراً وكياناً وطنياً وعمراناً؛ وفي المستقبل، إذْ يواجه البلد مصائر صعبة، وخيارات تنعقد على مخاطر كبرى، بعد قرابة نصف قرن من حكم حزب البعث، بينها 42 سنة من نظام "الحركة التصحيحية". و"الغمار" هنا صار أشبه ببورصة..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: السوق القديمة تحترق في حلب والقتال "يطحن البشر"

"تندلع النيران بمئات المتاجر في السوق المسقوفة بمدينة حلب القديمة يوم السبت في الوقت الذي يدور فيه قتال بين مقاتلي المعارضة وقوات الحكومة في أكبر المدن السورية الأمر الذي يهدد بتدمير موقع تاريخي عالمي مسجل في منظمة الأمم المتحدة للتربية والعلم والثقافة (يونسكو).وإضافة إلى الخسائر الفادحة في الأرواح سقطت أيضا العديد من الكنوز..."