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August 28, 2012


new: The TV stations where George Galloway and Julian Assange are stars

The TV stations where George Galloway and Julian Assange are stars

"The MP is to front up a show for al-Mayadeen. He's just one of a number of unlikely frontmen for controversial TV channelsAnother day, another George Galloway rumpus. The cat impersonator-cum-MP has signed up to present a fortnightly show for al-Mayadeen, a new Arab television channel said..."

François Hollande calls on Syrian rebels to form provisional government


new: Rachel Corrie death: Family to appeal after judge clears Israeli army of responsibility for death of American activist crushed by military bulldozer

"The bereaved family of Rachel Corrie, the American activist crushed to death by an Israeli military bulldozer, will appeal against a judge’s ruling that she was killed in an “accident she brought upon herself” and the Army was not to blame.Related StoriesRebels shoot down Syrian army..."

8 dead as typhoon smashes ships in South Korea

Israeli court rejects Rachel Corrie family's lawsuit over bulldozer death

Exclusive: ‘We believe that the USA is the major player against Syria and the rest are its instruments’

Is Benjamin Netanyahu bluffing on Iran strike?

spiegel online

Concrete Proposals for Democratic Transition: Syrian Opposition Presents Vision for Day After Assad

Concrete Proposals for Democratic Transition: Syrian Opposition Presents Vision for Day After Assad

"The war is raging on in Syria but opposition members are already planning a transition to democracy. They presented proposals in Berlin on Tuesday and played down the prospect of a chaotic power vacuum after Bashar Assad falls. But given the lack of international support for the fragmented..."

washington post

12 killed in bombing at Damascus funeral for earlier blast victims

"BEIRUT — A car bomb exploded during a funeral in southeastern Damascus on Tuesday, killing 12 people and injuring 48, Syrian state media reported. The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency accused “terrorists” of carrying out the attack and noted that the funeral, in the predominantly Christian..."


Egypt's President To Recalibrate Foreign Policy

"Egypt's new President Mohammed Morsi is on his first major foreign tour. He's visiting China, and later this week Iran which is hosting a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement. Morsi says he wants to re-assert Egypt's influence in the Middle East and work with other regional powers to find a way..."


Slatest PM: Isaac's Gulf Path; Crist's DNC Plans; Britain's "Supposed Lion"; and More.

Slatest PM: Isaac's Gulf Path; Crist's DNC Plans; Britain's

"*** NOTE: We've revamped our afternoon Slatest newsletter to deliver a text-heavy recap of the day's top stories to our subscribers' inboxes. Monday's edition, the sixth under the new format, is below. You can sign up here to receive it in your inbox daily. *** SEVEN YEARS..."

voice of america

new: Numbers of Syrian Refugees Strain Neighboring Countries

Numbers of Syrian Refugees Strain Neighboring Countries

"ISTANBUL, GENEVA — The United Nations refugee agency says the number of Syrians fleeing to neighboring countries is swelling, signaling what could be an impending mass movement and a regional crisis. In Jordan, 10,200 refugees arrived during the past week, twice as many as the week before. ..."


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new: Captors free Kuwaiti hostage in Lebanon: KUNA

"BEIRUT (Reuters) - A Kuwaiti national was freed by his kidnappers in Lebanon on Monday, state-run news agency KUNA said, and the man said he had been accused by his captors of funding the Syrian uprising. Issam al-Houti was abducted in Lebanon's Bekaa region on Saturday. KUNA had originally..."

new: Al Qaeda wants to establish third branch in Saudi Arabia

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new: NAM draft statement opposes foreign intervention in Syria - Tehran Times

"FirstpostNAM draft statement opposes foreign intervention in SyriaTehran TimesTEHRAN – Foreign ministers of the Non-Aligned Movement issued a draft statement on Tuesday in which they stated the Syrian crisis must be resolved without foreign intervention and welcomed Lakhdar Brahimi as the..."

new: Embattled Hollande talks tough on Syria - FRANCE 24

new: Egypt opposes foreign military intervention in Syria: Morsi - Tehran Times

Why is Iran suddenly admitting to sending troops to Syria? - Haaretz (blog)

Nehru Cup 2012: Maldives score late goal against Syria to stay afloat - India Today

syria comment

Darayya Massacre Escalates Killings

"Assad forces accused of massacre in Damascus suburb – aljazeera “The Assad forces killed them in cold blood,” said Abu Ahmad, 40, a resident of Daraya, where the Syrian government has waged a campaign it described as a “cleansing.” “I saw dozens of dead people, killed by the..."

robert fisk

Robert Fisk: The Syrian army would like to appear squeaky clean. It isn't

"Every day, a new massacre is reported in Syria. Yesterday, it was Daraya. Slaughter by Syrian troops, according to those opposed to Bashar al-Assad. Slaughter by Bashar's "terrorist" opponents, the Syrian army said, producing the wife of a soldier whom they said had been shot and left for dead..."

Robert Fisk: The bloody truth about Syria's uncivil war

فرانس 24

جديد: ائتلافات سياسية تتداعى لعقد مؤتمر وطني "لانقاذ سوريا" الشهر المقبل في دمشق

ائتلافات سياسية تتداعى لعقد مؤتمر وطني

"دمشق (ا ف ب) - تداعى عدد من الائتلافات المعارضة السورية التي تدعو الى تغيير النظام "جذريا" وتنبذ العنف وترفض التدخل الخارجي الى عقد مؤتمر وطني "لانقاذ سوريا" من اجل اقامة نظام "ديموقراطي جديد تعددي" لمواجهة مخاطر انزلاق سوريا نحو حرب اهلية.وقال المنسق العام للمؤتمر رجاء الناصر، في مؤتمر صحافي عقد لاعلان هذا المؤتمر الثلاثاء انه..."


جديد: قوى الامن فرقت اعمال شغب في مخيم الزعتري للاجئين السوريين - الرأي

"القدسقوى الامن فرقت اعمال شغب في مخيم الزعتري للاجئين السوريينالرأيعمان - (ا ف ب) - اكدت مصدر حكومي لوكالة فرانس برس الثلاثاء ان اكثر من عشرين من رجال الشرطة وقوات الدرك اصيبوا اثر حدوث اعمال شغب داخل مخيم الزعتري للاجئين السوريين شمال المملكة. وقال المصدران "عشرات اللاجئين السوريين تظاهروا اليوم (الثلاثاء) في داخل مخيم الزعتري..."

12 قتيلا و48 جريحا جراء انفجار جرمانا بريف دمشق - ايلاف

موسكو تتمسك بوجودها العسكري في سورية - الوطن

إسقاط مروحية واشتعال جبهة جديدة في دمشق وريفها - الخليج

زمان الوصل

جديد: انفجار يهز جرمانا واستشهاد 12

"استشهد 12 شخصا واصيب 48 آخرين بجراح بعضهم في حال خطرة جراء الانفجار الذي استهدف مشيعين في بلدة جرمانا ذات الغالبية المسيحية والدرزية بريف دمشق، بحسب التلفزيون السوري الرسمي.ولفت التلفزيون في شريط اخباري الى "استشهاد 12 مواطنا واصابة 48 بجروح بعضهم في حالة خطيرة من جراء التفجير الارهابي بسيارة مفخخة الذي استهدف موكب تشييع شهيدين..."

جديد: خريف الأسد .. فرمز حسين

جديد: النظام يفرج عن لبناني اعتقله 27 عاما

جديد: الصحفي "كونيت أونال" يظهر على الإعلام السوري كإرهابي مسلح

جديد: محافظ حمص عاتب على الاعلام السوري لعدم تغطيته المسيرات المؤيدة في المدينة