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September 27, 2012


new: Banknotes reflect glory of nation state

Banknotes reflect glory of nation state

"Rare auction of Arab world currencies provides rich pictorial display of region's turbulent modern history, Ian Black writesKing Hussein of Jordan looks out, in youthful profile, on one side, with Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock on the other. Saudi Arabia's founder, King Abdel-Aziz Ibn Saud, glowers..."

Osama bin Laden was blind in one eye, says al-Qaida leader

Newcastle's role in the riddle of the Rosetta Stone

Egyptian PM Mohamed Morsi to UN: conflict in Syria is 'tragedy of our age'

David Cameron attacks UN for inaction on Syria


Saudi Arabia embarks on massive projects in Mecca and Medina

"Saudi Arabia is embarking on two ambitious projects in Islam's holiest cities, Mecca and Medina, including plans to build one of the world's largest mosques.Related StoriesHuge blasts hit near army HQ in DamascusSyrian rebels bomb army HQ in DamascusAhmadinejad warns of new world order of 'uncivilized..."

Ahmadinejad makes his last stand at the UN

Heroine of Arab Spring arrested in New York

Cameron: 'The blood of Syrian children is stain on UN'

usa today

new: Why Syria matters

washington post

Suicide bombers target Syrian military headquarters in Damascus

"BEIRUT — Suicide bombers targeted the main Syrian military headquarters in the heart of Damascus on Wednesday in the most significant attack in the capital in more than two months, triggering scenes of panic and widespread gunfire in which a reporter for an Iranian television channel was..."


Yesterday Was The "Bloodiest Day" In a Very Bloody 18 Months in Syria

Yesterday Was The

"A human rights group says that yesterday was the "bloodiest day" yet in the ongoing Syrian uprising. Observers peg the death toll at north of 305 and counting after the latest round of violence added to the already massive body count from the past 18 months. The majority of yesterday's..."

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new: Damascus Struggles to Carry On Amid Fighting

"Heavy fighting rages on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, but for residents of the city, life carries on, however precariously.  A bride wearing sequins, shimmies as musicians herald her arrival at the wedding party. She and the groom are celebrating in the marble halls of a hotel; the..."

UN: Syrian Refugee Exodus to Reach 700,000


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new: Iranian diplomat seeks safety from UN protesters

"NEW YORK (AP) — An Iranian diplomat was escorted from a Manhattan street by police after he was surrounded and threatened by an angry mob of protesters near the United Nations. Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast was walking near the United Nations when he was noticed and..."

new: Egypt's Mursi assumes major role in Mideast

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new: Letter from Syria - Ynetnews

"Jewish ChronicleLetter from SyriaYnetnewsA Syrian dissident wrote to me and explained why Arab leaders are encouraging their people to rage against America recently. He points out that Syrian dictator Assad (who is not Muslim), has been massacring Muslims and desecrating the holy places for..."

new: Western policies risk Syria chaos: Putin - The Australian

new: Arab military intervention in Syria 'unrealistic' - AFP

Aid groups increase Syria refugees appeal to $490 million as numbers surge - Vancouver Sun

Morsi: Syria is 'tragedy of the age' -

Fighting in Syria - Washington Post

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News Round Up (Sept 25, 2012)

"A bleak future for Syria Bob Bowker – ABC news, Australia Professor Bob Bowker, from ANU’s Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, says the Assad regime is capable of preserving itself, but the institutions of the state are being reduced to rubble, both figuratively and literally...."

فرانس 24

جديد: الاخوان السوريون يعتبرون الفيتو الروسي ذريعة لعدم تحرك الغرب

الاخوان السوريون يعتبرون الفيتو الروسي ذريعة لعدم تحرك الغرب

"اسطنبول (ا ف ب) - قال المراقب العام للاخوان المسلمين في سوريا ان الفيتو الروسي ليس "سوى ذريعة" لقوى العالم كي لا تساعد السوريين على الاطاحة بالرئيس بشار الاسد الذي "سيسقط حتى دون مساعدة".وقال محمد رياض الشقفة لوكالة فرانس برس ان "روسيا ليست سوى ذريعة لسائر القوى العظمى لعدم الاطاحة بنظام (الرئيس بشار الاسد)"، معربا عن اسفه لعدم وجود..."


جديد: مفوضية اللاجئين: 700 الف مواطن قد يفرون من سوريا بنهاية العام مع احتدام الصراع - رويترز العربية

"الاقتصادي اليمنيمفوضية اللاجئين: 700 الف مواطن قد يفرون من سوريا بنهاية العام مع احتدام الصراعرويترز العربيةبيروت (رويترز) - قالت مفوضية الأمم المتحدة العليا لشؤون اللاجئين يوم الخميس إن عدد اللاجئين الفارين من سوريا يمكن أن يصل الى 700 ألف بحلول نهاية العام للهرب من الصراع الذي يحصد مئات الارواح كل يوم وأحدث انقساما بين القوى..."

جديد: تونس تقترح إرسال قوة عربية لسوريا - الجزيرة

زمان الوصل

جديد: نقص ذخائر "الحر" يطيل أمد "معركة حلب"

"في مقر قيادة كتيبة التوحيد، وهي الاكبر في حلب، يعزو قادة الثوار السوريين طول امد المعركة في هذه المدينة الى قلة الذخائر المتبقية لديهم والتي تتيح لهم مجرد الدفاع عن مواقعهم مع قلة من القناصة.ومن اجل اجتماع المساء، يصل قادة الوحدات الواحد تلو الاخر من قواعد اقيمت في احياء سيف الدولة والعزة وصلاح الدين والاميرية شرقا.وبعضهم يرتدي..."

جديد: توصيف من دون وصفات

جديد: توصيف من دون وصفات

جديد: ضد الأسد... 8 اشقاء في خندق واحد على جبهة حلب

جديد: روسيا البوتينية والثورة السورية: لحظة وداع او تدارك للكارثة السورية ...!!!