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August 10, 2012


Fear follows the 'martyrs' on the roads to Damascus

Fear follows the 'martyrs' on the roads to Damascus

"A hospital in Syria's capital sees the number of military casualties mount, as ambushes take their tollLike the other military policemen in the minibus, Mohammad Asaad was wearing civilian clothes as he set off for work in the north of the province of Damascus. "No one would take the risk of..."

Inside Aleppo: air strikes on war-torn city leave anguish on the ground

US planning new sanctions on Syria and Assad as Clinton travels to Turkey

Britain to give £5m aid to Syrian opposition groups

Firepower: Syrian regime v Free Syrian army - graphic


5 killed in suicide bomb at norther Iraq Shi-ite mosque

"A suicide bomber driving a truck attacked a Shi'ite mosque near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul as Friday prayers ended, killing at least five people and wounding 70, police and health officials said.Related StoriesSyrian president appoints Wael Nader al-Halq as new PMSyrian president Assad..."

Special report: Hundreds of rebel fighters leave Aleppo after two nights of relentless shelling by regime forces

Special report: Hundreds of rebel fighters leave Aleppo after relentless shelling by regime forces

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French President Francois Hollande draws fire over leadership on Syria

"PARIS — President Francois Hollande has come under a withering political attack from his conservative opponents over what they charge is lack of French leadership in dealing with the Syrian civil war. The political offensive is roughly similar to the accusations of inaction leveled against..."


Fighting Has Forced More Than 1.5 Million Syrians To Move, U.N. Says

U.S. Readies New Sanctions On Syrian Regime

"The sanctions are expected to complement existing penalties, which have targeted President Bashar Assad's inner circle, including his entire Cabinet, along with Iranian individuals and entities that have been providing support to the regime.» E-Mail This     »..."


Hero of Dave Eggers' Zeitoun Accused of Plotting Ex-Wife's Murder

Hero of Dave Eggers' 
Zeitoun Accused of Plotting Ex-Wife's Murder

"It's safe to say this isn't the happy ending we all had hoped for. The New York Times reports that the protagonist of Dave Eggers' book Zeitoun—who was celebrated as a hero after canoeing through a Katrina-flooded New Orleans to save and provide water to his neighbors—has been accused..."

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The struggle for Syria: An ever-lonelier leader

"Hijab unveils himself to the rebels WITH diplomacy ruled out for the moment and the pace of destruction accelerating, Syria’s civil war is still heading towards a bloody denouement. More people died in July alone than in the first nine months of strife. President Bashar Assad had promised..."

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US to Slap New Sanctions on Syria

US to Slap New Sanctions on Syria

"The United States on Friday said it plans new sanctions against the Syrian regime and its supporters, including Lebanon's Hezbollah militants and the Syrian state oil company.  "We will be tightening even further with additional sanctions that drive at both Syrian entities and those who are..."

US Sees No Renewal of UN Observers in Syria


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new: US sanctions Assad allies Iran and Hezbollah

"WASHINGTON, (AFP) - The United States slapped new sanctions on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime and its supporters on Friday, seeking to put further pressure on Damascus to end its bloody crackdown on opponents. The State Department and US Treasury unveiled fresh measures that officials..."

new: FSA promises "counter-attack" following "tactical withdrawal" from Salaheddin

new: Rebels pull back in Syria's Aleppo, U.N. says no one will win

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new: US mosques unite for Syria 'day of solidarity' - AFP

"AFPUS mosques unite for Syria 'day of solidarity'AFPBy Robert MacPherson (AFP) – 1 hour ago. FALLS CHURCH, Virginia — Mosques and Islamic centers across the United States came together Friday to condemn Syria's brutal crackdown on dissent and raise funds for civilians trapped..."

new: New sanctions on Syria; Clinton visits Turkey for post-Assad talks - CTV News

new: UK offers body armour, satellite phones, medical supplies to Syria's opposition - Montreal Gazette

New US sanctions on Syria, Hezbollah; Clinton goes to Turkey for post-Assad ... - Montreal Gazette

Canadian foreign affairs minister 'tremendously concerned' about Syria crisis - National Post

Algeria's Brahimi strong candidate to replace Annan as peace envoy to Syria - Montreal Gazette

Will Syria's Kurds benefit from the crisis? - BBC News

John Baird's Mideast trip to boost Canadian role in Syria crisis - Globe and Mail

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Creating a Syrian Swamp: Assad’s ‘Plan B’

"Is the regime’s “end game” coming soon? I fear that it is not. My sense is that Assad will treat Syria as he did Iraq and Lebanon: he will work to break them apart. In 2005, a friend who was plugged into the regime told me that Assad and those around him were convinced that..."


جديد: الإبراهيمي يحث القوى العالمية على التوحد بشأن سوريا - رويترز العربية

"العربية نتالإبراهيمي يحث القوى العالمية على التوحد بشأن سوريارويترز العربيةالأمم المتحدة (رويترز) - حث الأخضر الإبراهيمي الجزائري المتوقع أن يحل محل عنان مبعوثا للأمم المتحدة وجامعة الدول العربية لسوريا زعماء العالم يوم الجمعة على التغلب على خلافاتهم بشأن صراع عمره 17 شهرا ينزلق أكثر إلى حرب أهلية شاملة. وقال الإبراهيمي في..."

جديد: الامم المتحدة : عدد اللاجئين السوريين بلغ 150 الفا - رويترز العربية

جديد: عشرات القتلى والجرحى بسوريا وتواصل حرب الشوارع بحلب - اتحاد الإذاعة والتلفزيون المصرى

صبحي حديدي

الحكومة الانتقالية وبؤس المعارضات السورية في الخارج

" خلال الأيام القليلة الماضية، وفي مناسبة انبثاق فكرة "حكومة انتقالية" تشكلها المعارضات السورية في الخارج، تكشفت مظاهر أخرى حول إدقاع هذه المعارضات، وسوء انتظام صفوفها، وانحطاط صلاتها بالشارع الشعبي السوري، وبؤس أدائها بالمقارنة مع السوية العالية التي ما تزال تتصف بها أعمال التنسيقيات واللجان والتظاهرات، والحراك عموماً،..."

زمان الوصل

جديد: المستقبل لمن يصنع الأحداث اليوم

"المستقبل لمن يصنع الأحداث اليوملا يغير الله ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم، و من يطالب بنظام جديد فإن النظام الجديد لا يأتي هكذا من الفراغ أو طواعية، و لا يأتي بالإشارة كمصباح علاءالدين السحري، و الديمقراطية لا تأتي من خلال الأمنيات و الخطابات الرنانة و التصفيق من بعيد و الجلوس فوق الأرائك و السرر، و السهر في الحانات و إمتداح..."

جديد: النظام يقتل 10 أمام مخبز ويعترف بهجوم \"الحر\" على مطار حلب

جديد: جدلية الداخل والخارج في الثورة السورية

جديد: \"كر وفر\" في حلب والحر يستعيد دوار صلاح الدين

جديد: سمعان الجندي النظامي الاسير لدى الحر.. ينتظر المحاكمة