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August 16, 2012


Iraq hit by wave of deadly bombings and shootings

Iraq hit by wave of deadly bombings and shootings

"Car bombs explode in Baghdad and Kirkuk, and police checkpoints come under attack overnightAt least 21 people have died in a dozen blasts and a series of shootings in cities and towns across Iraq.No one has claimed responsibility for latest in a series of attacks since US troops left in December.In..."

Journalists working in Syria suffer killings and kidnaps

Houla killings: UN blames Syria troops and militia

With Syria in turmoil, Lebanon remains at risk | David Hirst

Lebanon aghast as return of sectarian kidnappings raises spectre of civil war


Militants kill 15 in Iraq attacks

"At least 15 people have been killed and dozens wounded when militants launched attacks in central and northern Iraq, the latest wave of strikes aimed at undermining the government's authority.Related StoriesUN to consider new Syria office'Radicalisation' warning over SyriaSyria: 40 killed in..."

'Radicalisation' warning over Syria

UN to consider new Syria office

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu 'backs Jewish settlers'

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Lebanon drawn into Syrian crisis with tit-for-tat kidnappings

"BEIRUT — Enraged Lebanese clansmen attempting to win the release of a relative they say is being held by rebels in Syria kidnapped as many as 40 Syrians with alleged ties to the rebel Free Syrian Army on Wednesday. It is one of the clearest signs yet that the conflict in Syria is spilling..."


Asked To Spy On Rebels, Syrian Soldier Becomes One

"Ra'ed was 19 when he was drafted into Syria's elite Republican Guard unit two years ago. The Sunni Muslim conscript says his commanders, who were Alawites, never trusted him. He was asked to pose as a defector, and ultimately he joined their cause. Now in Lebanon, he fears being returned home,..."

From All Sides, Iran Under Siege

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new: Lebanon Kidnappings Cause Regional Scare

Lebanon Kidnappings Cause Regional Scare

"BEIRUT — Fears are growing that Lebanon could be drawn further into Syria's conflict, as several Arabian Gulf countries have called on their citizens to immediately leave Lebanon after a rash of kidnappings. More than 20 Syrians and a Turkish national were reportedly seized in the Bekaa..."

Security Council Ends UN Observer Mission in Syria

UN Security Council: 'Impossible Mission' Awaits Peace Envoy to Syria


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new: Organization of Islamic Cooperation suspends Syria

"MECCA, (Reuters) - The Organization of Islamic Cooperation suspended Syria on Thursday, citing President Bashar al-Assad's suppression of the Syrian revolt, but there was little support for direct military involvement in Syria at a summit of Muslim leaders in Mecca. Summit host Saudi Arabia..."

new: Lebanese Shiite clan vows to abduct more Syrians

Pentagon: Iran building, training militia in Syria

World Muslim body poised to suspend Syria

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new: Shell hits bread line in Syria, killing at least 10 civilians - CTV News

"Globe and MailShell hits bread line in Syria, killing at least 10 civiliansCTV NewsHundreds of Syrians have been killed in three weeks of intense clashes in Aleppo, Syria's largest city, as President Bashar Assad's military forces have struggled to beat back rebels who have taken over..."

new: UN council OKs new office to support peace efforts in Syria after observer ... - Vancouver Sun

new: Baird backtracks on Syria aid - Vancouver Sun

new: Arab states evacuate citizens as kidnappings threaten to spill Syria civil war ... - National Post

MP Khalid Mahmood warning over UK Syria fighters - BBC News

Assad envoy lauds China, Russia for not acting like 'colonizers' in Syria - Globe and Mail

Organization of Islamic Cooperation suspends Syria - Toronto Sun

Fighting in Syria - Washington Post

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News Round Up (14 Aug 2012)

"Haaretz: Report: Assad’s brother ‘fighting for his life,’ month after losing both legs in Damascus bomb attack 2012-08-14 – Haartz – By Avi Issacharoff Report: Assad’s brother ‘fighting for his life,’ month after Damascus bomb attack Russian deputy..."

فرانس 24

جديد: الصين تدعو اطراف النزاع في سوريا الى وقف اطلاق النار والقبول بوساطة

الصين تدعو اطراف النزاع في سوريا الى وقف اطلاق النار والقبول بوساطة

"بكين (ا ف ب) - دعا وزير الخارجية الصيني يانغ جيشي الخميس اطراف النزاع في سوريا الى تطبيق وقف اطلاق نار والقبول بوساطة دولية لوقف العنف الذي تشهده البلاد، متوجها بكلامه الى بثينة شعبان مستشارة الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد التي تزور الصين.وقال يانغ جيشي متوجها الى بثينة شعبان ان "الصين تحض الحكومة السورية وجميع الاطراف المعنية (...)..."

جديد: اموس اكدت ان العرب لم يتبرعوا بدولار واحد لمساعدة الشعب السوري

جديد: الرئيس السوري يجري تعديلا وزاريا


جديد: الرئيس الأسد يصدر مرسومين بتعيين 3 وزراء ومحافظا لحلب - سريانيوز

"الوفدالرئيس الأسد يصدر مرسومين بتعيين 3 وزراء ومحافظا لحلبسريانيوزاصدر الرئيس بشار الاسد اليوم الخميس مرسومين يقضيان بتعيين 3 وزارء جدد للصحة والعدل والصناعة, ومحافظا جديدا لحلب. ويقضي المرسوم الاول بتسمية الدكتور عدنان عبدو السخني وزيرا للصناعة خلفا للوزير فؤاد شكري كردي، ونجم حمد الأحمد وزيرا للعدل خلفا رضوان حبيب، وسعد..."

جديد: مباشر من لبنان: ماهر المقداد يعلن وقف عمليات الخطف - ايلاف

جديد: السعودية وقطر والإمارات تحث مواطنيها على مغادرة لبنان بعد تهديدات بالخطف - بي بي سي العربية

آموس: 2.5 مليون سوري بحاجة الى مساعدات - رويترز العربية

إيران تدين قرار تعليق عضوية سوريا في منظمة التعاون الإسلامي - بي بي سي العربية

زمان الوصل

جديد: ليلة الفرار من حمص إلى ساو باولو... \"برازيلي سوري\": أبناء وطني ضربوا أمي وأهانوا زوجتي

"فرَّ جهاد كسيبي من مدينة حمص شهر أيار/ مايو عام 2012 مععائلته بعد تعرضهم للهجوم، ويقول إن إخوته تعرضوا للتعذيب في السجون السورية،وربما يكون قد قتل أحدهم، \"أما نحن فإذا عدنا فمؤكد أننا سنقتل\".جهاد (32 عاماً) هرب من بلادهمع زوجته وطفليه بعد تَهدّم منزله والحي الذي يقيم فيه في مدينة حمص، ويرويأهوالاً مروا بها قبل مغادرة..."

جديد: ماهر الأسد ومفاجآت تفجير خلية الأزمة وتصريجات بوغدانوف .. هبة حسن

جديد: تحويل طائرة فرنسية من لبنان إلى قبرص بسبب \"مخاوف أمنية\"

جديد: أنا الأسد وطـــز بالعالم... هلال عبد العزيز الفاعوري